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  1. Some Chihuly works in the Oklahoma City airport as well as a large display at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I knew immediately that the first picture was a Chihuly, but have not been on that ship.
  2. Taxes and fees are to be refunded to the credit card used to pay.
  3. Ashland- Reflection carries more passengers than the other S class ships as there is a whole extra deck of cabins. Also, part of the Sky lounge forward is taken up with some large suites. Thus, various venues may be more crowded. That is why many do not sail on Reflection. Luminae and Blu will definitely be more crowded as the spaces are the same as other S class ships, but there are more suites and aqua cabins on Reflections. However, we have sailed her twice in 1A cabins and did not notice any more crowding anywhere on our sailings. We now only book suites or aqua so we will be avoiding RF in the future.
  4. Since your TA said you didn't have the OBC, I would try calling X first. Sometimes they will help with OBC questions without having to go thru' the TA.
  5. Have you tried opening your excursions? That is where the X OBC should show up. It will not show on the initial page showing the reservation.
  6. We left Reflection in Feb. this year after having enjoyed our time together on that cruise more than we usually do. Met every morning after our various exercise regimens at Cafe Al Bacio for skinny lattes, attended a couple of presentations together and clapped and swayed to Lance Lipenski's band doing old Rock and Roll, ala Jerry Lee Lewis. What a blast! And the buffet was OUTSTANDING! Had a fabulous time all together. I also pray for the safety and well being of all crew members in the various fleets, both those on board and those at home who may be suffering for loss of income. I don't expect to be able to take our Equinox b2b in May '21, but do so hope to make the b2b in Sept.-Oct. '21 on our favorite ship, Equinox.
  7. Wow. Cold chills just at the mention of Concert in Central Park. What an experience! I hope we hear more soon from that Pence meeting.
  8. I never could find any info for Koper in my e-mail. So thanks for the answers. Easy to get the others.
  9. My husband does this on both RCI and X cruises. I don't know particulars, but I'm sure someone will come here and tell you how.
  10. We use our extra OBC for casino, spa and shops. Shop early but do not buy until last day or two, as there are big sales.
  11. Didn't mean this as correcting you. Just a nudge to memory. I'm old too!
  12. There are hot tubs in solarium on Equinox.
  13. Too funny! "something that you own, like your ignorance".
  14. Cant Lift and Shift. Nothing available in time frame.
  15. Only the suites on Oasis class ships have access to a dedicated dining room. Other ships have none. And I find the menu much less attractive on those ships than on X's Luminae. Other than the free "happy hour" ,in a dedicated area which is actually 3.5 hrs. on RCI ships, I am not aware of any other perks on RCI, but I may be missing something. I love all the perks Celebrity gives you even with the lowliest suites; premium drinks, wifi, gratuities and $300 OBC and a butler; the Retreat Lounge and the Retreat sun deck, and one I never use, reserved seats for shows. To me this blows RCI suites away.
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