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  1. I suspect this event went the way of the wine and cheese with music on the lawn that was offered several years ago and is no more. You did have to pay for the wine, but cheese plates were complimentary. I think this was at least 10 years ago.
  2. If you ask your butler to bring MDR menus daily, he will. No specialty in suite dining.
  3. No. I just asked for cash and it was counted out for me with a receipt which I had to sign. We had several hundred OBC from out TA. I have done this at least twice in the past 3 years.
  4. There has been no charge to me for taking TA OBC on my Sea Pass from the casino.
  5. On S class ships, only Silhoutte has the full "Retreat" sundeck upgrade. Equinox got the upgraded furniture, but no bar. And there is very LITTLE shade on either ship's Retreat sundeck. On the other hand, what was called Michael's Club on those two ships is now called the Retreat Lounge with new furniture and a brighter look. Of the M class ships, Millie and Summit got the "Retreat" overhaul. Someone else can comment on M and E class "Retreats".
  6. Before Covid, was Mario still spending many weeks in succession on an RCI ship? If so, does anyone know what kind of perks he got?
  7. Yeah, if you are booking on board, as we do, the deposit is only $100 pp. I was willing to risk that for a few future cruises. With all the current uncertainty, I may change my mind. But sometimes the savings are really big!
  8. I am quite sure that were b2b's allowed, the bookings would be quite a bit higher. We considered going before we found this was not to be allowed.
  9. Seeing NCL Joy sailing from MoBay in Aug., I am thinking of booking a suite for the Haven experience. Never sailed NCI since Norway in '99. Did RCI for years and the past 3 years have done only Celebrity. What is the lowest suite category that is allowed for the Haven, please? Is a drinks package included? What about gratuities and WIFI? Dining? All Haven information is very appreciated.
  10. Or just have a taxi give you a city tour. Victoria is a lovely place. As noted above, it doesn't become dark until late. You should have plenty of daylight for a taxi tour.
  11. What Carnival ship is that at Phillipsburg? And the other ship, please? From where did they originate?
  12. I have used Celebrity Air several times and always have gotten my seat assignment as soon as booked. I like that no payment is due until cruise final payment date ,and you can change or cancel your reservations with no penalty any time before final payment. I just called a couple of days ago and got a price reduction for my Jan. '22 flights.
  13. Not A pool.T wo. One outdoors, one in the Solarium.
  14. Yes, no penalty to cancel before final payment. In fact there is no need to pay anything on the Celebrity Air until your cruise final payment is due. Also you can make any changes you wish without penalty.
  15. Holland House is in town and on the beach. Have had drinks and lunch there several times on a port day. Yesterday I priced a room for mid July and it was around $200 per night.
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