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  1. 39august

    classic beverage package question

    And if you want a drink that costs more than the classic package covers, you only have to pay the difference in price plus 18% gratuity.
  2. 39august

    BLU questions please

    Is Blu open for lunch on sea days? Can we make reservations for dinner? Is it a good idea to eat in a specialty restaurant first night to miss confusion/wait times first night in Blu? What time is Blu open for breakfast? TIA
  3. 39august

    On Reflection now

    We will sail Reflection in Feb. 2019 and wonder if the Elite and above cocktail hours are still in the Sky Lounge. If so, is there a limit of 3 drinks? Are they still serving canapes?
  4. 39august

    Diamond member question

    I am very surprised about RH's no drinks out of the lounge situation. Tho' there is a sign on the doors of lounges saying food and drink are to be consumed inside the lounges, no concierge has stopped this on any of my many cruises in the past 6 or 7 years at least. My feeling is that the lounges are so crowded that concierges and the other cruisers, are happy for people to leave. And what about taking coffee from the lounges? Is RH forbidding this as well?
  5. Any perk that appears when making a booking should be honored in any kind of reservation!
  6. 39august

    Diamond member question

    "Happy Hour" times vary from ship to ship. Usually either 4:30 to 8 PM or 5 to 8:30 PM. But I have never seen 5 to 9 PM. And the 3 free drinks can only be those available in the Diamond Lounge as well as during the same times. This can vary by ship, but that is the rule.
  7. 39august

    Southwest Missed Flight

    How SW handles this may depend on the reason for missing your flight. When our cruise ship was unable to dock on time due to intense fog. I called SW from the ship that morning and advised we could not make our flight time and why. SW booked me on our desired flight for the next day and did not charge the extra fare since our delay was due to something out of our control.
  8. 39august

    Hotels near HOU (hobby) airport??

    I recommend the Drury Inn. Free shuttle or $10 cab which, with a receipt, they will reimburse. Free dinner and 3 free drinks. Not great food but usually a good salad and some sort of entree. Enough to be satisfied with. Also free popcorn. Cheaper than some others mentioned. Free shuttle back to airport in the AM to get the RCI shuttle.
  9. I spoke too soon. I see Liberty is in Galveston thru' April 2021. No matter when the larger terminal is finished, I am happy to see LB still there.
  10. After much speculation floating about in Texas and on the boards, I see that Liberty is still in Galveston at least thru' May 2020. Glad to see that. I understand the new, larger terminal is to be finished in 2023. Hope Liberty stays put until that new terminal is done.
  11. 39august

    Pinnacle question

    Do we get free wi-fi with Azamara as Pinnacles on RCI, please?
  12. 39august

    First time on Celebrity

    There are different types of music every evening in different venues, jazz, folk, classical, rock, etc.
  13. 39august

    9207 Silhoutte?

    Searched but nothing came up for this cabin. Can anyone describe the balcony, please? I am assuing that since it is the first slant balcony on the forward hump it should be among the largest balconies.
  14. 39august

    Insurance Question

    Depends on whether the cabin you have for yourself will sleep 3 people or only two. Also depends on whether, even if the room can support 3, the assigned muster station for your cabin is currently booked to capacity. If so, he cannot be added to your cabin. Travel insurance can be purchased up until final payment. If GF is not going, she should be able to cancel and get the money back prior to final payment.