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  1. I have asked to transfer a credit of $19.200 from BOA Visa to my bank account. That was on May 17. Was told transaction would take 2-5 business days. Called again last Friday, day 9, and was told since the amount was so large, it is being "reviewed" (by whom I wasn't told) and would take 10-15 business days. Hmmm. You don't think it is being "reviewed" just to keep that amount wherever they are making money on it, do you?
  2. That's a good point. Thanks for the info.
  3. I know One Touch folks are in Wichita. Aren't Celebrity air folks also in Wichita?
  4. Regarding the questions about Equinox, I believe concierge and aqua cabins got new carpet, drapes and bedding. Suites got new drapes and bedding. We were in a suite and I don't think we had new carpet. I believe all other cabins got new bedding. The Passport bar has new furniture and carpet and the famous "pig" side tables. We loved EQ as she was, so no biggie for us.
  5. I think you will find breakfast in Luminae to be much nicer than in the MDR! Wonderful service and pretty much anything you want as a usual breakfast food. Neither Luminae nor the MDR are open for lunch on port days, so you will have lunch in some other venue. You can order from the MDR menu (when it is open) in Luminae if you wish.
  6. Lunch is served on the retreat sun deck. Small but tasty menu.
  7. The Retreat sun deck on Equinox has no water feature and no bar. Wait staff there go down to the Sky Lounge bar to pick up drinks and bring back up. I have seen pics of the Retreat sun deck on Silly and there is a covered bar. Much nicer. But both lack enough shade. I also feel the new decor in the lounge is very sterile, too brightly lit and not enough comfortable furniture. I am looking forward to my Jan. Reflection cruise to experience the "old" Michael's club on her.
  8. Stick with the first few S2's on either port or starboard sides. We were in 2121 and it was fine. Wouldn't go further back than that.
  9. Jelayne, I couldn't agree more!! If that happens, we're done.
  10. I know the original NRD plan was that if you move the reservation, you are charged $100 per person for the change. We only have paid the reduced deposit of $100 per person as we booked while on board. It seems that since the covid epidemic X is not charging the $100 but is giving it back as FCC. How would that work since we have only paid $100 in the first place, please? Keep the deposit made and then require a full deposit to move to another cruise? I would like to keep the OBC for booking on board so would prefer to move rather than just outright cancel. Can't "lift and shift" as the time frame doesn't work for us in"21.
  11. The lemon tarts at Cafe al Baccio! I don't eat sweets at home, but these and the afore mentioned pistaccio roll in Luminae are a must on a cruise.
  12. I have seen Select Dining rooms open at 5:45 PM on both Reflection and Equinox. Don't remember how late. Best to ask when you board.
  13. Please be mindful of other guests who have also paid for the Blu dining experience, usually a quiet one, and do as suggested above. Split the group up into 3 tables so the noise is not so intrusive to all other diners. Your service will be better that way too.
  14. Here's a tip for those with a beverage package who also like gelato. At Cafe al Bacio there is a coffee drink called Aflagotto that includes a scoop of gelato. Delicious!
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