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  1. Thanks for posting. One extra perk sounds good.
  2. Serenade and her sisters are the nearest RCI has to Celebrity S class ships. Not as quite elegant, but lots of nice art, views of the sea. good entertainment(but no ice rink), great happy hour for you as Diamond, fancy coffee machine in the Diamond lounge for espresso, cappacino, etc. at no cost, very nice contenintal breakfast each morning and decent snacks during happy hour. Also 3 drinks on your seapass card good for those drinks at bars during the same hours as the Diamond lounge. Food will be decent and service good, but neither as good as what we have experienced on Celebrity. A longer itinerary will insure fewer children. And families tend to take the larger ships with all the bells and whistles anyway. We sailed RCI for many years and are now Celebrity converts. But we are getting older and prefer a different dynamic now
  3. Thanks Mary Lou for taking the trouble. I didn't realize my zoom was on. That's why I couldn't see the "menu".
  4. How does one pre-arrange a taxi for pick up at the cruise port to a hotel, please?
  5. Is there a chair in your suite or only a sofa? How is the balcony furniture?
  6. I am looking for shore excursions on a cruise i have not booked yet. MaryLouk I don't see a :menu" tab on Celebrity home page.
  7. I know this is possible as I have done this in the past. Today I can't figure out how to see shore excursions before I decide to book a particular cruise.
  8. The search function doesn't turn up much about Dublin. We are looking at a TA that ends in Dublin and would stay a couple of nights there before flying home. Any hotel or other information about Dublin is appreciated. I do know there is HOHO there.
  9. I do book these cabins for the two of us. Once a TA that I have not spoken with before told me he couldn't book one of these cabins for two. My regular TA was back the next day and booked the 3/4 cabin I wanted with no problem. We have these cabins booked for 3 more cruises this year, 4 nest year and 2 so far for 2021.
  10. "Search" tab is upper right corner just under your small print user mane.
  11. I have several 3/4 person cabins booked all the way to Feb. 2021. My TA has no problem booking these for us.
  12. I saw a reference to a trolley near the port in Grenada. Is this correct? If so, what is the cost, please?
  13. We always take the little table in our cabins out to the balcony to get it out of the way. Looks like this is too big even for the balcony! Sure takes up a lot of floor space. I hope these are not in our "revolutionized " SS on Equinox in Sept.If so, I will have to ask the steward to remove it.
  14. How many points to Elite + and what extras to they get above Elite, please? Started as Elite due to RCI status, but seem to be accumulating points quickly/
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