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  1. 39august

    10:55 AM flight from FLL?

    We are definitely not in a suite! We will NOT be escorted off. Could I please have some more input? Yes, from FLL.
  2. 39august

    10:55 AM flight from FLL?

    I have done 10:45 flights from FLL in the past on RCI, but we get escorted off with the suites, so off quite early. Is this time reasonable from a Celebrity ship? I'd rather not carry off, so looking at regular debarkation. Can we request early departure time to be assigned?
  3. On Equinox in Sept. we were initially in B3 (or 2) in the very full theater.. Later in the cruise I heard announcements about several muster station changes. Ours was changed to Quasar. I wondered then in the case of a real emergency, how many people would have paid attention to the announced changes.
  4. 39august

    Blu questions please

    Thanks for all the info.
  5. 39august

    Blu questions please

    CEO Was that also on second chic night on Reflection? We will be on that ship in Feb.
  6. 39august

    Blu questions please

    Does Blu offer lobster at any night on an 11 or 12 night cruise? And can I see menus in advance when we first board. I'd like some idea of what night to book specialty dining based on a less than attractive Blu menu.
  7. 39august

    Equinox internet (recent)

    If you are a Captain's Club member you may get a discount. We are Elite and get 30% off. I believe Select gets a bit smaller discount.
  8. 39august

    There's Good News and there's bad news

    I posted a question about an hour ago and I can't find it now to see if I have any answers. Any suggetions?
  9. I have read 2 reviews on the "sticky" of this cabin and they are quite opposed. One says smoke is a problem and one says it is not. Any input?
  10. Anyone know where Liberty is headed now, due to Michael?
  11. 39august

    Equinox questions

    We found that the fridges on both our Equinox and Silhoutte cruises kept things nice and cold. We didn't even have to ice down our champagne! Gastropub and casino bar show sports pretty much all day and night. Some sports are also shown on your in room TV. No piano bar, but there is live music in various venues at various times in the evenings. Just look at the schedules in your Today. Typically there will be a jazzy group, a folk type soloist, a duo, and one or two other musical choices.
  12. 39august

    best and worst balcony cabins on equinox

    I believe one of those window washing cabins is 1554 on all S class ships except Reflection.
  13. 39august

    Customs in Miami - recent experience?

    Off Equinox yesterday. No custom form and very quick glance at passports. Probably 20 minutes total from leaving the ship to taxi. We did have luggage valet and could leave the ship anytime after 8 AM. We left about 8:10.
  14. 39august

    Celebrity 2 perks question

    Anything that is charged to your account can be paid with OBC. The nonrefundable ($300 as a perk) will be charged first, and when that is gone, anything else will be owed on your account.