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  1. Click on: Manage Reservation Then Below the picture it will say: Manage Your Reservation...all the way to the right in line with this is a drop down arrow. Click Arrow to show a list & Choose: Before You Board Luggage Tags is under Pre Board. Mine aren't available at this time (which it says). You can click: Print Xpress Pass ...and they show there as well but this is to view/print. 🍹
  2. Hi! I have always been notified. I frequently check on the airline website and just this week I noticed a time shift by 12 minutes on one flight and 5 minutes on the other. The day after I noticed, I received an e-mail from Flights by Celebrity with the new times. If you have a drastic change, I'm sure you will get an e-mail but it's always good to call to make sure all is well. The e-mail came from: Flights By Celebrity Subject Line: Notification of Air Itinerary Changes for Reservation _#_ 🍹
  3. I keep checking my reservation to see if they are available to request. 😅 The 'real' luggage tags that arrive in the mail are definitely the way to go. The little things that get us excited. 😉 I wish they still came in the back of the little spiral bound guest ticket booklet. 😃 🍹
  4. I have read multiple times that people request a substitution such as a cheese plate. The request is made to the stateroom attendant (what's been noted by others). I'm sure you can also make any food allergies known. I never have, I usually eat what I like and leave what I don't or swap items with my mom & dad next door. 😉 Having something delivered that you like and not wasted is a good idea though. 🍹
  5. Thanks. I thought so but was just curious to know for sure. 🍹
  6. Hi! If you have, say for example Platinum on Royal Caribbean and then reciprocal status on Celebrity to Select....Do you need 150 points to the next tier, Elite -OR- do you need to earn 300 since the Select Tier is reciprocal? Thanks! 🍹
  7. The other day my flight to FLL (for fall Equinox) wasn't showing in the reservation (Celebrity account) so I called and the gentleman said everything was fine and it's there, he read the flight info and seats to assure me. 😉 🤞 🍹
  8. For my May 2020 cruise that was cancelled (Final payment had been made)...Flights were booked with Celebrity Air. We had First Class that were non-refundable but when the cruise shutdown happened, I called Celebrity Air and they said they were booked as refundable (I wasn't about to argue that one) and full refunds would go back to the credit cards. That did eventually happen after 5 months (you don't want to know how many times I called)...especially since they initially said it would only take 1 credit card billing cycle. I was initially told to call the airline (American) in the beginning
  9. I booked with Celebrity (with a travel agent) and then called the # I have noted in an above post. The $125 OBC was then added to the reservations. There are 4 of us, two cabins, and we are all MGM gold and I added everyone during the same phone call. ~ If I didn't have gold through MGM and used my Celebrity Captain's Club tier to get MGM gold then I couldn't get the OBC that way. You can only get it if you earn gold through MGM itself. The link on the MGM website explains the benefits better than Celebrity...since it's your MGM status getting the perks on Cele
  10. Hi! I've dined at the Lawn Club Grill for dinner on the Silhouette (1st night) and lunch (burgers) on the Reflection on a sea day. Wind was not an issue for either times and temperature was warm since they were both March Caribbean sailings. At dinner I went up and helped with a pizza and for the meats, my boyfriend went up to the grill to help. We were a group of 6 and definitely ordered too much food but had an enjoyable time. How couldn't we? ...we were sailing on a beautiful cruise ship, dining alfresco and in good company. Service was great. The food...it was good, was it the best
  11. Thanks. I knew they switched to these before but I thought with the cruising restart they would go back to small bottles that aren't shared. I guess not... 🍹
  12. Hi! The first time I did this, I told my travel agent at the time of booking & gave our MGM #'s and explained about the onboard credit. She said she could never get through so I called and got through right away and it was simple. I provided the Celebrity booking #'s, MGM #'s and the OBC was added on. I then had to contact the travel agent and tell her to 'pull it over' and then it showed on the booking which I have printed out but it also shows in My Celebrity Cruise Planner. This is the phone # I call: 1-855-227-2537. 🍹
  13. Hi! I checked the app again and it keeps getting things added. It now has the AquaClass Expanded Breakfast menu for Room Service. On the app it's a new section under Dining: Loyalty & Suites. Blu menu is now located there as well (not fully showing yet for Blu). Here are pics of the Room Service Breakfast Menu for AquaClass and I believe Concierge as well. 🍹
  14. Yes, glad to hear footstools are back. That didn't make sense to take them away. I also liked the larger table that was on the balcony. 🍹
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