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  1. MSC rule is NO food or drinks of any kind to be brought on board -other people may say its OK . You do run the risk of the liquor being confiscated and the pop not being loaded. on the cruises we have done there is a cage of confiscated booze as you board from the dock There are various threads on this if you scroll and many different opinions
  2. Nikki We got pens I think on the NY to Miami --never saw a hat or the little bags
  3. If I can add to my post--the cruise our friends did was Barcelona to Canaries and back, so quite a few Europeans (Spain,France and Italy) they don't seem to be so adverse to smoking as other countries
  4. From my experience there is smoking area around the pool deck on ships we have been on so it is probably the same on Poesia. Friends recently on board said there was a lot of smoky areas.
  5. Hi it does say at the top of price list "Not included in any Beverage Package" I would check it out
  6. Exactly the same feeling here --we have been cruising since 1991 on old QE2, take a lot of what is said by "Big tippers" with a pinch of salt
  7. I think you have to talk to your travel agent or MSC USA as things are different this side of the pond
  8. Sorry to disagree we do tip for room service delivery , when not in YC it may only be a couple of dollars for early morning coffee. We also tip additionally at the end of a cruise for good or great service.
  9. Not on all ships it seems, we got them earlier this year on Splendida and Preziosa but not on Meraviglia
  10. A friend has just been on Poesia and there is smoking in most areas. Every time they returned to cabin they had to change clothes as they were smoky. Another comment was the food isn’t good, there are comments on this on mimmy’s review
  11. Totally agree with the previous post. We have done 3 YC cruises this year on 3 different ships , the food has improved since January BUT there is still a lot of room for improvement . Hoping the guy from Celebrity will eventually get it sorted, maybe by our next cruise in February .
  12. Ziggy I have been to Rio for Carnival stayed 4 days and it was nothing like described above, BUT you have to be aware of your surroundings. As to the cruise Yes Brazilians like to stay up late and party then want brunch around 11 till 1 pm. A cruise out of China on RCCL had more horror stories than a Brazil cruise
  13. http://thetravelvisacompany.co.uk tel 01270 250590 I suggest you may want to call these people we called querying Indian visa last year -you don't have to give all the details of your trip just ask for advice as if you are going to use them . Unfortunately if a visa is required and you don't have it you could be denied boarding Finally I will say it is a great trip which we did on Spendida in March/April (Indian visa)
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