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  1. Please check this out further as cruises at the moment are limited to Schengen countries and UK sailings. Would hate for you to be let down!
  2. There really is no need to now go to MSC board to post arguing with a comment I made there!!
  3. I saw your reply the first time no need for repetition!
  4. Please this about alcohol not tipping
  5. Until Australians have the vaccine I cannot see them letting in International travellers, this includes family members stuck in the UK
  6. Skier the question has been answered on another thread
  7. The OP has just posted on MSC that there were only 1400 passengers on the ship that has 5000+ capacity Liz
  8. We did Legend of Seas b2b out of Hong Kong in 2010? (Our friends son lives there) We were probably in the minority about 20% non Chinese passengers, all I can say is never again Pushed out of the way for elevators They spit out food in the buffet and MDR Food and fruit piled a good 10 inches high on plates as if the world was going to end. Fortunately we could laugh about it being a 4 but would have hated to experience that as a couple
  9. Don't know about the bridge but Yes there will be people using the door into the lounge Liz
  10. Hi in the UK we now have tipping with our booking it is added automatically, so anything we give is additional, which we do at the end of cruise. Cannot comment on cabins as only sailed in YC with balcony, friends have sailed YC interior and said it was good for them as they used the YC pool deck a lot - along with the Top Sail lounge and restaurant.
  11. Maybe better putting this on Ports of call section
  12. Not that I know but you can use the right hand side slider to scan quickly Liz
  13. Laundry, internet and drinks pkge are things you can use it for . You could end up cruising with Mandatory mask wearing as they have made this a rule recently, also shore excursions are only allowed if booking through MSC. You may want to check if this is applicable to your sailing. Liz
  14. Go to the last page and Kosh has posted a link, click on that
  15. It’s actually the 3rd they had one last August, 17th February and this. The important thing is they are catching up with infected guests and taking action.
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