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  1. While this is true , cases in UK and other European countries are seeing "spikes and rises in cases". I am expecting another lock-down here, a lot of people do not understand social distancing and wearing a face mask around your chin instead of nose & mouth does nothing to help
  2. I have been waiting over 2 weeks, I think they are working on the "Sail Dates" of original cruises. Someone on a page of FB in the UK has been waiting 4 weeks
  3. OK update just spent 30 minutes trying to get through and call picked up by Seattle office they are taking the overflow. My questions are answered by helpful lady
  4. They want an answer by end of August if we are cancelling, but I have other questions before making that decision. Things are different this side of the pond!!
  5. Do none of you think this will change with Covid 19?? It can live on surfaces for 72 hours.
  6. I have been trying to contact Princess UK since the sent notification of our cancelled cruise 2 weeks ago. This morning I had the best success on hold for 17 minutes and then whoever picked up hung up. UK office was supposedly open yesterday -not according to answerphone closed. Every time I call there is this monotone voice saying lines are busy and hangs up It is not just a refund we want we need to discuss matter this further. I have also filled in the form online for a cruise planner to ring me -still waiting. Sorry I'm venting Liz
  7. Hi again if you are happy to post email address OK. Please try and make it different by writing the Dots. I have been told by MSC that we cannot get deposits refunded, I checked with them before making another booking with the agent. Also you have to use the same agent to rebook as it uses the same MSC reference Liz
  8. Hi Bea , we are doing Seashore transatlantic to Miami, as we love sea days it will be a nice trip on a new ship Liz
  9. We have had 3 cruises 1 island holiday cancelled and our next one is November 2021 , by then it will hopefully be safe. We have rebooked our island holiday booked for April 2021 but not expecting it to feel like a cruise just be nice to do a vacation
  10. Personally I say No excursion no going ashore, it’s like a passport is a requirement to travel. There is a post on FB that says they have bundled excursions together to reduce costs , BUT its not something I have checked out
  11. "Based on the current regulations, all guests will be required to get MSC excursions to get ashore." I think that means no excursion no going ashore. Bea Hope you and DH are doing OK in this dreadful time Liz
  12. We have moved to Seashore transatlantic November 2021, its a new ship coming out June or July. We got a good deal moving our YC booking to that but don't get the 200 Euros. As we are retired we like longer cruises so 18 days will be nice and it will probably be our first cruise after Covid 19 unless things improve with a vaccine I can't see us doing anything before that. Living in the South West just going to the town is quite frightening with holiday "staycationers" walking 4/5/6 abreast and no masks, we have worn masks to shop for 8 or 10 weeks
  13. Celebrity has had 2 ships listed for sale for about 4 years , lots of speculation every now and again on their boards.
  14. MAGSMFC Bringing this back to see if you have heard anything . We have booked another cruise for Nov 2021 Liz
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