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  1. I agree with you 100%. That said, those two cruises already booked, they are good itineraries at reasonable prices. Cancelling now would cause paying admin fees. But I'm not booking news ones with Crystal for now.
  2. Well, my issue is with Crystal management, not Crystal sailing experience. I'm not in business of "revenge". We currently have two reservations for 2022, it remains to be seen how Crystal looks when all this is over.
  3. I'm pleased to report that our full refund has been posted on our credit card on Aug.15. We requested it on Apr.1 so 135 days in total. While it was a happy ending, the way Crystal handled the whole process left a very bad taste.
  4. This was supposed to be a joke. 🙂 Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Yes. CIBC visa wanted to see this info probably to make sure we did not the refund by check or some other method. Silly I know.. but this is what they wanted so we got confirmation from Crystal.
  6. @commodoredave we actually contacted Crystal by email and asked them to confirm that our refund is pending, including the amount and the last 4 digits of the credit card. Which they did. We printed the email along with the booking confirmation and sent it to CIBC Visa couple days ago. We are now on day 120. Enough is enough. But your post game me an idea. We are now considering booking 2023 World cruise, paying in full and requesting to allocate some of our payment for our refund. Would it be fair?
  7. Yes, that's the one. I agree, it's a very nice itinerary, but not really unique. Here is a very similar itinerary on Princess, 14 nights (so one extra night) starts at $3,100 CAD including taxes, on their newest ship. Here is a similar one on Oceania, 12 nights, starts at $3,300 CAD. Comparing same period (May) and similar itineraries.
  8. It looks like we are sharing a similar philosophy when it comes to cruising - no loyalty to any cruise line. We are driven mostly by itinerary at this point. Free laundry is a nice bonus, but definitely not one of the main factors. We are Canadians, so the options to get some extra perks are more limited - at least so far we were not able to get any extras beyond the regular discounts offered by the cruise lines (besides some occasional Virtuoso perks offered by our TA for Oceania and Crystal cruises). We could probably find a better TA, but looks like CC does not allow TAs to pos
  9. Well, you don't have to follow forums - as a new cruiser, all you need to do is to check similar lines line Princess and see prices 30%+ cheaper.
  10. It's May, not April, and I'm not sure that September is in higher demand than May. But if you are right, this makes it even more extreme: Celebrity cruise on a 20 years old ship at lower season is more expensive than Oceania cruise on a 9 years old ship at higher season. I'm already booked at lower price. It advisable to spend 30 seconds and read the initial post before commenting on it. Well, as others mentioned, it's about demand and supply. I'm just wondering who would pay that kind of money for this cruise - this was the initial intention of the
  11. This booking was done for us by our friends in Dec.2019 while on board. We paid for our 12 nights cruise on Reflection last September around $2,600 CAD for interior cabin, so $2,100 for Constellation looked reasonable. I can understand 20-30% increase, but the current price is completely out of range, especially considering the current situation.
  12. You are absolutely correct. But Celebrity prices also exclude taxes, so including taxes the price for inside is $2,807 USD. So yes, the extra day on O makes the prices almost the same (O is still slightly cheaper). and yes, O rates also include all non alcoholic drinks, free internet, free dinners in ALL specialty restaurants and more. Only the internet on Celebrity is around $300+ for 13 nights cruise. But you are right that difference between inside and OV or veranda is much higher on O than on Celebrity. But even for those cabins, the difference between O and Celebrity is much s
  13. Yea.. with all due respect to Celebrity, personally I would not pay more even for Celebrity newest ships than Oceania oldest ships. We sailed on Azamara R class and it was still a better experience overall than Celebrity Reflection. I do like all of them, but you cannot really compare Celebrity or Princess to Oceania or Azamara.
  14. Well, maybe people just not aware about price reductions on the other lines? But you are right, if people are willing to pay, there is no reason Celebrity would not charge those prices.
  15. Celebrity website shows $2,800 USD for inside cabin, which translates to 1.35 exchange rate. Maybe Oceania has more favorable rate, but the difference should not be too big.
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