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  1. We are still hoping that someone has stayed or been in the Silver suite 930 or 931 on the Muse as we are booked in a similar suite on the Moon and concerned about being so close to the Elevators. The Mrs.'s suffers from Sea sickness so we need to be as low as available in a Silver suite. We are aware that the Silver Suites under the Pool deck are a bad idea ( learned that the hard way ) .Anyone with experience on deck nine that can offer some guidance would be very appreciated.
  2. Is there anyone on this board who has stayed in Silver suite 930 on the Muse who can comment on this suite ?..Particularly as to noise from the Elevators or from the Laundrymat across the Hall. Anyone with photos would also be very helpful. We are booking Cruises on the Moon and since by all accounts the ships are identical, hopefully experiences with the Muse, will cross over to the Moon.
  3. Re Silver Suites under the Pool deck has anyone experienced noise problems on the Muse. I know that the silver suites under the Pool on Shadow or Whisper are unbearable? Appreciate any feedback as we have to make reservations this coming week to avoid losing our onboard deposit.
  4. Can anyone please advise if the Owners suites on either the Muse or Spirit suffer from noise with the Pool Deck above?. We are always afraid of booking a suite under the pool deck after suffering a transatlantic on the Whisper which was horrible, especially in the early mornings when all the Pool chairs are moved around.
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