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  1. For those that are more into royal, do you think it will be a Suez Canal cruise in 2021? If it is, when will it open up? (X has nothing due to moving Connie)
  2. we are looking on princess also, only downside is that offers for Nordic guests are not really great deals. On X we get lots of incentives to book. And since we are Elite that makes it even worse. Will definitely look into what they will offer in the same timeframe. It’s possible we can/will do Alaska again if we like it. My husband has lots of family in Seattle. So we normally visit them every 2 year. But we have never been to Alaska on those trips. Then it’s been family time🥰 Happy to hear that you like my country! we have made a booking, the price raised by 500$ from the day it opened for bookings by today. Since it’s 9-days it’s special. I’m attaching a few pics from Norway. If you have the opportunity to take a longer cruise to North Cape or Lofoten Island. I really recommend that you do. The scenery is different from south of Norway. 1. Loen 2. Gjesvær, North Cape 3. Alta 4-13 Lofoten Island
  3. Sorry for "stealing" your tread.. We are looking into Alaska also😄 We mainly do Celebrity and now they have a 9-days sailing on Eclipse 07.may 2021 that we are really considering. Since it is 9-days. We think 7-days is just to short.... Any thoughts about the route? 1 start/end: Vancouver 2 inside passage 3 sitka 4 skagway 5 icy strait point 6 Hubbard glacier 7 juneau 8 Ketchikan 9 inside passage As you can see from my signature, we are from Norway.
  4. @mikkelhansen is this offer for all markets? Like the nordic countrys? The black friday offer don't helps us, since we want to book a cruise in 9.may2021 but the offer that starts in december solves that....
  5. As an update for 200OBC or 300OBC, I called Azamara Nordic. (since that is our local office) It is 300OBC even if its booked on X in the first part of your journey, so after a few days I received a new invoice that says 300OBC. Only downside now is that we are affected of JR new development 2021😔
  6. Thank you.... We live in Norway, so its not that common to have a travel agent as in US. We always book directly by X/RRCL/Azamara nordic office online. I will call the nordic office to clarify whats up😞
  7. So to make it completely clear: Is the suez canal 2021+next sailing being charteret out? We have not received any information about this...... and we are booked on suez canal🙄
  8. Maybe @BBMacLaird knows what’s correct?
  9. Good morning from Gibraltar! Sun is shining and Reflection is treating us well👍🏻 Armed and ready, off it went to future cruise the first day. 1. No problem to book Azamara, but OBC 200 or 300$ that’s another thing. 200$ is what we get. according to future cruise it’s only 300OBC if you book on AZ. So since we book onboard X, we only get 200 OBC. I had a print screen of the AZ homepage were information about this was written. But it was just shuffled away and told that on X you only get 200$ OBC and it doesn’t matter if you book early or late on your cruise. But the positive thing is that we are now officially book on Suez Canal 2021👍🏻
  10. It’s been a pleasure to follow you Norris! Hope to see you further north soon:) Now it’s time for us to enjoy X Reflection from Lisbon;) Flights to Porto tomorrow morning and Reflection in Lisbon to Barcelona on Monday😉
  11. Hello! We are going on Celebrity Reflection on monday;) And the master plan is to book a Azamara cruise onboard! We are Elite on X. So, 1. i need to book in the first part of my 8-days cruise on X to get the most of the OBC. Anything else I need to consider or should know?
  12. Great to follow your adventures in Norway! So happy to see that you are enjoying your time here😁 Totally independent (that I’m Norwegian) Norway is beautiful:) Absolutely recommend that you keep an eye on those Norway/Iceland cruises. Specially those that goes to Lofoten Island👍🏻 Your Canon will be in danger of overheating;) My partner in crime is from the north of Norway. So we frequently go there. It’s Christmas & New Year’s Eve for my camera..... I will leave you some pictures from Lofoten this August....(just to remind you, why a new Norwegian cruise is a perfect thing to do) 1. Nusfjord, You will find us in a red Rorbu 2. Ytresand Beach 3. Kvalvika Beach 4. Reine 5. Looking down on Reine and Sakrisøy from Reinebringen 6. Haukland Beach 7. Å
  13. Thank you for a great live tread! It’s been a pleasure to follow you on this journey.
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