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  1. Mark_T : yes if you upgrade midway through the cruise, you only pay the upgrade for the number of days remaining. (But you have to upgrade for all remaining days).
  2. The cabins are not a regular shape - they are wider where the bed is located and narrower at the couch. Two adjacent cabins 'interlock', hence the alternating bed location. This enables them to squeeze slightly more cabins in than would be possible if the cabins were rectangular. Short of ripping out all the internal cabin dividers and starting again, or buying shorter beds (now that would make an interesting cut-back for debate on here 😉 ), there is no way they could swap the location of the beds - in either direction.
  3. Wasn’t there a change to Captain’s Club login in 2017/2018? Maybe you need to re-enable your account. That said, I don’t think you’ll have any problem checking in at the pier.
  4. If enough people contact -X- directly, LLP will respond with an answer something like "Who knew that free in-room movies would be such a hot topic on the forum and yet I completely understand. If you want to watch a free movie, please ask your stateroom attendant and they will source one for you. If you want to know which movies are available, please check on our website - it will be on the same webpage that we post the updates about Xpedition licensing. Thank you and have a great rest of your day! "
  5. No smoking in the alcoves, but it's only a few yards walk to the smoking area at the Sunset Bar.
  6. Indeed, and a solo passenger dining in Blu would still occupy a table for two, so there is no increased occupancy by letting them bring a guest to occupy the spare chair.
  7. I think peeling it off and spoiling the page would be viewed by border staff as even worse than leaving the sticker there. They could then be concerned that some serious "official observation" had been removed from the passport and would lead to something more serious than a slap on the wrist.
  8. wtc-59 - has there been any change in the bottom line price since yesterday? I'm booked on the 29th November cruise on Reflection. Since I booked at the start of June, I've been monitoring pricing and availability with a fervour verging on being OCD. All cabins included in the promotion (Oceanview upwards) - including suites - had a price reduction late yesterday, which just about covers the difference between the old offer (CDP, $200 OBC + Grats) and the new offer (CDP + $300 OBC). (The only exception was Concierge cabins, which actually had an increase, but for about the past week they were cheaper than standard balcony cabins - so this increase was probably an unrelated correction of an anomaly).
  9. Is there a handy tip / alternate use for Fabric Softener Sheets? Or are they only for a cruise line that provides a self-service laundry?
  10. I'm sure there was another thread concerning this around November last year in addition to this one. The conclusion at the time was that the App had been adapted from the RCL variant where there is a room service charge, and it hadn't been deleted from the -X- version. I've not read any posts from Edge cruisers reporting any additional charges for daytime room service. (And I'm sure that if there was a charge, there would be an incredibly long 'end of the world as we know it' thread).
  11. She would answer by saying that Celebrity offer a wide range of competitively priced beverage packages that suit all requirements. She would also hope that we enjoy the rest of our day.
  12. The flyer linked to by vtcruising contains the following Why Tampa? •$10.5M Investment in Cruise Terminals •5thBest Airport in US –Conde Nast Traveler •#1 City People Moved To in 2016 –Realtor.com •Celebrity will have Best & Newest Ship in Region •Differentiated Itineraries •2,000+ Hotel Rooms •$3B Water Street Redevelopment including Sparkman’s Wharf -4 minute walk from Cruise Terminal •$1B Westshore Marina District Project •1 Hour drive from Orlando metropolitan area •30 Mins. Drive to/from Clearwater and St. Petersburg •Close proximity to top-rated beaches, recreation areas and world-renown attractions Is the bit I highlighted an overlooked bit of text and it Celebrity had been planning to redeploy Apex to Tampa?
  13. The Arabian Gulf cruises for 20/21 are still showing on the UK site, but are not bookable. - Presumably a work in progress. Jim - maybe the move is just a commercial decision. Even if it is a response to conditions, maybe they've looked at existing bookings for 19/20, the level of cancellation (compared to other itineraries) and booking that they might expect to get for Tampa sailings this winter and concluded that leaving things as they are for this winter would be the most beneficial commercially. - They probably do have a plan B in case the situation in the gulf deteriorates.
  14. There are lots of threads on here (often in connection with CPAP machines) that say surge protectors are not permitted on cruise ships. The reason seems to be due to the different approach to earthing the sockets - which results in rather having a 'live' and 'neutral' connections you end up having 2 live connections that are out of phase with each other.
  15. Not relevant to Heather for an intra-Schengen flight to Paris and too late for ghstudio, but if you have a flight from BCN that involves going through passport control (D and E gates), go through security straight away but not passport control until you have to. The facilities in the main departure area (for gates A-C) are far superior. For the nicotine dependent there are also outdoor patio areas where smoking is permitted.
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