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  1. Whenever Jim starts a live blog, I have a little competition to try and guess the page in the thread that has the first occurrence of "Lain". It came much later than I guessed this time, but as Jim says, it's been a chatty thread.
  2. No USB ports, 2 US sockets (110V) and 1 European socket (220V) - all on the desk opposite the bed.
  3. In his latest vlog Don was praising a Celebrity customer services rep for frequently contacting him to provide information, assurances and updates. I'm wondering if there are other passengers in the same situation but don't have a YouTube channel - are they receiving the same level of service?
  4. Unless Air Canada have a crew base in San Diego, then the crew on the flight the previous evening will be overnighting in San Diego and will be the crew on the morning flight. They probably have to take a minimum number of rest hours. It may be worth monitoring the arrival time of the southbound flight and see how much it can be delayed before there is a knock on impact on the morning flight departure time.
  5. And if your looking for things to add to the options - the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth is certainly worth considering,
  6. Slightly off topic - isn't only in US ports that the ship needs to be zero'd out? In Europe, you can stay on the ship during the changeover. The limiting factor for a Europe back to back is how early they issue the new sea pass cards.
  7. I may be wrong, but I don't think they are asking for your right of residence in the UK, they are asking for proof that you actually are currently living in the UK. So they need something like a bank statement, utility bill, council tax bill, mobile phone bill etc.
  8. It was Equinox, the first ship to be revolutionized that suffered the loss of foot stools. The outcry was so vociferous, when it came round to doing Silhouette, the foot stools were included as part of the concierge class balcony furniture. There was mention on here, that Equinox was due to get the missing foot stools replaced, but I don't recall reading that this had occurred.
  9. It would require some joined up thinking between the Excursions team and the Food & Beverages team, but with only (cruise line) organised tours available, they should have a really accurate view of how many people would remain on board.
  10. The tracelets were also discussed on the Silhouette thread. They were included as a requirement on the healthy sailing page until about 5 days ago, when their mention was were removed. Someone on-board today ask the crew about them and was told that they weren't functioning correctly.
  11. Eurofins reviews on Trustpilot would suggest booking your own choice and claiming the refund may be the better option.
  12. Roll call now says that it's not cancelled and the message was an error by a travel agent
  13. I love the irony of complaining that you've been told that you can't enter the terminal until nearer your departure time, inventing non-existent medical problems to get let in early, and then complaining that there's no room in the terminal for social distancing.
  14. UK guidelines do say that you should blow your nose first - see 2:46 here How to do a COVID-19 Self Test (rapid antigen test) - YouTube
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