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  1. So you think the Ovation could replace the Navigator? Maybe RCCL will add LA to Hawaii?
  2. There are a number of ships: X Millie, Navigator, a couple of Carnival going to Mexico out of LA/Long Beach already this and next year. If they are selling well, then why not? Many people are, and may remain, nervous to fly internationally, so trips out of LA may become even more attractive.
  3. People need to take the virus seriously and understand that until it is under control globally, we will have problems in the US. Last year, on February 8th, 2020 on my Roll Call for the Celebrity Silhouette I posted warnings about the virus in China and for the next 6 weeks I continued to post warnings throughout these Forums and many of my posts were removed and I was called a Troll and deemed "disruptive" and suspended a number of times. Suspended for sharing "facts" that were deemed negative or harmful to the cruiselines and the cruise industry. What is, and was, needed is transparency. Downplaying the danger and risk will just prolong the pandemic. Americans are truly among some of the luckiest/most fortunate people in the world. This is what I wrote on February 8, 2020, I tried to quote it but since Roll Calls are closed, it didn't work: "In my opinion, the US media is actually downplaying the crisis. China is extremely concerned about reputation and National Economy. They have literally shut down a number of highly populated cities and have forbid many factories from reopening after the Chinese New Year b/c many workers are quarantined/sheltered in their homes for safety. China is running out of medical supplies and their medical professionals are literally exhausted and a few well-known doctors have died from the virus (both old, in their 60's and young in their 30's). I am not being an alarmist. I am alarmed. Look for information from citizens and journalists on the ground in China for the most accurate updates."
  4. In addition to the fact that children cannot be vaccinated and that there have been breakthrough cases and, in some much older populations, breakthrough cases leading to deaths, I believe that the risk to those vaccinated is low, but not zero. The larger concern is the risk to mankind. Americans have access to the vaccine and have the luxury of deciding when and where to be vaccinated, while many in the developing world are literally dying while they wait for the opportunity to be vaccinated. Many of the destinations cruiseships travel to are relatively poor with antiquated medical facilities. Why would the governments of these places allow unvaccinated cruisers to potentially infect their populations? So, even if fellow vaccinated-cruisers are safe from unvaccinated cruisers, as the quote above states, until the rest of the world (or, at least the destinations where ships dock/anchor), is vaccinated, I don't see full resumption of cruising.
  5. Earlier this week when two or three guests on a MSC ship were diagnosed COVID positive, they were let off in Italy and the ship continued with its itinerary. MSC did not mandate vaccines, while Celebrity did. MSC also does not have majority American cruisers. I sure hope that is not the "protocol" that ships sailing out of US ports with American cruisers implement.
  6. 2 passengers on the Celebrity Millennium out of St Martin just tested COVID positive today and that ship is 95% vaccinated. The Millie is running at ~30% capacity. I don't see how the CDC/US Government is Not going enforce mandatory vaccinations, which I think could be the silver lining of these Covid situations.
  7. Add these two COVID positive cases on Millie to the 2 positive from the MSC cruise in Italy earlier this week, and I wonder if the new variants are causing breakthrough cases, or if passengers aren't being honest about being vaccinated?! One big difference: MSC did not require vaccines, while Celebrity did.
  8. I really hope the Cruiselines that want to sail out of the US take this as a wake-up call and either move the ships away from Florida and Texas, or call DeSantis and Abbott's bluff and mandate vaccines. How will those Governors and CEOs feel if a child or god-forbid two dies of COVID caught on one of these ships? This is a life or death situation and the kids have no voice and no protection. Everyone who is eligible for the vaccine should be vaccinated to protect others around them.
  9. Once again, I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. What 3 points? In the post that you quoted, I said: And the statements in that post were proven true. The article WAS accurate that cruiselines cannot currently receive bailout funds AND today ALL 3 major cruiselines stocks are down approximately 15% if not greater. I also stated that CEO & Corporations should have a rainy day cash fund -- that's indisputable. The lines have secured loans for now. If the cruise stoppage extends for up to 6 months, there will be another liquidity squeeze. People will delay booking cruises so the lines will not have the cash deposit floats. Only time will tell how this all shakes out for the cruiselines and their stock.
  10. There's no spin. It was a fact based statement to support why I thought the rising stock could fall again before stabilizing. Salespeople and Marketers are great at selling products. Here, there is no product to sell, and there may not be for a while. Then, when the product exists again, the public perception of that product could well be one that has never before existed. For many people the idea of cruising has been changed forever by the numerous quarantines and spreading sickness. The industry itself has contributed to some of that shift by requiring those 70 and older to be certified "healthy" to cruise by a doctor. For some lines people over 70 had the time, resources and desire to cruise. We're in uncharted territory. Here we disagree again. My reading of her resume does not show someone who worked her way up through the company. From on-board a ship in housekeeping to kitchen to waitress to Reception to Department Manager then to District Manager, etc, etc. She went from Sales to higher sales then higher sales again to President. In my view, the Sales background is the problem when I am evaluating the current situation. My post, my opinion. YMMV.
  11. And, to follow-up on why I think the stock will fall again. Do you realize that the last time I checked, the President of Celebrity Cruises Lisa, was reported to be a Travel Agent with an undergraduate degree in accounting from a small private college in Boston (Bentley) who was promoted and promoted in Sales positions until she landed as the first female president of a large cruiseline? Would you want your Travel Agent running the company you work for? I, for one, would not. Well-run Corporations have cash on hand for a rainy day. Salespeople chase the next sale and the next dollar. Celebrity/RCL/Carnival/NCL and many other irresponsible companies do not have rainy day funds. That's one of my points. Capitalism in times of prosperity and Socialism (ie Government Corporate handouts) during times of hardship is how the rich get rich and stay rich -- exploiting the lower and working classes. At some point, the lower/middle classes will get wise and rebel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Lutoff-Perlo
  12. You posted a lot of words, but I still don't understand your post. I posted that cruises would not happen and that I would not be celebrating the increasing stock price too soon. I also said that it was irresponsible for the cruiselines to have given away all their cash profits in the form of dividends and buybacks, loading on debt while it was sunny and having nothing in the coffers when the storm came. So, again, what are you talking about? https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2737733-rcl-share-price/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-59715071
  13. I stand by my earlier statements on this thread. I was correct about no April or May cruises. If the article below is true, I will be right about stock price, too. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/26/coronavirus-bailout-could-exclude-carnival-norwegian-royal-caribbean-cruise-lines.html
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