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  1. It's impossible to have "complete safety" if the conditions mentioned in this post are necessary. I was just curious why people were taking that risk. And, ships are safe until they're not (think about relying on decisions made by the FAA and Boeing re: the 787Max). And then something happens, the industry makes a change, and then slowly they creep back chasing exotic ports, shorter travel times, extra revenue, etc. All I'm saying is that no lights, no music because of an external threat? Hard Pass. I'd rather take my chances at home. I wish you all safe travels and Smooth Sailing though! Some cruisers on this site (and probably on this cruise) fought in wars to give me the choice to go or not go. I thank them for their service.
  2. Cap & Coral... thanks again for the replies. Upsell limits I understand but a 4 minute response time? I Emailed and Called the TA immediately who said they called immediately after speaking with me. I think something else is going on, but, again, on the 11th we were happy with OceanView and we'll be sailing to Alaska so I can't really complain about my cabin. Everything we experienced so far does say something about Princess's Global Customer Service philosophy (at least to me). HAL was 180 degrees different.... total opposite. +100 for the on-deck blankets! Woohoo!! Smoooooth Sailing!!! 😃
  3. Maybe I'm young enough to worry (lol!) and no offense, by what is the attraction to a cruise destination or destinations that necessitates "Safety black outs"? I'd take a hard pass on that. Do they warn you about the possible dangers before booking? Don't intend to hijack (no pun intended) this thread, but golly, seems the risk/reward ratio is off to me.
  4. A new Saga has begun (and we spoke too soon with the compliment!)... although we responded to the email Upsell offer within 4 minutes, and my Travel Agent called and left a message immediately and I followed-up and left a message 30 minutes before close of business yesterday, today I received an email notification direct from Princess (not thru my TA) that the Upsell offer was Sold Out. When I called yesterday the voicemail message was like 30 seconds long and literally said: "we're super busy and backed-up today, leave a brief, brief, very brief message (with a bunch of other instructions) it may take 24 hours to get back to you" (within 24 hours, they were apparently Sold Out! Lol!). Fingers crossed land based Customer Service and Ship based Customer Service are not the same. :-/ Saves us a few hundred dollars, but I was just celebrating the convenience of having access to my own chair/lounger. Good thing the Ruby has chairs and loungers on deck (is blankets too much to ask? OR I may have to drag out my comforter)! 😜 Now we're on a Priority list of some kind (not for a Free Upgrade, but for the ability to purchase the same Upsell that sold out), but will not have access to email on the Eurodam so may not be able to end the story til we update in July. Thankfully we are happy with the room we have which is in a central location with easy access to an external door so all is not lost! Smooth sailing all. Good thing Alaska is worth it! This booking has certainly felt like an adventure! 😉
  5. Thank you!!! My fingers are still crossed! ;-) I sent a number of emails and they were responded to in order -- and before sailing -- and we now have everything documented at Princess and with the Port and even called and made special airport arrangements with the TSA (they were extremely helpful, efficient and responsive -- surprising for a gov't agency!). Although yesterday we learned from a recent cruiser that the Ruby will have chairs and loungers available on the public decks, our TA contacted us this morning to advise that we were selected to be offered a paid upgrade to a Balcony cabin. Yesterday we decided to keep our money and stay OceanView but upon receiving the upgrade offer this morning, we decided that for a few hundred dollars more, we should go ahead and buy the upgrade (this way we know I will have a chair close by when necessary). At this point, I cannot think of something Princess could have done better (except maybe hire a few more staff members for the Accessibility Office!!!). Now I get to relax at home while I look forward to relaxing on board (while hopefully seeing tons of wildlife). If I had any advice for those booking after me, it would be --- send the email to Accessibility, sit on your hands and wait patiently. Smooth Sailing.... ;-)
  6. Are there any Celebrity promos to look out for? We have the Classic Drink Package included and plan to upgrade to the Premium and read about a 10% discount (that would cover 1/2 of the gratuities upcharge). Any discounting helps. 😉 Smooth sailing! 😃
  7. I was just going to post this ^^^^. A tour ending 2 hours before sail way should be no problem. When we were younger we cut it much, much closer than that. Keep in mind, many of these small companies rely on cruise customers. IMO, if there is some emergency (boat breaks down etc) the islands are small and they will tap in to their network to borrow a boat or boats to get cruisers back to their ships on time. Enjoy the savings... have fun.... and best wishes for Smooth Sailing!
  8. Perfect! Thank you!!! Our posts crossed! No need to upgrade! And 50's in Alaska IS balmy! 😉
  9. Thank you! Did you happen to notice if the decks you mentioned had chairs or loungers available throughout the cruise? Thanks again!
  10. We are booked on the Ruby Princess and received an email from Princess that they were running a Father's Day special where you get a $25 gift card for every $500 gift card you purchase. We're relatively new around here, but see that they had a similar offer for Mother's Day... a $60 card for buying a $1,000 gift card. We're booked on the Celebrity Silhouette in March 2020. Does Celebrity every run similar promos? If so, I'd appreciate if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance and Smooth Sailing! =)
  11. One more question... does the Ruby have any covered public decks to enjoy the scenery if it's raining? Thank you again!
  12. Just checked last night and All the Special Services are listed! Yay! Hoping this is a good sign for our cruise! KNJ: 2 people for the ENTIRE department? No wonder it takes a minimum of 10 days for a response. 😞 So far, so good, though. Our special requirements are now listed on our Princess documents. All we need is some balmy weather in Alaska and very active whales and bears.... is that too much to ask? Nah.... right? LOL! Thanks to everyone who responded. Will report back in July after our cruise! 😃
  13. Hi LX Dad... thanks so much for fielding questions. :-) Did you happen to notice (or do you happen to have any photos to refer to) if the outside decks upper and/or promenade had lounge chairs and sitting chairs on them while you were transiting Glacier Bay? Or does the crew remove them? I have an injury and cannot sit or stand too long (yes... it sucks!) so I will have to alternate between sitting and standing. We are coming off a private balcony cabin on the Eurodam but have an oceanview booked on the Ruby. If there are no chairs or loungers on the public decks we may have to consider upgrading to a balcony on the Ruby as well. Thanks again for sharing your experience! And Welcome Home! PS: when you say too "cold" to use the balcony, are you talking about wind? Or ambient temperature? And... about how cold was it? 40s? 50s? ... 30s? brrrr
  14. If there are two in the cabin, you could order $500 each. Is there any language that says they are non-transferable? If not, you can always ask a son/daughter/parent/aunt/uncle/etc. to order for you. As long as there is no rule disallowing it, I think you can gift an unlimited amount of cards. Is there any fine print on the offer? I am already paid in full and am displeased with Princess Customer Service at the moment (this Alaska cruise may be my last Princess for a while).
  15. Hi Coral -- thank you again for sharing your experience: I have been checking my Personalizer almost daily since Gremlin quoted above stated that hers has a notation. I am sure we can work this all out at the port and on the ship once we board, but I thought it might be smoother to have everything prearranged. Since both lines are under the Carnival Umbrella, I am really surprised at how different this office is managed and operated. Thank you again. Did you see my post about the $25 free with every $500 purchased from Princess? Hope you can take advantage! Smooth Sailing!
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