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  1. Once again, I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. What 3 points? In the post that you quoted, I said: And the statements in that post were proven true. The article WAS accurate that cruiselines cannot currently receive bailout funds AND today ALL 3 major cruiselines stocks are down approximately 15% if not greater. I also stated that CEO & Corporations should have a rainy day cash fund -- that's indisputable. The lines have secured loans for now. If the cruise stoppage extends for up to 6 months, there will be anothe
  2. There's no spin. It was a fact based statement to support why I thought the rising stock could fall again before stabilizing. Salespeople and Marketers are great at selling products. Here, there is no product to sell, and there may not be for a while. Then, when the product exists again, the public perception of that product could well be one that has never before existed. For many people the idea of cruising has been changed forever by the numerous quarantines and spreading sickness. The industry itself has contributed to some of that shift by requiring those 70 and older to
  3. And, to follow-up on why I think the stock will fall again. Do you realize that the last time I checked, the President of Celebrity Cruises Lisa, was reported to be a Travel Agent with an undergraduate degree in accounting from a small private college in Boston (Bentley) who was promoted and promoted in Sales positions until she landed as the first female president of a large cruiseline? Would you want your Travel Agent running the company you work for? I, for one, would not. Well-run Corporations have cash on hand for a rainy day. Salespeople chase the next sale and the next
  4. You posted a lot of words, but I still don't understand your post. I posted that cruises would not happen and that I would not be celebrating the increasing stock price too soon. I also said that it was irresponsible for the cruiselines to have given away all their cash profits in the form of dividends and buybacks, loading on debt while it was sunny and having nothing in the coffers when the storm came. So, again, what are you talking about? https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2737733-rcl-share-price/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-59715071
  5. I stand by my earlier statements on this thread. I was correct about no April or May cruises. If the article below is true, I will be right about stock price, too. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/26/coronavirus-bailout-could-exclude-carnival-norwegian-royal-caribbean-cruise-lines.html
  6. I wouldn't be celebrating the increasing stock price too soon. The CDC just released its updated findings from the Diamond Princess and they found that the CoronaVirus lived on surfaces in the staterooms of both symptomatic and asymptomatic passengers for 17 days ~after~ the cabins were emptied. 17 days on surfaces! If that's true, it's no wonder the virus spreads so easily on a ship from cruise to cruise. As I said on a previous thread, if this is proven true, I don't see how any cruises or cruise lines can sail in April or May out of the US with the current infect
  7. The CDC just released findings that CoronaVirus / Covid19 lasted ON surfaces INSIDE Diamond Princess Cabins/Staterooms for 17 days after people both symptomatic and asymptomatic LEFT the ship. Alive on surfaces for 17 days! I don't see how cruises are going to restart in April or May. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/23/cdc-coronavirus-survived-in-princess-cruise-cabins-up-to-17-days-after-passengers-left.html
  8. As I understand the situation, there are 2 problems: 1) the time it takes/took to get a result and 2) the fact that the results are inconsistent -- you can have 2 negatives then a positive OR 1 positive, 1 negative then 1 positive, which is why you need an initial positive and then two negatives in a row within, I think, 24 hours to be called virus free. Someone in China was declared virus-free then either was reinfected OR the virus reactivated... I don't think they is any way to know which for sure. The ships will be good and helpful IF they can ensure they remain virus free. P
  9. Celebrity knew a lot of things that they claimed they did not know. This I know.
  10. A bit of positive news. The question is: who will they treat or house on the ships and what happens if/when the first case of Corona is identified onboard? We know from the Diamond that this is only a good idea IF they can ensure that the ship remains virus free. Whether this offer is accepted or not, the stock popped today on the news -- it was up between 5-10% at various times. A little good publicity at this moment is a good thing.
  11. R Fein and LLP were part of the Executive team that decided to pay Billion$$$ in Dividends and to spend almost a billion on stock buybacks instead of keeping cash on hand for an emergency. They decided that debt was soo cheap, they couldn't resist loading up on more and more, while they gave away the cash they had to shareholders and Insiders/Executives. Stock Buybacks are a scam that should never be allowed. The US Government has already committed to pumping over $1.5 Trillion in to this market and it barely makes a difference. This situation IS unprecedented, but IF LLP and Fe
  12. Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your sister's death. Condolences. I was booked on the next cruise, that was to leave FLL on 3/15. I posted your plea on the March 6th Roll Call. A Roll Call is a semi-private group where mostly passengers on that sailing post. I added the post below, but you may want to start a new email account and post the address so people can contact you directly and privately (do not use your actual address, as that leaves you open to fraud). Good luck, I hope you find the information and peace you are searching for: "Hello All, the Sib
  13. The March 6th - 15th since it turned around back to Florida twice. And... it seems the Pax were exposed to Corona Virus from the previous cruise. Not worth it, if you ask me.
  14. $23.16 as 25% of a 12 night cruise? Please use smoke signals to tell us all the name of your Agent! Lol! ;-p Looks like they dropped a zero... or two? Please report back! And good luck with the continued negatives.
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