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  1. I will be cruising the end of March. Since I use essential oils, thieves oil, thieves spray, thieves hand sanitizer and the thieves foaming hand soap will be with me. My DH and I will be taking a supplement called Inner Defense as well.
  2. I have gotten that for the past 2 weeks. Always signed in with google chrome. the Celebrity rep suggested I open the website under a different browser. I did so and now can access my account easily.
  3. Wow, I just checked and thesky suites are at $1749.
  4. I agree with you on all points! We always sail in AQ. our cruise coming up end of March we will be in a Sky Suite for the first time. on this cruise we will have 2 couples with us and they are in Blu. We are hoping that the 6 of us can dine together in Blu (which I love!). If we get turned away, I guess we will have to meet up with our close friends after dinner. This is our 4th time on the Reflection and have never had any issues getting seated in Blu. We met a lovely older couple in Blu that had a Sky suite but they never had a problem getting seated. Maybe it's because we did go to dinner a bit earlier than the mad rush time (later than 7?)
  5. when did they get rid of the muesli cart? we have friends that will be sailing with us in March and one of the wives was looking forward to this.
  6. I bring my diffuser with me and use the purified bottled water. Haven't had any problems with bringing it on the ship.
  7. I am glad that you posted. We will be in a sky suite for the first time in March on the Reflection and excited to try it. Originally booked an aqua spa cabin which i love along with Blu. Rates for this cruise decreased dramatically after final payment and we were able to upgrade for about $350 per person for a sky suite.
  8. Jim, great post! and as a celebrity follower and poster, I enjoy your comments.
  9. Our introduction to the Celebrity family was the Connie and we loved being in Aqua! After being on that beautiful ship, we never looked back and booked others on other ships. We love the A1 cabins and the locations. As I said, the Connie was our first "love". one of these days we will sail on this ship again. To answer your Blue question as to whether it is worth it, you have to ask if you want healthy "clean" dining. We found Blu to be wonderful from the wait staff to the food itself. so for me alone YES blu is worth it but the added persian gardens are an added benefit. Enjoy your cruise regardless of what you choose.
  10. We were originally booked in an Aqua Spa cabin. Transferred the reservation to an online TA (the rep we have is wonderful!). About a month ago, the rates - after final payment was due - dropped so much so that we upgraded to a Sky Suite. In reviewing the changes with the TA, we did get additional OBC with the agency. All good. But there was a discussion here on cruise critic that had me thinking there would be additional OBC for the suite. When I spoke with a Celebrity customer service rep, he said that the $150 per person was the only OBC for any cabin, regardless of whether it was a veranda, aqua, suite, etc. In looking at our exact cruise as a new booking, here is the OBC information : Onboard credit is not redeemable for cash and expires on final night of the cruise. Savings Offer: Savings amounts are per person and vary by stateroom category: $100 for inside and ocean view; $200 for veranda, Concierge Class, and AquaClass; $500 for Suites. Offer applies to first two guests in the stateroom Does it show $500 for suites because of the current offering by Celebrity? Or did I get incorrect information from the Celebrity rep?
  11. its on the right hand lower corner. If you paid for it or got it through the benefit package you signed for, call Celebrity or the TA that booked for you.
  12. Aqua spa cabins are for 2 people only. You would need to book 2 cabins since there are 4 of you. the tables in Blu are also very close together and you do end up having a conversation with the people next to you. Service in Blu is excellent and the menu is very good. You aren't scheduled for early or late in Blu. You can go at any time.
  13. I have gotten sick - cold, fever, coughing - after cruising and thought it was just me. DH doesn't. With my usage of essential oils, and seeing the pattern of illnesses I contract, post cruise, I now diffuse oils in the cabin, use my thieves hand sanitizer (no alcohol) that I take with me where ever I go, and take supplements that boost the immune system. We will be cruising again in March with 2 other couples and will have extras to help support them as well. During our last cruise, when going to the buffet, I started sharing my Thieves hand sanitizer with the young lady giving everyone the Purell. it was our greeting every day and she loved the sanitizer which has a pleasant smell and very nice feeling on your hands. the 2 specialty restaurant crew members then joined in.
  14. We have gotten spoiled with the 10 and 11 day cruises but the 7 day that we enjoyed would be the southern caribbean cruise. The 2 ships we love are the Connie and the Reflection. Hope this helps. We have been on 7 day cruises that had celebrity seminars and it was enjoyable meeting with those that attended the conferences. Don't let a celebrity cruise make you change your mind if you are looking for peace and quiet. It's all there!
  15. thank you so much for the information. I'm hoping for (at least) Jameson
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