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  1. Agreed! Fairly strategic by pointing out the filters, increased cleaning, medical equipment, no pax masks but will indeed will be social distancing. They'll likely shut down entire decks, not only do they still want to advertise the cheap inside cabins pricing, blocking off decks is more manageable. No one has to clean the handrails, vacuum the deck carpet if no one is there. Completely agree; social distancing where ever possible. While some things may stay like the better HVAC, everything else they're doing is reversible. My best guess, no less than 50% initially then the average is 60-70%. My best guess with temps, I would imagine they'll do some testing and figure this all out prior to the first pax sailing. There are an extremely small amount of crew members relieving other crew members every week who are boarding the ships and are getting their temps taken.
  2. In summary, Apex vs the Edge, from what we can see: 1) Staterooms: More of them! 2) Staterooms: Frosted IV folding door glass 3) Staterooms: Smaller furniture 4) Bar replacement: Craft Social Bar with al a carte food offerings, replaces the casino bar 5) Best dining in the fleet: New menus ships wide, "more flavor focused" menus in the MDR and Eden, ever changing themes in the Eden, specialty restaurants will include more "elevated" cuts, expanded menu on the magic carpet, new le petite chef animation and an expanded partnership with Daniel Boulud 6) Best entertainment in the fleet: New production shows all around including the Eden 7) Theater: Better LED screen, lighting and shows 😎 More shade /wind-blockage 9) Group fitness rooms: Are larger yet the fitness center itself appears to be the same size as the Edge's 10) Kids: Expanded S.T.E.M program Sure there's more, that appears to the top ten biggest chances announced
  3. NCL because it's a their newer ship the breakaway. CCL has both Valor and Glory, while neither is bad, the breakaway will offer more.
  4. You do realize someone living in Vidalia, GA, may disagree with you? 🙂
  5. Ah, I'll quote Archer, "classic deflection!". RCL for some reason decided to trademark their "seaface" coverings, you won't see any crew/staff on the ship without a covering except for the entertainers. There will be Plexiglas dividers anywhere the crew/staff will interact with the guests, guest services, dining hostess stands and bars are going to have dividers. More important than the "CDC" and "WHO" are the ports, they're dictating the rules and some are not letting any cruise ships in even with mask for the rest of the year unfortunately.
  6. Any secrets you can share as I love FOS! I'll share some, I'm in a datapoint kind of mood 🙂 : 1) ONIONS: In various taste tests, onion type or onion combinations hardly made a difference that anyone will notice...Yet adding and telling people you added Vidalia onions in it will put a smile on their face 😄 2) BROTH: I took the X cooking class and asked the chef about the FOS, he claimed it was homemade beef broth. If you can't make homemade and have to go store-bought, the top brands including swanson generally have "good" chicken broth and "very bad" beef broth; if you can't make your own broth go for chicken over beef 😄 3) ALCOHOL: Sherry is the traditional ingredient, Gordon Ramsey uses Red Cab, Princess proudly advertises they use Jack Daniels. Some things are alcohol solubility, be sure to use something 😄
  7. Thanks for sharing! Very good points and this is why the usual test requires testers to stick the 6" testing swab up not one nostril but both. My overall point is, we have to remember that it won't go from 1,000 positives to zero in a single day although we all wish it would.
  8. They have to in order to sail again and to satisfy local/global/port regulators. Think of it this way though, for those of us who can telework, nice change of scenery. Compared to being at home, get to meet new people and visit the open ports.
  9. There are many reasons to fault the CDC but none more than not making the clear distinction between a "mask" and a "facial covering". My best guess is cruise ships will not requires covering/masks for passengers and even if they did, they wouldn't strongly enforce it. On a cruise, you're welcome to wear nothing more than board shorts and join the many others who didn't, I will wear a covering and if there's outbreak on my sailing, will feel far less guilty than if I didn't wear one.
  10. 🤧 I'm sending positive vibes here, because what's the harm in potentially protecting others especially those with compromised immune systems? The most positive thing about a covering/mask is you're being proactive. The second you have an random unexpected cough or sneeze, whether or not you sub-conscientiously cough or sneeze into your hands, your potentially contaminated droplets won't travel as far.
  11. Ports, including embarkment/disembarkment ports, will not open unless there's a properly enforced crew mask wearing and social distancing plan. Nearly a 1000 tested positive in state wide in florida yesterday:
  12. Some think it's a hoax, some don't care, they will cruise again. It will be a sobering moment to see how things change: 1) Embarkment: Every employee you encounter from now on will be wearing a covering/mask and gloves. You're turned away and told to leave if you're outside your boarding window, porters in "seaface" masks/face shields and gloves as well as all other embarkment and ship employees, social distancing stickers on the floor everywhere, clip board of a stack of papers asking your 100+ medical questions, temperature check, being directed to the buffet but it's now table service so your waiting in a long line to get in with social distance floor stickers. Buffet Segway: 2) Buffet: If my prediction of table service rings true which prevents crowding, three rounds of waits, hostess stand, waiter service and food runner. Hostess stand, they'll be in a mask and the stand itself will have Plexiglas, force you to wash your hands, you'll wave your RFID card off the card reader, be given a paper menu and be seated. A masked and gloved waiter will come over, ask for your buffet food order and offer to throw away the menu. Masked and gloved food runner is bring your food and if there's any issues, they're just a food runner, talk to the wait staff. 3) Lido: 50% of the seating reduced, social distance stickers on the floor at the bars and lots of Plexiglas.
  13. Do you know if the months of 2020 cancelled sailings are included in the "booking load" metric?
  14. With overbooking, the unaccounted factor is when airline crew are unable to fulfill their next assignment due to their previous flight being delay or cancelled. The airlines determines their best next assignment option which can include flying them on an overbooked flight at the last second to an assignment that doesn't have enough crew due to a different delay/cancellation. Airlines have to cancel flights when there isn't enough crew. Worst case scenario happened when the poor Doctor was physically dragged off and was concussed.
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