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  1. Look at the menus and see if there's anything she'll like; even if she hates it there's always the buffet
  2. This pretty much sums up the service; furthermore, in my experience on PoA, that its food runners not your actual waiter/waitress who brings you the food. They drop the food and run, you don't even have a chance to cut and check the steak is cooked the way you like. Then you may have to wait around for ten minutes for your actual waiter/waitress to check on you. With food quality, I've been on three cruise lines tours that covers the galleys including Crystal. They state nearly all the food is delivered frozen at the home port. Beyond the logistics, a port can be cancelled at anytime, its not a cruise lines best interest to announce "port xyz is cancelled due to bad weather therefore we also won't be serving steak for the rest of the cruise". On a seven day cruise, you're not going to want a week old "fresh" shrimp on the last night of dinner.
  3. Of course; just under 2.5 hours to go and I get: "MAKING MORE FUN, COME BACK LATER Right now we’re working on some improvements to cruise booking, so you temporarily won’t be able to make a new booking, make changes to an existing one, or check-in for a cruise online. Check back a little bit later — we’re scheduled to be done by today at 1 p.m. Eastern. The rest of carnival.com is working, so feel free to explore away! Or visit us on social media… any of these will do:"
  4. Pretty disappointing, especially these lines: “So we’re focusing on price; we’re pushing price higher everywhere we can both in 2019 and 2020,” he said. “While we still have a lot of cabins to fill, the emphasis will be on raising prices across all three brands.”
  5. The main question is, are you okay with non-NCL excursions? There are many semi-private options on the Med itinerary that are about the same cost as the NCL excursions even after a $50 discount.
  6. I actually posted the solution, you have to download and use the all state app
  7. If you search the forum, several have reported converting a GC into cash at the casinos cashiers cage. Now even if this is true there could be additional parameters such as it was a very small amount vs $5000 worth, they could be a high roller and canvinal could stop allowing this at any time. With that being said, the best and fastest is for the passenger to load the GCs during check in.
  8. Use a credit card at slots without playing and gain miles/points 😄
  9. Hotel Jazz is 300 euros (I believe before fees and taxes) the saturday night I'll need to go. Just some datapoints, if a hotel offers an airport shuttle, find out if it's even free (I found one that claims to charge 100 EUR each way which seems very high), find out if its 24 hours as you could experience flight delays and finally determine how to request a shuttle as if that requires calling the hotel, will the staff speak your language?
  10. The cruise I'm on will be in port in May, I have reached out to a few dive shops and an issue is port schedule which is 1300-2000. I'm PADI open water and would love to dive here. Figured I check here before I posted in the scuba forum.
  11. That's for the tips, have a couple of questions Any hidden/uncrowded locations for sail away? For breakfast was o'sheehan's or the buffet are faster?
  12. I didn't think you could exchange GCs for cash at the cashier either but multiple people on here have said they did it. Who knows, could vary by ship or there could be limits on the number of GCs and/or a dollar amount limit. Try it with limited expectations and if it doesn't work simply bring the GCs over to GS. 🙂
  13. What are the benefits besides faster point accrual to having a paid associate membership compared to just using the Rewards for Good program?
  14. There are two methods, no fee/age restrictions to join AARPs Rewards for Good program. Other is done on the mobile app for AllState, you do not need a policy. Both methods require a little work doing surveys to get enough points. AARP: https://www.aarp.org/rewards-for-good/ Edit, now it looks like the $100 ones are back in stock.
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