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  1. Here's the link to the actual survey: https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/EarnPointsSurvey
  2. Shortly after Always Included was announced the casino dept (blue chips) said always included did not apply to comped cruises which is somewhat disappointing because most other lines give you "perks". I wouldn't give it a second thought, as I've said previously, this isn't the first nor the last time someone will take the path of least resistance to gain PUP points. I would imagine no one at X is looking for duplicates, they only care about a public post being placed. X has two very popular people they're associated with, they extended their partnership with
  3. All inclusive doesn't apply to all fares, to my understanding it does not include getaway (last minute) fares and "comped" cruises for gamblers
  4. I can't believe how close mine came out to the videos! 😁
  5. Probably wasn't the first nor will it be the last to lift your photo
  6. Let's see if last nights sous vide & seared dinner works (they said in the video you could use chicken)...lol
  7. If they're not charging passengers, then they're losing money. I would imagine some key testing protocols would be on board purchases and cleaning frequency of casinos.
  8. I'm somewhat surprised they don't offer them to the gamblers who already received free stateroom offers based on their previous play. Casinos are one of the most profitable sources for cruise lines.
  9. Imagine if you did buy rule breakers a drink? Talk to them and you'll get some amazing stories 🙂
  10. You're only a wimp if you let "slobs"/rule breakers bother you 🙂 Buy them a drink and have a conversation with them 🙂
  11. When? Personally I want as few seadays as possible, if a specific itinerary was attractive to me I wouldn't book it in 2021 due to the risk of cancelled ports.
  12. Another thing to consider that a lot of people would prefer to ignore; you can watch youtube videos of the few active ongoing sailings. RCL in Singapore and MSC in Italy; you're going to hear random employees scream "put on (or pull up) your mask!" and/or "for social distancing purposes please stand six feet/1.5 meters apart" constantly. Not for yourself but to the random stranger(s) behind you.
  13. Simply don't be upset if it gets cancelled and have a fun backup plan in case it does. My concern with 2021 cruises isn't that it'll be outright cancelled but rather the majority of the ports will be converted to sea days at the last minute
  14. There are several partnerships with the most popular being MLife/MGM.
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