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  1. cruisestitch

    B2B - And Online CheckIn

    You can check in twice if you wish of course. But it is not necessary. They don’t take the second express pass. And not every ship is requesting photos. I know the reflection and the edge are, but it still a request not a requirement. So you can just ignore that part when setting up the Xpress check in pre-cruise.
  2. cruisestitch


    It varies by ship. Solstice had the “ milk carton” style. (August 2018) Reflection has plastic. (January 2019) Edge had glass and metal (december 2018)
  3. cruisestitch


    “Paper” containers were used on Solstice inAugust 2028. Plastic is still in use on Reflection in January 2018.
  4. cruisestitch


    Since bottled water is included in your package, I’m not sure it’s worth going to the hassle and expense of bringing your own.
  5. cruisestitch

    Celebrity or Disney Alaska no kid

    You already know that the Disney ship will be more expensive and will be full of kids. Celebrity will have some kids and will be les expensive. I would take Celebrity.
  6. cruisestitch

    Turning Elite on next cruise

    Shoreside may have misunderstood you. If you mean that you currently accrued enough points to be elite on the next cruise it should show on your On-line account and your Sea Pass card. if you mean that at some time during the cruise you will have enough points, it doesn’t work that way. Points are not awarded until the end of the cruise, usually 8 to 10 business days later. So for your upcoming cruise you would not be Elite, but the one after you would be.
  7. cruisestitch

    Flights by Celebrity payment

    This is a new promotion by Celebrity. Whereais in the past you had to pay for the flight at the time of booking, now you do not have to pay for the flight until you make Cruise final payment. Of course you can choose to pay for it earlier if you wish. There has been a thread about it here on Cruise critic in the past few days. Do a search and I’m sure you will find it.
  8. cruisestitch


    By contrast, on Reflection this cruise, all Zeniths were introduced and received a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine. It was a lovely gesture.
  9. cruisestitch


    On 12/9 the Captains Club Party was in Eden on embarkation night and it was a hot mess. And I do mean hot. It was very hot and stuffy and there was some sort of incense in the air. They introduced the top cruisers who were actually double zenith on that cruise and none of the other Zenith were mentioned. I felt so sorry for everybody. It was so crowded nobody could get a drink. Not some place you wanted to hang around.
  10. cruisestitch

    How do I get a response from Celebrity?

    Will the points put you at a new level for your upcoming cruise? If not, the easiest thing to do is just wait into you are on that cruise and let the Captains Club Host or hostess sort it out for you
  11. cruisestitch

    While on the EDGE

    There’s no equivalence between the Retreat and the Elite cocktail party. Retreat is equivalent to M and S Class Michael’s Clubs.
  12. cruisestitch

    Magic Carpet dining stopped

    I think of the iv as “ The Humpty Dumpty veranda“. (Remember in Alice in wonderland when Humpty Dumpty said that whenever he used a word it meant just what he wanted it to.)
  13. cruisestitch

    Magic Carpet dining stopped

    OK, I admit I was taken in. Nice one.
  14. cruisestitch

    USB port on Edge

    Yes, in the utilities box and also bedside.
  15. cruisestitch

    Magic Carpet dining stopped

    Dykwia, great find. Where did you locate that photo?