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  1. Generally transfers from the ship to the airport can only be booked once you are on the ship. There may be some specific exceptions to that but in general you must wait until you were on the ship and give your Disembarkation instructions to guest services.
  2. I am Taking the term OBC to mean on board credit. Meaning what can you use it for when you are on board. So it makes sense that it cannot be used for flights and hotel accommodations.
  3. Because this gets asked so often I've compiled a list of things to spend OBC on. The only thing I know of now that you CAN'T buy with OBC is a deposit on a Future Cruise. Otherwise, here you go: Acupuncture Airport transfers Alcove Rental (some ships) Apple products etc. and Ilounge classes Art Auctions Babysitting Barber Shop services (Edge only) Beverages -- Alcoholic, carbonated soft drinks, specialty coffees and teas, bottled water Bingo Bottles of wine Casino Chef’s Table Duty free liquor and cigarettes Ex
  4. Morechances, you seem to be promoting what are called “cruise to nowhere “. These are not allowed under US regulations. Nothing to do with the CDC. It has to do with the types of work visas and permits that crew would need if the ships do not visit at least one foreign port. Every cruise that leaves the US and returns to the same port must visit a foreign port. Every cruise that leaves the US and returned to a different USB port must visit a “distant “foreign port as prescribed in the PVSA. As I mentioned, there is only one ship currently allowed to have an itinerary en
  5. No cruises other than the one NCL ship in the Hawaiian Islands stay solely in the US
  6. Mickkelhansen, OBC can be used for transfers from the ship to the airport at the end of the cruise.
  7. I think we need to be careful with telling passengers that they can “always eat in the MDR”. That might have been through in the past, although even then you were requested to make the arrangement with the Blu staff and not just show up at the MDR, where a table would have to be found for you because that was not your assigned dining room. But now, with capacity restrictions in place, they may no longer allow for passengers to move between dining rooms. We will have to wait and see, of course, but it would not surprise me if diners were told that they needed to stay in their assigned space:
  8. You can order from the MDR on some ships but not all. On edge, Blu us too far away from the MDR so you must stick to the Blu menu only.
  9. The rate may be small but don’t say that they don’t pay taxes.
  10. But it’s an “award-winning website” or so they claim. Unfortunately, it was a participation award.
  11. It is absolutely amazing that there happened to be empty ships nearby that could help out in this emergency.
  12. I am actually rather stunned that Celebrity would send such a letter. It is, at the least, and unfocused effort. Which senators and congressmen sit on relevant committees? Where lies the power to force the CDC to allow Cruising? Who are cruising’s legislative allies? we might as well stand on the corner and shout “we want to cruise” for all the good this will do.
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