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  1. Here is the current contract (as of August 2019) and relevant page from Things to Know in the edocs
  2. "Revolutionized" ships -- room key is at your door "other ships" -- room key is given to you in the terminal Either way, you do still need to check in at the terminal so they can actually see your passport. You may need to have your photograph taken, even if you provided one on the app. And you may need to show your credit card if you haven't chosen the cash option. And of course, you will need to queue to go through the security screening.
  3. The 2039 date is when they expect the Celebrity website to be bug-free.
  4. "Yes there was a Cap Club lounge in Michaels for Elite "lite breakfast", and a pm get together with drinks and snacks in Michaels" But it really is no different than now -- they are using an otherwise public space for the drinks -- meaning that the Sky Lounge is open to all except during the Captain's Club event, and Michaels' Club was open to all except during the Captain's Club event. There never has been a dedicated Elite Lounge as there is a Diamond Lounge on Royal, one that is open all day, and that entrance is restricted all day.
  5. Yes you can. It is hard to predict. What will be available.They have both kinds depending on the ship and the itinerary
  6. First, keep in mind that this is a zombie thread, prices are two years old. With all the beverage packages, if you order something above the price point of your package you pay the difference plus gratuity.
  7. "Will they throw in CC points as they did some of this Falls TA’s?" That is doubtful at this time. We are still over a year away. Promotions like that are usually done closer to sail date as a way to help fill the ships.
  8. "A question that most Celebrity Elite and Elite+ members should be able to answer that have sailed after the refurbishment. Where is the location of the Captains Club Lounge for the Elite and Elite+ members to be able to sit and have beverages and "pickies" from 5:00-8:00pm." There never was a dedicated Captain's Club Lounge on Celebrity. They take over one of the public lounges, the Sky Lounge, and it is from 5-7, not 5-8. I think you have confused how Royal and Celebrity handle their loyalty parties. Royal has a dedicated space, available all day long, starting with coffees and continental breakfast. Celebrity uses one of the specialty restaurants for its loyalty continental breakfast with the overflow sometimes going to a second specialty restaurant.
  9. Expect to be met by members of the Celebrity IT staff who will explain it to you. They will also be weeding the flowerbeds outside the terminal. And scraping bird droppings off the benches. And whatever other punishments we can suggest......
  10. the security screeners follow the instructions celebrity gives them. Until Celebrity changes those instructions no Facebook post will matter.
  11. I do it nearly every cruise. You are not limited to family members. The Guest Relations staff have a form for you to fill out. The transfer usually takes place overnight.
  12. Two people have misread the situation and come back to correct their answers. The long and short of it is that you will NOT be getting Elite benefits on the second cruise.
  13. That crass suggestion Is unbelievable It won’t work with Captains Club host, nor with blue Maitre D, nor to get you into Luminae. Or Michael’s Club.
  14. HIGHLY unlikely there would be any special dispensation
  15. I have never ever heard of perks been canceled. They have sometimes in the past, gone from the two hour party to a coupon sYstem. But the perk was not canceled. Nor were any other perk cancelled, like the laundry, Internet, etc. But cancelled perks? No.
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