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  1. And it doesn’t apply to single occupancy (seen on another thread)
  2. LGW59 asked what formed my opinion. It was from personal experience. When I think back to my edge cruise, I remember how cold the ship felt, with its gray/beige/greige decor; How loud and unpleasant it was, with Thump-Thump “music” that is definitely Not to my taste playing all the time; how uncomfortable the seating was throughout; how weird the incense-infused entertainment in Eden but also throughout the ship was (“Yoko Ono went to Hair and said, let’s do this on a cruise ship“ was how I think of it). Not for me.
  3. What a poor showing. And they have already done one a week or so ago, haven’t they? They should have known better.
  4. Edge class. — no way for me.
  5. Isn’t the larger question, will the cruise lines sail at 100% capacity? If they aren’t at 100% then the dining rooms may be perfectly adequate for the number of diners they will allow on board
  6. You have to be on Celebrity's mailing list to be able to get the points, or go over to the Celebrity board and follow a link there as given by helpful posters, inserting your own Club number into the link. I imagine there are many (most?) Azamara regulars who won't ever know about the powerup points. And I was curious if Azamara was sending out a similar opportunity to their loyal customers, which Celebrity folks might not know about. In any case, to see what the current deal is, head over to the Celebrity board. This week's activity would gain you two Club points.
  7. Celebrity is offering several ways to get extra Captains Club points through a program called power up points. You fill out surveys or watch a video or participate in some other activity to get Power Up points which then add extra Captain’s Club points into your account. Has Azamara done the same?
  8. There is a full sliding glass door at the balcony and yes you can go out on the balcony.
  9. I wondered about the question that referenced ways to earn loyalty points through surveys, activities or other means. Celebrity began the PoweUp points scheme this summer. Did Azamara have a similar program that I missed?
  10. I am not alone.....look at the ratings....look at the reviews.... try this as an example https://anncavittfisher.com/2019/02/21/has-celebrity-cruises-sailed-over-the-edge/
  11. My review is available but here are some highlights... lack of access....areas only available by steps....no steps for entering the pool (only ladder) lack of comfortable seating In Eden and elsewhere lack of Seating in the shade inadequate seating in martini bar too few interior bars no forward-facing bar (like sky lounge) Soulless decor inadequate closet space no coffee table in room no card room, no library uncomfortable couch in stateroom inability to swivel the tv, so it can only be viewed from the bed My list goes on and on......
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