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  1. It's a big deal to me. I don't want to order room service because I don't know when I'll get up! And that water often isn't as hot as I'd like. This would be a huge plus for me. Clearly not for everyone here, but I'd sure like it. If you're a coffee nerd and must have fresh check out the AeroPress. It makes fabulous coffee (one cup at a time) and is much easier to clean than a french press. Here is my AeroPress, a small digital scale, my Hario hand grinder, and the finished product out on the balcony last summer in Alaska. Fresh coffee, Alaska, and a balcony. That's pretty close to perfection (even if made with room service water!).
  2. Question: if the ship will be docked at Ashdod for the night do you have to go back to the boat? Our ship - Royal Carib - will be in Ashdod for two days and then move to Haifa. Can we stay in Israel overnight for two nights and just meet the boat at Haifa or is that a big no-no?
  3. I fly to Fort Lauderdale and they say "Sorry we've got no boat for you?" You've got to be kidding me...
  4. this may be a dumb question, but what happens if she's not ready? does Princess send over another boat? cancel my cruise? and are they doing propulsion stuff only or will she get some other refurbs? seems like I read they had just put $8 mill in updating her.
  5. uh ... I just booked the Carib Princess for May 18 2019 eastern Carib. will it be out of drydock and done by then? I guess so if Princess is selling that cruise? thoughts?
  6. I'd like to do a cruise that stops in Malta, Athens, and Ephesus. Wouldn't object to a stop in Corinth either. Anybody do that? Having trouble finding one....
  7. Had it in late June on the (infamous) Golden Princess and I thought it was very very good. I don't eat beef (medical issues) except very sparingly so I choose my exceptions wisely. That one was well worth it!
  8. Been to both. No comparison. Glacier Bay is unbelievable. A must-do in my opinion.
  9. you see one when I'm on the boat! And I was not alone on the Golden Princess a couple of weeks ago.
  10. you're gonna get a lot of opinions here but here is what we found: on your balcony it is very quiet and you can hear the glacier crack and pop. up on deck with everyone talking and chatting... not so much. you can hear it some. but not like on your balcony.
  11. it's not great... and it takes about a million pushes on the pump to get a little puddle in your palm...
  12. see my review here. MUCH good. loved the Golden! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2651302
  13. Was super disappointed. We sailed on Celebrity in 2014 and the WC was everywhere on that boat. The USA was IN that Cup (yes, I'm a bitter US fan) and the boat hosted a super fun watch party for US v Portugal in one of its theaters! I don't know why Princess doesn't pay for the channels necessary to see the WC but that's a huge fail in my book.
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