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  1. That's super helpful. Had a friend who was concerned it was in a RIB boat and she'd be cold! How is the weather today? How was this excursion?
  2. Would sure like to see pics of the boat for the hjorundfjord tour since we're on that tour in a couple of weeks. RIB boat or something with a cabin to get in and stay out of the wind?
  3. Thanks for clarifications everyone! Really appreciate it!
  4. Someone said "There is a small deck all the way forward on deck 14 - BUT the access is through the heated loungers in the Thermal Suite, so you must have purchased a spa pass to access it." No? No can do even if I buy a pass?
  5. Thanks everybody. I'll see if I can get outside through the fitness center one way or the other. Or I'll sit down in the back and enjoy the view there. Or maybe I'll bring my Mission Impossible sound track and "spiderman" it from the Magic Carpet up to the bow! (I kid, I kid - I know you can't do that).
  6. Figured that ... but would like to be outside. Can that be done?
  7. Never been on Apex before. Excited about it - the ship looks amazing. However, I'm thinking there is no forward location to see off the front of the ship. That's prolly not the best nautical terminology but I'm looking for a place where I can stand and see what's coming up. Not on the top deck SIDE watching as the world slides by ... I want to look forward and see what's coming. Is there a lounge, deck, place where that can be done, especially if you're not a suite, Aqua class or other higher up cabin class? What if you're in an interior cabin - where can you go to see out the front of the ship?
  8. That's a very good explanation. We'll be doing that. Person in laundry room for Celebrity: Hey look, someone else is doing that think KK20 did with her laundry bag! How did they know?!
  9. Link that TikTok on how to get more in a laundry bag please! Great photos!
  10. Obviously you never leave the ship w/o proper ID but someone in our group of cruisers is saying they read you have to SHOW that ID to use a credit card. I hadn't read or heard this. Is this so?
  11. This an excursion on Celebrity. Am wondering if this is a a RIB boat that is open or is it a cabin cruiser? Are there concessions (coffee!) and a restroom? Who's done this trip and can tell me about it?
  12. It's a specific Celebrity excursion so I thought I'd ask here. But you may be right. I'll try over there.
  13. Tremendous report and really helpful. This one will stand here on CC for some time as the "go to" resource when someone wants to investigate Celebrity and the Galapagos Islands. Well done!
  14. Is this a RIB boat that is open or is it a cabin cruiser? Are there concessions (coffee!) and a restroom? Who's done this trip and can tell me about it?
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