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  1. Thanks for common sense and actual evidence... Of course, such is not welcome much any more...
  2. This is all very helpful. And I appreciate the kind tone of everyone's comments. We really are at a loss for what to do ... have planned this trip for a year and spent a lot of time working with it, booking special excursions, etc and now ... looks like it is not happening. Sigh. I didn't know the Odyssey was doing this itinerary in 2021. I'll look at that. Final payment date for us is July 1.
  3. They aren't even showing the cruise in 2021 so I guess not... Cruise with Confidence helps but I think a lot of my people won't want to make a final payment if they are going to tie up a lot of money in RCL. That may be funds they need now or could use to vacation in other ways. They'll use it to save a no-refund deposit but wouldnt' want to add to it.
  4. I've got a big group of folks going to Israel and Greece at the end of October on Explorer. We leave from Rome. Our final payment is coming up and there are a LOT of concerned folks, including me. We need to make some decisions but that's not easy to do right now. Can you help? Obviously no one knows what will happen or what things will look like in October. However, I'd be interested in informed opinions on what might happen, how RCL will handle this, chances the cruise is entirely canceled, etc.
  5. I will tell you what we learned on Explorer last November trying to watch college fb - specifically Penn State vs Ohio State on Saturday afternoon. Everybody gave me the run around, some saying "yes" and others saying "no" or "not sure." But I could tell no one really knew. Happened to be in the elevator with a guy that was in "Media Services" or something like that - so I asked him. He knew. The ship has to pay rights fees to broadcast stuff like that. For the Super Bowl it can run thousands of dollars he said. So it comes down to paying the fees. If they pay because th
  6. Anybody had a cabin under the fitness center? We will be on the Explorer in the fall and there is a cabin we'd like but it's under the FC. Worried I could hear someone running on the treadmill or banging the weight machines or a fitness class ... at 6 AM! What's your experience with the fitness center being above your head?
  7. I'll weigh in. It's not RCI's fault and it appears to me they are doing everything they can to be accommodating and helpful. I'm pretty impressed with the offer. Don't know if I'd get on the Anthem but wow - that's a lot of credits they're tossing around. Good for RCI!
  8. anybody done the travel router thing? got one they could recommend that works with Apple devices?
  9. We've done Alaska three times - Princess, Celebrity, Princess. The last time we went to Glacier Bay. That is such an incredible day I would be willing to book everything around getting on a ship going there. And if you go to GB, get a balcony. The US Forest Service makes the ships stay at the glacier for at least one hour so once you sail up the fjord you will be at the glacier there for an hour. The boat spins after 30 minutes so each side gets a view. The kicker is on your balcony you can hear the ice crack and thunder. It's incredible. Then you go up on deck and everyone is talking
  10. This is just ridiculously helpful. I really appreciate it! Seems like on our 5 day in November we got a paper bag a couple of days in that had a "special" price on it for laundry. Anybody know about when that special bag shows up?
  11. We never do laundry (back in the day when they had coin-op machines) on a cruise because we've never gone for more than 7 days. We just pack enough clothes. Going on a much longer cruise this year and needing to think about that strategy, esp since the airlines are now charging for luggage. So ... how does it work? Can you really send out everything, not just stuff that would normally go to the dry cleaners? Like blue jeans and socks and underwear and t-shirts? Is it expensive? And what is the quality of the work done? Wife will not be happy if they put a red shirt in with
  12. Royal sold you a cabin?! Interior or exterior? On what ship? Do you get to cruise permanently in YOUR cabin? Oh wait...
  13. I did NC in Nov 2019 and it was great. full review in here:
  14. I second (or third!) what everyone is saying ... I was on it in November and the ship was great. Food was incredible. Crew was good too. Really had a great time. There have certainly been very different reviews, "which just shows to go you" that people look for different things and evaluate cruises differently. We liked the boat a lot. A lot. I think you'll be very happy. And after the dry dock ... look out!
  15. We’ve done a bunch of Princess but were on the Explorer in November. While that boat got bashed about a good bit here by folks unhappy with it (and it is going to dry dock) we really liked it and thought the food was much better than Princess. We’ll be on Royal in the future. Someone commented that only Princess and NCL get into Glacier Bay and I don’t know if that is true but that would get me back on Princess. Glacier Bay is incredible. Just incredible. I’d take a rubber raft if that is what it took to get in there! But we’re over in the Loyal Royal bunch now...
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