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  1. It's not vague at all if you look at the amenities for each type of suite. This is a Signature Suite: Exclusive services and amenities Complimentary bottled water, soda, and beer stocked daily Unlimited lunch and dinner in all specialty restaurants Two complimentary bottles of premium spirits VIP canapés Complimentary laundry service (twice per cruise) Priority luggage delivery This is a Sky Suite: Exclusive services and amenities Daily delivery of afternoon savories upon request Afternoon tea event hosted in The Retreat Lounge Complimentary 24-hour room service Complimentary use of umbrella and binoculars Complimentary shoe shine service The first includes complimentary bottled water, soda, and beer stocked daily. The second does not.
  2. I've found that to vary ship to ship and sailing to sailing. Only on one of our Sky suite sailings did our butler/retreat host offer to replenish water and soda; never asked to replenish the crappy beer. That's the one sailing they told us to not pay attention to the sign that said the mini bar contents weren't included in the drink package. Celebrity does not list the mini bar as a benefit of a Sky suite and to the best of my knowledge never did. Regardless of the fact that butlers would frequently (but not always) replenish it without charge anyway.
  3. I don't know that it's that so much as not wanting to be in the 20th percentile for age... I'm pretty sure I asked a similar question years ago when considering Celebrity after years on Royal. In my early 50's. One thing about Celebrity is for the most part age hasn't been a great predictor of the crowd. The Celebrity crowd has largely been "young" for actual chronologic age. Other than the love for really bad '70s music 😁.
  4. That's publication. It may be internet, but they're an old school publication. Cutoff date was probably months ago.
  5. I've probably had both, but not on my most recent cruises. Are Forbes readers defining the fruit baskets we got before the pandemic as a gift basket? No one here thinks that, but are the folks commenting on Forbes frequent cruisers? We all did get welcome aboard drinks at one time. Yes, it was crap sparkling wine, but we did get it. What's the date on the Forbes' content? I'm guessing their production schedule is much longer than the post immediately schedule on CC. If the Forbes population and the CC population is significantly different, which seems possible if not likely, then it's not hard to believe they'd have different impressions. Forbes readers "might" actually understand that decreasing inflation doesn't mean prices drop...
  6. I guess I don't find it that hard to believe. Has anyone on this thread really followed Forbes for travel information? Do you actually send messages to Forbes "advocacy team"? Is it so hard to believe their audience is different from Cruise Critic? Basically the same as following the Money Guy, Dave Ramsey, or Azul (or various others) on YouTube for retirement planning considerations (not to be confused with financial advice...). Different populations follow different people. I have no data on the size or demographics of Cruise Critic subscribers, nor do I have that information for Forbes. I'm sure if I approached either of them wanting to spend $1M in advertising, I'd have that information in about 5 minutes...
  7. Sounds like no data on S or M Class... Honestly wasn't something I was paying attention to on Equinox in November. It was an 11 night cruise, so it did seem older, but I do remember quite a few "younger" passengers on our excursions. But I'm a horrible judge of age.
  8. Some of us Yanks are quite fascinated by the history of Ypres! 😀 But I do agree you need a greater than average interest in the battles AND someone who knows where they’re going to make it worthwhile. It’s probably more than I’d attempt for a cruise port of call. And you wouldn’t be there long enough for the Last Post.
  9. Just to be clear, I believe they’re talking about one of these… Or something similar. I don’t think they’ll allow that on board. Odds are if you call and ask about a scooter, the person on the other end will think mobility scooter. These are the things they rent as dockless scooters and end up left on a sidewalk somewhere for the company to come collect.
  10. Agree. I’d still probably go for 2 out of 3 to be sure and all bets are off with actual port security! I’d leave them at home.
  11. They specifically prohibit skateboards and surfboards. I suspect they would extend that to powered scooters and one wheels. I thought they’d prohibited Hoverboards in the past. The current list is “incomplete” to put it mildly.
  12. Not always. I’ve seen plenty of times where the Acela was cheaper than the NE Regional. It really depends. Business Class on the NE Regional is a strange bird. It’s not the quiet car. Unless something has changed, you’ve got to walk through the quiet car to get your free baby Pepsi or coffee, and it still makes all the stops. And every car on the Acela is reserved seating. But I agree you have to compare.
  13. I’d also compare transportation to Union Station and the Acela. All seats are reserved now. Most Acelas no longer stop at New Carrollton. But the Acela can be a good deal if purchased early. You just have to get to Union Station. (BWI is skipped a lot.)
  14. I don't remember the cured tuna. On the current sailing I'm following that's offered with the ginger crabcakes which is probably what I had. The salmon sashimi was beyond excellent, as was the carpaccio. Too much of my life in food safety to do beef tartare. Poke, sure, just not beef. I've always found the meals in Luminae to be excellent. The least excellent have generally been the more everyday dishes. The beef was generally average. Seared black bass was outstanding. It was designed to be an adventurous restaurant, although they've had to dial that back, which is a real pity. But it's also the primary dining room for Retreat guests. Maybe there's not as much adventure in that population as they thought?
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