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  1. Interesting. I didn't try it without taking advantage of all four perks. Next time I will try it both ways to see.
  2. Yes. We have enough points for either, they are the same in both locations. Why the ones in Elizabeth? Just curious because I know nothing about the area.
  3. We have done wine pairing before and always enjoy them, on land and at Sea. Great suggestions!
  4. We did that with Carnival once. I’m so picky I could only eat about half of what they served. My husband enjoyed it much more than I did.
  5. Thank you! This is quite helpful, especially since I’d prefer going on our Anniversary. Do you know which nights are the chic nights?
  6. On second thought, I don’t think I want to deal with going up a day early. I’m a teacher and school will already be in session. If we leave after work, we would get there around 2 or 3 AM Friday night. That doesn’t sound like much fun. I will already be missing Tuesday-Friday for a Sun-Sun cruise so I don’t want to lose anymore instructional time. (Monday is Labor Day)
  7. Does anyone have copies of the nightly menus for the main dining room? I’m especially interested in the first and third night, as I’m debating on booking Tuscan Grille the first night for the discount or the 3rd for our Anniversary. However, if one of those nights there is something on the menu I think I would really enjoy I would hate to miss it.
  8. The couples massage was the first thing I thought of, but once I saw the price for a 50 minute massage I changed my mind. I get monthly massages for $60 and my girl is amazing! It just so happens that our 25th Anniversary falls on a Sea day. I thought a couples massage and Tuscan Grille would be a lovely way to celebrate. Do you recall how much the couples massage was? Was it good?
  9. Yeah, I doubt it will go very far for us either. Are there good wines available by the glass for an up-charge.
  10. We will be coming from the Charlotte area the end of August. We are undecided if we are coming a day early to do something the day before our cruise.
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