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  1. What are you wearing to dinner the other nights?
  2. We always travel with a passport while cruising, just to be safe.
  3. I understand. They do I’ve some shade up there, but I have no idea how hard it is to get.
  4. I wasn’t in a suite on the Summit, but our friends were and we had the opportunity to use the lounge for a little bit and see the sun deck. We were perfectly comfortable in the retreat, as we’re they. As for the sun deck, I’m a sun lover so that won’t be an issue for us. I always looks for loungers in the sun. However, I understand others prefer the shade. It seems like upon embarkation we had drinks up there and we were at a table in the shade.
  5. Thanks so much for your explanation!
  6. Me too! If only two people on the ship test positive, that’s a good thing! It means everything they have put in place, including the vaccine requirements, are working.
  7. So how far from the port(s) is international waters?
  8. Ok. I was aware of the law about stopping in a foreign port. I still don’t even understand why or how that is beneficial to Americans. Why only 95%? Is it for those to young to receive the vaccine? Why not just make it 100% and leave your children at home until the pandemic passes, as other pandemics have. Why can’t Florida just have that requirement for all businesses except travel, like planes and ships where people will be around others for extended periods of time. So if Alaska doesn’t want cruise ships there, then why are they suing? 🙄 Sounds com
  9. Ours ends in Vancouver. Hopefully they would do the same for us.
  10. I guess I don’t understand what Florida has to do with Alaska cruises.
  11. Can we please keep politics out of it?
  12. I have seen the posts about this, but haven't read any of them. What's the basic version of what's going on?
  13. Another book I'd like to purchase is The Alaska Cruise Handbook by Joe Upton. It was mentioned in the link Glaciers provided. I can't find it in stock in any bookstores around here, which seems odd. Is anyone familiar with it? Maybe it's outdated or something. It was published in 2008.
  14. A 21 day Alaska cruise sounds wonderful! We're doing a 13 day cruisetour, which includes a 7 night cruise. I dismissed all books about the Gold Rush because I didn't want to focus on that. However, being a teacher myself I would probably enjoy this book. Does it get into their love story? Do you learn much about Alaska? Between the two of you, you have me wanting to read I Married the Klondike. I have already started reading Alaska by Michener. While I knew it was fictional, I thought it was based on actual historical facts. Do you know any
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