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  1. What are you wearing to dinner the other nights?
  2. We always travel with a passport while cruising, just to be safe.
  3. I understand. They do I’ve some shade up there, but I have no idea how hard it is to get.
  4. I wasn’t in a suite on the Summit, but our friends were and we had the opportunity to use the lounge for a little bit and see the sun deck. We were perfectly comfortable in the retreat, as we’re they. As for the sun deck, I’m a sun lover so that won’t be an issue for us. I always looks for loungers in the sun. However, I understand others prefer the shade. It seems like upon embarkation we had drinks up there and we were at a table in the shade.
  5. Thanks so much for your explanation!
  6. Me too! If only two people on the ship test positive, that’s a good thing! It means everything they have put in place, including the vaccine requirements, are working.
  7. So how far from the port(s) is international waters?
  8. Ok. I was aware of the law about stopping in a foreign port. I still don’t even understand why or how that is beneficial to Americans. Why only 95%? Is it for those to young to receive the vaccine? Why not just make it 100% and leave your children at home until the pandemic passes, as other pandemics have. Why can’t Florida just have that requirement for all businesses except travel, like planes and ships where people will be around others for extended periods of time. So if Alaska doesn’t want cruise ships there, then why are they suing? 🙄 Sounds complicated. I see both sides. I don’t think businesses should have access to our medical records, including vaccinations. However, there are always exceptions to laws (schools for instance) so I think they should just exempt cruise ships.
  9. Ours ends in Vancouver. Hopefully they would do the same for us.
  10. I guess I don’t understand what Florida has to do with Alaska cruises.
  11. Can we please keep politics out of it?
  12. I have seen the posts about this, but haven't read any of them. What's the basic version of what's going on?
  13. Another book I'd like to purchase is The Alaska Cruise Handbook by Joe Upton. It was mentioned in the link Glaciers provided. I can't find it in stock in any bookstores around here, which seems odd. Is anyone familiar with it? Maybe it's outdated or something. It was published in 2008.
  14. A 21 day Alaska cruise sounds wonderful! We're doing a 13 day cruisetour, which includes a 7 night cruise. I dismissed all books about the Gold Rush because I didn't want to focus on that. However, being a teacher myself I would probably enjoy this book. Does it get into their love story? Do you learn much about Alaska? Between the two of you, you have me wanting to read I Married the Klondike. I have already started reading Alaska by Michener. While I knew it was fictional, I thought it was based on actual historical facts. Do you know any specifics of what is not factual? I was hoping to go on the cruise knowing a bit about Alaskan history. Do you mind if I ask, are you a historian yourself?
  15. We learned our lesson about not using a flotation strap with our waterproof camera when ours ended up on the bottom of the ocean on a snorkeling excursion in St John.
  16. Thanks! So many to choose from I have no idea which to try! Thanks!
  17. I’m wondering about camera selection as well. I know we’ll have our cell phones with us. Thanks for suggesting a waterproof pouch to keep them safe! We will certainly bring our tough camera because it takes decent pictures and can get wet and dropped. The one I’m not sure about is our dslr. We will have so many clothes to bring that may not make the cut. I’m not that good with it anyhow.
  18. I would love to read a book about Alaska in preparation for our June 2022 cruise. Any recommendations?
  19. I'm glad they corrected their mistake. They should have reserved those cabins that were already booked before allowing new reservations.
  20. Thanks! I thought so too. It wasn't easy convincing my husband to spend the extra $ over the sky suite until I reminded him about those windows and the potential for bad weather in Alaska. I bet! That was my thinking when booking. I have found plenty of pics since posting this, thanks to the helpful people on here. 🙂 I have a feeling I'm going to get so spoiled on this cruise it will be hard to go back to a balcony cabin.
  21. We've already booked the CS. I liked the floor to ceiling windows for our cruise to Alaska because the weather can be so iffy.
  22. Perfect! Thank you!! That will still be the largest balcony we've ever had!! I can see why some would have trouble getting in and out of the shower. I don't think I would want that in another 20 years or so.
  23. I should have mentioned our friends stayed in a CS on our Summit cruise to Bermuda. I absolutely loved their suite! I don’t recall being uncomfortable while sitting in the living area. Perhaps they were referring to the hard chairs on the balcony. Thank you, this is helpful. I have seen pictures of the tub/shower. I don’t think it will be an issue for us, but I’m quite surprised they didn’t fix this known issue since Celebrity has a lot of loyal, older clientele that would. Seriously? Why would anyone want a suite without a balcony? Thank you! I should have mentioned we had found that video, but it didn’t show what we were looking for, which was primarily the balcony. We are traveling with another couple and I was wondering if the 4 of us would be comfortable out there. It appears we wouldn’t. I would also like to see the closet. I recall our friend showing us hers and it seems like it was quite large for a ship. Thanks, that’s unfortunate. That must have been very frustrating for them! I assume the sky suite doesn’t have the same issue. Yes, we were in the Summit on our last cruise. One couple we hung out with was in a Sky suite and the other in a Celebrity Suite. We were in Concierge class. While we were pleased with our accommodations, they didn’t compare to theirs. I don’t recall what their balcony looked like. We booked a Sky suite out of PR while onboard and that cruise got canceled. My husband had promised to book us a suite and he kept his promise by booking one to Alaska. I keep hearing once you try one you never go back. Thanks so much! That would be great!! Please include the balcony and closet in your video, if you don’t mind. Fortunately we don’t have mobility issues, but thanks for the heads up.
  24. We booked our first suite with Celebrity, a Celebrity Suite. We have searched YouTube for videos on this, but can’t find anything since the renovations. It seems like there are a lot of videos for sky suites and Royal suites. I’d love to see a video of the celebrity suite, especially the balcony. Is there room for four to sit out there comfortably? I would also like to see the bedroom and bathroom. If anyone is currently on the Millennium in a Celebrity Suite (I’m SO jealous!!) would you please post pics of videos?!!
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