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  1. We are scheduled for an Alaskan B2B in Aug/Set 2021, replaced our July 2020 B2B we had scheduled. Watching these types of announcements closely.
  2. This is definitely not the case on Celebrity Edge. The table in the room in our Sky Suite was small and sat very low to the ground.
  3. Thank you. My TA said to hold off until week after next and I think I'll let her see if she can handle it before I call CC.
  4. Thank you for that information. I knew they were available at the bar and knew they were available only on embarkation day. My wife will be happier eating in Luminae than at the bar. We are not real sun worshiper's. My only issue with the Sky Suite on Edge was the table in the room and on the balcony. They are too short for my liking. We also have not had good experiences with room service coffee. Will have to try it at least once on our next cruise, hopefully in March.
  5. How long is it taking for your FCC to show up in your new reservation? Celebrity canceled a March 2021 Asia cruise we had scheduled and we ask that the FCC be applied to a newly booked March 2021 Caribbean cruise two weeks ago. We still have not seen the FCC applied to our new cruise.
  6. We were on Edge this past February and we did not find Luminae to be crowded or loud. Yes, it was busy but not to the point where you could not get about. We are 'early eaters' and normally tell the Maitre'D that we would prefer to eat at a specific time each night. They have always been accommodating and we found that we were seated at one of three tables, all in the same location with the same wait staff each night. One point - even though you are in a suite, you do have the option to eat in the main dining rooms and they are happy to accommodate you. i recommend if
  7. We are doing the March 27 and April 3rd B2B on Apex. My experience has been -- anything related to the suite (linen, pillows, towels, etc..) the room steward takes care of. Mini-bar, ice, room service, mini-bar, arranging dining reservations, or just about anything that you would normally talk to GS about, take to the butler. One thing we experienced on our Edge sailing was our Butler actually took the time to introduce us to her counter part. This was the butler who covered for her when she had her off time / breaks. Both of them were always quick to greet us an
  8. We are scheduled on Apex for March / April 2021. Looking forward as it will be the first cruise for us in over a year when we board. The only reason we are going is because of a canceled Asia cruise we had scheduled for the same timeframe.
  9. We have always made it a point to inform the maitre 'd at both Blue and Luminae of our preferred dining time. Doing this resulted in our being seated, when others where waiting at Blu, and getting seated in the same area with the same wait staff for every dinner. We try to keep to our 'normal' dinner time even when we cruise, around 1830 (6:30 pm for you landlubbers).
  10. I have a B2B on Serenade of the Seas sailing out of Vancouver on July 5th and I am not seeing anything on cruise planner about that one being cancelled.
  11. I picked up more shares of RCL stock today at $35.00. That is my third purchase of stock since March 1st.
  12. We normally do two, and sometimes three cruises a year. We have a B2B scheduled for Alaska in July and still have every intention of going provided it is safe to do so. We also have a December Caribbean cruise scheduled for this year; a 14-day Japan Cruise (Celebrity) for March 2021 and a 14-day Southern Caribbean (Celebrity) scheduled for March of 2022. Am 'window shopping' for a Royal Caribbean Cruise for September/October of 2021 to fill in the gap.
  13. I think one thing they could do would be to have cooks dispense food at the buffet instead of people serving themseles. It only takes one sick person to pick up a service spoon, get something, put it back and pass the germs along to the next person, no matter how much Purell they used entering the buffet. I have witnessed cases of utensils being dropped, picked up and put back. I have seen people grab food with their bare hands. I have seen sneeze and then pick up a service utensil and get food. Amazing the things you see at the buffet when you have time
  14. PLEASE - There are more than enough topics more appropriate for your discussion on COVID-19 -- if you can't talk about RCL stock and its prices, please refrain from responding to off topic discussions. Looking at today's futures - the broad market is poised to open approximately 800 points down, which will erase yesterday's gains. RCL is currently positioned to open at $26.00 a share -- down from yesterday's close.
  15. Anyone else buy at under $27.50 today? Did not pay the lowest price but was up a few cents at the close. I’ll now wait and see what happens next. Dollar cost averaging has always been good to me.
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