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  1. No, it is also all the way aft on the S-Class ships as well.
  2. I have an excellent TA who has worked diligently on my behalf the few times issues have arisen. However, she’s never given me any discounts over the prices I get direct with Celebrity, never any additional OBC, or speciality restaurants. Am I using the wrong TA?
  3. Hmm, I could have sworn the Tuscan Grille was an Italian restaurant that also serves steak 🙂 My favorite dish is the Branzino.
  4. Unfortunately you will have to wait until after December 11th for my unbiased opinion. We are booked in stateroom 1665 on the December 3rd sailing. full disclosure, our next three scheduled Celebrity sailings are in aft corner suites. (loved the aft stateroom we did on Equinox a few years bac);
  5. Should be interesting to see the itinerary update for our 12/4/21 Reflection sailing which is currently scheduled to visit the Grand Caymans.
  6. I am pretty sure if you ordered shrimp cocktail in luminae you would get it.
  7. This is why we can't have nice things.
  8. We have been to all of those except Puerto Plata. We are doing the 11 day Silhouette in March / April of 2022. The ABC's are one of our favorite Caribbean cruise destinations.
  9. Yet another reason I am so glad that I never opened a FaceBook account.
  10. I know you were not asking me but I normally play Q-10 and only play Q-6 if suited.
  11. I know some people would would consider that to be more than acceptable. They do not have cable/satellite service in their neighborhood and so are having to deal with dial-up speeds. The Wireless on the ship works well enough for text and VoIP phone calls. Streaming is hit and miss depending on where you are relative to the access point. Obviously the more people using it, the more latency there will be.
  12. There have been many times when I have taken drinks out of the lounge. I've even had the Concierge open the door for me on many an occasion. This happens primarily on ships with small Concierge lounges that get crowded during happy hour. I would normally go to the concierge lounge, get a glass of wine for myself and my wife to enjoy while preparing for dinner. Most of the time there were no open seats in the lounge,
  13. I carry both $1.00 and $2.00 bills. If a waiter goes out of their way or does anything extra, I'll tip with the $2.00 bill, otherwise it's $1.00. Alternatively, if I know I am going to have a couple of drinks at somewhere like the Schooner Bar for an hour or so I may end up putting $10.00 on the bar, to cover both my wife and I.
  14. Two questions that I do not recall being asked and answered: 1. Do the vouchers work the same way as the drink package in that if your drink is over $13 do you pay the difference plus gratuity or do you have to pay full price and not use the voucher? 2. Has an updated, 2021, drink price list been posted? I have ones from pre-COVID sailings but cannot recall seeing prices for 2021. Thank you in advance for your responses.
  15. We are fully vaccinated and have been since March. We still wear our mask in situations where we are in close proximity to groups of unknown people even though our state has no mask requirements for fully vaccinated people. You may ask why and I will honestly tell you it is because the virus is real and the mask policy is based on the honor system and I have family members who refuse to be vaccinated but do not wear mask. We also feel safer following the safety protocols. Being vaccinated do not prevent you from becoming infected. It reduces the chance and also
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