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  1. We received our last shot on March 13. We are going to go and get our booster shots next month.
  2. We have 1665 reserved for our 12/4/2021 sailing on Reflection. We have sailed in an aft concierge before and really liked it. We also have an aft S1 aft on Silhouette for our March 12 Day Southern Caribbean.
  3. Thank you for volunteering from two of the 3000-5000 people a day. I have downloaded the QR code and also have photo’s of them. I just wish I had not laminated our cards as we are going to get our booster shots next month.
  4. I’ll have to try and remember that name. I am a member of the Wente, a winery in Livermore, Wine club and get four to six bottles every quarter. Lately I have been slipping and about to run out of room in my wine rack. That reminds me, I need to pick a bottle to open for dinner tonight.
  5. Yes. She’s currently at sea between Florida and the Bahamas
  6. We are also booked on the December 4 Reflection cruise and I booked our flights yesterday. There were some earlier reports of Reflection starting to crew up and there has not been any cancellations of any of the November sailings so far.
  7. We are doing a 12 Day Southern Caribbean March 2022 on Silhouette. We were originally scheduled for that sailing this year but we all know what happened. We are still booked for 12 Day Best of Southern Japan for November 2022 on Solstice.
  8. I would not have been a participant in that. I tried the Fre once not knowing what it was and did not like it. Sounds like a perfect retirement job for me. Where do I sign up? (just kidding … no way my wife would go for it.)
  9. I have been informed they will do the same for us in December with our first cruise on Celebrity and then a Royal Caribbean sailing departing the same day we arrive back.
  10. We received ours at the same location. What is the name of the App for VA? Is it for both Android and Apple?
  11. Neither would I. The question now is what happens when we get our booster shot. Will they issue us a new card or transfer the original information from the old card onto a new one. The location we got our original shots is no longer being used.
  12. Our first Royal Caribbean cruise in 2007 was to Alaska and we visited Glacier Bay. This must have changed in the last 14 years. Sorry to hear that is the case? We have a B2B scheduled on Quantum next August/September.
  13. I have not considered fishing from the ship. I know that fishing from the pier is not permitted and there are usually signs to that effect. a lot of the Caribbean ports are excellent for fishing if you can find an area that will allow you to fish. I have tried to talk my wife into letting me wander off for a few hours to go fishing but she has not relented. YET
  14. if you would like your guest to join you in Luminae speak with the matre’d and occupancy permitting you may be allowed to pay an up charge to have your friends dine with you. Our experience is that the up charges will be applied to your onboard account and not theirs.
  15. I thought I saw two people in there one time when we were having dinner but they were not clearly visible and did not stay very long. A ladder would make more sense than a pull system with wires to take one up and down. I think I''ll ask for a tour when we are on Reflection in December.
  16. We always wondered how they accessed the bottles of wine at the top..
  17. I for one am very happy that the testing is required. My main reason for saying that is that you can buy counterfit vaccination cards on the Internet. They are very readily available and inexpensive. Having the card plus a proctored / medically administered test reduces the risk of someone 'cheating' the system, not that it still cannot happen. I believe the risk is considerably less than if only vaccination cards were required.
  18. No, the only choices are the ones in the photo in post #3, unless you have become very good friends with a bartender. Then again, I have not sailed since February 2020 so things might be different post COVID.
  19. There is a breakfast menu you can order off us.
  20. On our last trip to Grand Cayman we had arranged a semi-private tour and there were supposed to be us and one other couple on the tour. We made it ashore, contacted our guide and proceeded to wait another hour for the 2nd couple of join us. When our guide was unable to contact them she made the decision to go ahead with just us. About 45 minutes into our tour of the island the guide gets a call from the other couple wondering where she was. They explained that they were late getting off the ship because they had waited for the rain to stop. Long story short - they never caught up with us and she would not go back for them as it would mean missing one of the stops we were scheduled to visit.
  21. We are on the Reflection December 4th sailing. Waiting to see what happens with Key West. We've only been there once before and really enjoyed walking around the town. Was planning to ride the Conch Train if it is not over crowded.
  22. Not unless you both have the "Drinks and More" package. If both persons staying in the suite do not purchase the package, then the mini-bar is not included. If we don't purchase the Drinks and More package, we ask the room steward to empty the mini fridge and use it to store water and soda we bring back to the room from the Lounge. I believe they are free in the higher level suites, but not in the Sky Suites we have booked.
  23. That was happening on Edge as well. We ran into the young lady that was our assistant waiter for dinner one day when we were up there for lunch. We found it a welcome escape from the crowds in the Ocean View Café on port days when Luminae was closed. I was thinking of ordering there and taking it back to the room but will have to wait until we are on one of the Revolutionized ships. Our December sailing is on Reflection which has not been Revolutionized.
  24. We are scheduled to sail in early December so I am panning for us to receive our booster approximately three weeks before the sailing date. We also normally receive our flu shots around the same time. I will also have to research and see if there is any timing requirements between the two. It would be much easier to move up the dates for our flu shots.
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