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  1. I read it as they will be 3 points short of Elite at the beginning of the second leg of their B2B. Therefore they will earn enough points for Elite after the second leg is completed. I think their entire trip is one B2B (two cruises total).
  2. If you are trying to do this on your first day, I think it will be very tight. This is based on my experience from having done the Great Barrier Reef sailing on Solstice last year (trip review). The tender transit time to Yorkeys Knob is 30 min. The cab ride from Yorkeys Knob to Marlins Wharf in Cairns is another 20 min (no traffic). So then you have to factor in waiting time. Waiting time to get on the tender. Waiting time for the tender to fill up with passengers. Waiting time to get a taxi. One thing to note, was that Celebrity ran a special early tender for our second day at Cairns. The purpose of the early tender was to accommodate passengers that had independent plans ashore that required them to be at a certain place in Cairns at a time that would not be possible to make with the normal tender schedule. You had to register with Guest Relations that you wanted to get on the early tender. I have highlighted this in my trip review as well as the "Live" thread that I posted. The Captain during our Solstice sailing said that it takes about 3 hours to get 3000 passengers off the ship at Cairns...... Jan 7 2018, tenders cozying up to Solstice anchored at Yorkeys Knob (Cairns Day 1)
  3. I re-registered for our upcoming Dec 23 2019 Solstice sailing and our count now shows 4 which confirms that it got re-set. Curiously, our Dec 20 2020 Millennium sailing CC party registration count did not get re-set and is correct. Then again, it used to be that you couldn't register until 1 year in advance. But we were able to do it back in January (~23 months in advance). Same thing for our Jan 3 2021 Solstice cruise. The CC party registration number is correct and not reset. It's another cruise that I was able to register for almost 24 months in advance.
  4. Then you will not have Elite benefits extended to you during the 2nd cruise. At least by rule. It's no different than anyone who will become Elite once they complete a cruise--you won't get the benefits until the next cruise.
  5. If I read it right, it sounds like they will be 3 points shy after the 1st cruise and will make Elite at the conclusion of the 2nd leg.
  6. I reported this yesterday on another thread: my Dec 23 2019 Solstice cruise has "no CC details has been found on the given sail/Date" and my Dec 20 2020 Millennium cruise shows 6 registered which is correct. This status is still true this morning.
  7. I think you are right. However, FWIW, there is no change in how my two cruises are shown.
  8. It's gotta be a website issue. I get the same thing for my Dec 23 2019 Solstice cruise which we have successfully registered 8 months ago. But I don't get an error message when I search for my Dec 20 2020 Millennium sailing.
  9. Agreed. In particular, as for the ship's Event Coordinator. That person is responsible for sending out the CC Party invitations and on a couple of occasions, they have taken my roll call spreadsheet printout to make sure their invitation list is complete for other CC activities.
  10. It is certainly worth making the inquiry.
  11. My son is an Apple engineer who travels quite frequently from the Bay Area to China (and back), many times thru Hong Kong and other times thru Shanghai. He told me that Apple has stopped routing employees thru Hong Kong for now.
  12. We were aboard Horizon for a 10 night cruise that got trapped in Tampa because of the fog. As a result, we stayed there for the first night and we "lost" Grand Cayman because of the delayed start. Mar 26 2005, Horizon preparing to sail under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge
  13. I know we have the same tastes with cabins, but I didn't know we also shared similar desires to do holiday cruises to exotic locales. We will be cruising New Zealand for this coming Christmas and New Years. Having said that, I thought the double holiday canal cruise that Constellation is now going to do to be interesting since we have not done a canal cruise. After all, going thru the canal and watching it from an FV balcony would be awesome (although I am sure that one has to go up on deck every now and then to take it all in). But then I realized that it will only be a partial transit which is not what I am interested in. By the way, we did South America for our only other holiday cruise and we loved it. We rang in 2017 near Cape Horn. I would definitely recommend it. Infinity FV balcony, Cape Horn, Jan 1 2017
  14. Well, I guess I dodged a bullet. For my family's holiday cruise next year, we were mulling over Singapore to Dubai (Constellation) or Hong Kong to Singapore (Millennium). We picked the latter although I personally voted for the former.....
  15. Although they don't have nearly as many cruises under their belt, my parents are in the same position where they have given up travelling by air. Because they live in Kentucky, that means they have stopped cruising altogether. Anyway, good luck with your future cruises with Princess and HAL. Maybe someday Celebrity will do round trip cruises out of San Diego or LA in the future.
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