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  1. mahdnc

    Eclipse sailings 2020 / 2021

    I can see Eclipse sailings for Jan 2021 on the Celebrity website that I can book. Interestingly, she does a Great Barrier Reef round trip 12 night sailing out of Melbourne on Jan 3. The extra distance required to get there and back cuts out Port Douglas and a second Cairns day....
  2. mahdnc

    Infinity FV or Sky Suite..Opinions?

    The corner FV balcony is awesome. We got to enjoy them on two Infinity cruises. Here is a photo of FV 8166's balcony on New Years Day 2017 as Infinity was sailing around Cape Horn. One nice thing about this balcony is that it is partially covered from overhead, so you have your choice of sun or shade, or in this case, wet or dry.
  3. Here is an article dated today (Nov 5): New cruise ship Celebrity Edge on its way to Florida
  4. mahdnc

    2020/2021 Cruise Rollout Schedule

    Here is a Celebrity flyer to the 2020/2021 deployment schedule: link
  5. Congratulations! It's good to hear that you are being recognized.
  6. mahdnc

    Xcelerate Internet

    We had a forward cabin aboard Solstice (2018 Great Barrier Reef sailing) and had a good wifi signal. However the speed was best in the early morning and was very slow when presumably everybody else was online later in the day. In order to send out any photos by email or text, you pretty much had to do it first thing in the morning otherwise the text or email would fail to send. Our experience aboard Infinity (2017 South America cruise) was different. We had an FV cabin located at the very rear corner of the ship. There was a wireless repeater mounted in the hallway close to our cabin, but we could not get a good signal in our cabin when our (metal) doors were closed. Fortunately you could not look directly into our cabin from the hallway when the doors were open. So our family would like to joke about it by requesting that someone turn the internet "on" which was a request to open the door and place the door stop underneath it to keep it open! Our experience with wifi speed was much better on Infinity than it was aboard Solstice. I was able to FaceTime my parents on Christmas Day from the Grand Foyer.
  7. Jim, Whales and the Northern Lights! I very much enjoy reading your review and looking at your photos. Thanks for posting. Have a great cruise. David
  8. mahdnc

    Northern Lights over Millennium

    Very nice. Let's see what tonight brings. Sent from my iPhone X using Tapatalk
  9. Thank you, hcat. In addition to this live thread, I did end up posting a photo review a couple months after the cruise which might interest you: Jan 2 2018 Solstice Photo Review. We loved the ship and the cruise. I have booked the family on another Solstice cruise leaving out of Sydney to NZ in Dec 2019. David
  10. I don't remember a whole lot about the music. It was slow and soft--female vocalist with a male playing an acoustic guitar.
  11. Second prize was two certificates?
  12. I was having computer problems earlier this week and I could not give you a more comprehensive answer until now. Booking the ATV tour independently is cheaper than going thru Celebrity ($110 AUD independent vs $185 USD Celebrity). The only problem that you have to solve is getting ground transportation from Newcastle to the ATV offices in Williamtown and back. Celebrity provides a free shuttle bus from the industrial pier to the Queens Wharf Tower in Newcastle (which evidently is slated to be torn down). We were able to easily get a Uber to take us from Queens Wharf Tower to Williamtown. However after our ATV tour was finished, we could not get an Uber to come out to Williamtown and it took us a while to summon a taxicab. I looked at two ATV companies: Sand Dune Adventures and Quad Bike King. Both companies will not give you a cash refund once you book, so I delayed booking until the sail date drew closer. The refund policy is one area that Celebrity has an advantage. My first choice was Sand Dune Adventures because they were rated higher in TripAdvisor and they were cheaper because of a discount they offered if you booked on line. But by the time I decided to pull the trigger to book with them, the time slots that I wanted were gone. In order to give yourself enough time to get off the ship and get there on time and to allow for getting back on the ship during rush hour traffic, I was looking for very specific start times that I could not get. So I ended up booking with Quad Bike King. In specific, I booked their Safari Tour for $110 AUD per person. The tour is guided and our group had about 24 people in it total. The actual riding time on the bikes was about an hour long. All the safety equipment (helmet, etc) is provided. For more details, here is a link to my review of the ATV tour: Newcastle ATV tour
  13. Karen, We used Quad Bike King Adventure. They did a great job. The excursion was at Newcastle, not Airlie Beach. Sent from my iPhone X using Tapatalk
  14. I love Infinity and would personally choose the 5 nighter. But if future cruising depended on making a great impression on your spouse, I would encourage you to go with Equinox. There you will have a better choice of restaurants. But 3 nights is awful short--guaranteed to "leaving you to wanting more", as they say. Maybe in this case, that's a good thing. Another thought is to find a longer cruise on Equinox or one of her sisters that has better pricing.
  15. Yes, I noticed that, too. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian have been criticized.