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  1. Yesterday my Dec 19 Hong Kong to Singapore cruise disappeared from My Cruises--I figured that was a sign that the sailing was cancelled, but my TA check and said that my reservation was still intact and the cruise was not cancelled (yet), Today my other two cruises for Dec 2022 and Nov 2023 have also disappeared. Yeah, I guess it's an IT thing.....
  2. I just received the offer yesterday at 1:30p (CDT). I went ahead and registered. This time there was a request in the registration form for me to enter the CC numbers for all the people that would be watching.
  3. I'm still not used to seeing her with those balconies.
  4. Nice! I am guessing that these cruises don't make any money but are a necessary investment to get cruises going again and to experiment with the health protocols, etc. Have a nice cruise.
  5. Sorry to hear about your flight travel problems. It is not clear to me that jumping to a different airline will eliminate this from happening again before the airlines get all their planes/crew back in service. I have read on these boards about problems with American Airlines. Since we live in Chicago, we are very United Airlines oriented and they are having similar issues, too. When we take cruises out of Fort Lauderdale or Miami, we are usually flying Southwest because of their favorable schedule and 2 free checked bags policy.... If you are thinking of changing airlines, I u
  6. Our first Celebrity cruise was aboard Century in 1996--her inaugural Caribbean season....
  7. Thanks, Phil. I really enjoyed putting that together although it was easier since Celebrity's fleet was so much smaller (S-class had not come out by then). This past Nov I actually used a similar spreadsheet format to present all 12 suites of the El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon. I was planning a stay there and wanted to book one of the suites that had a direct view of the canyon but it was difficult to find information about all the suites in one place. Here is the TripAdvisor post that I published: link as well as a direct link to the spreadsheet: link
  8. I am not sure what is different today versus the announcement that was made on Apr 1: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/exclusive-italy-legislate-keep-liners-out-venice-lagoon-sources-2021-07-13/
  9. DrKoob, Thanks for all the posts and photos; have a safe flight back.
  10. As others have said, the past practice is that you can change cabin location within the same category with everything else associated with your reservation staying the same.
  11. Makes sense to me, it's one less heavy door to open and one less door to be hit if you are standing there at the wrong moment. Cabin attendant has to be in on the agreement, too. A door stop wedge is a nice thing to have to signal to others to keep it open (our standard packing for an FV cabin includes having 3 tall door stop wedges). The few times we leave the room service breakfast card on our cabin door knob before we go to bed, I usually prop the foyer door open anyway to make sure that the card collector sees it when (s)he does their rounds.
  12. Yes, you are right!! Thanks for pointing that out!
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