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  1. This is so different from Princess and Celebrity--- Isn't the luggage separated in different color groups? How else do you find your luggage fairly quickly? On other cruise lines, if you are "orange" you find your luggage in the "orange" group.
  2. Somewhere I read that there was a big line up at desk services around 6:00 to get the disembarkation tags that thurs. night-- It looks like we will need the orange color--- So the tags are hung up on a display rack around 8:00 pm that night? I'm not stressed out about it, just want to make sure that I don't have a problem-- I guess we can just head over there around 7:50-- I think the earlier times are probably more in demand----- Anita
  3. We have told our ride to pick us up at 9:00am ---- I figured on getting an 8:30 disembarkation time. I understand that the color groups are given out first come, first serve, at 8:00 pm ? Thurs night-Kuai day 1. We have dinner reservations for 6:00 at La Cucina, and plan to go to the later show that night. We could do disembarkation 8:20 or 8:40 if that would still be ok, I guess. How early do people line up to get disembark tags? Would guest services be willing to hold tags for us, so we can enjoy dinner? Any suggestions based on prior experience please. Thanks, Anita
  4. We are planning on arriving 10:30-11:00 ish. Hopefully we will be dropped off as close to the entrance as possible----Anita
  5. Thanks, very very helpful. Glad back on ship by 1:30? or so on Kona day. We always stumble into our stateroom, totally exhausted after a snorkle excursion. So I never book a restaurant reservation on those days- just wing it, make use of room service or buffet-- then if we "catch a second wind" go to the headliner show that day, if worth the effort. I'm glad for the lunch on board the snorkle boat, makes things much easier. (We are in our mid 60's-- my husband is very physically active, but takes long, long, naps, after a long hike, bike ride, or water activity- Me, I'm a couch potato, tr
  6. Thanks for all the responses. Anita
  7. I'm glad the Big Island Snorkel was an enjoyable day for Kona. Looking forward for that- and so glad to know that the Body Glove boat is right by the tender--- It certainly would be great if I can just dial 5101 to put in reservations for that one restaurant-- As soon as we board, I think around the same time as you did, I'll head straight for the nearest phone, and hopefully someone will pick up at that extention. Just wondering, what was the show on Hilo day? I think the order of the shows until a few weeks ago was: Honolulu - Welcome Show, Maui day 1, the Hawaiian danc
  8. We are doing the Kona Big Island Snorkel-- just curious if that is what you did, and did you enjoy your day--- Regarding making dinner reservations: I booked what I could for the 4 night package-- but saw that "East Meets West" has to be booked on board. Do you remember where the line was to make restaurant reservations? I want to make that reservation for Hilo day---- So as soon as we make it on board, I will head straight for the reservation line.
  9. Did you see any bell caps for embarkation? I really would prefer having a bell cap take our luggage upon getting out of taxi-- It seems that this embarkation port it is iffy to fine a bell cap.. Anita
  10. All the stuff I paid for does show up on NCL site-- so that never disappeared. But I think I will give NCL a call just to confirm any way. I wish I wasn't so paranoid--- On all the cruises I have taken, I never had any issues regarding, pre purchased items --- but since it has been a long time since I was on an NCL cruise- maybe it is worth a phone call----Anita
  11. That's what I figured-- hopefully no issues. I always bring receipts with me any way. Thanks, Anita
  12. I have printed up all my receipts for items purchased for upcoming POA cruise., NCL insurance, soda package, wifi, anniversary package, plus on board credit (purchased by me) etc. I noticed when I printed out my Edocs, it just shows dining reservations and shore excursions and included with fare- prepaid service charges--- Is it advisable to go to guest services once on board the ship, to check that everything that I pre purchased is in their system? Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with this on NCL. I just don't want a headache sorting this out during the cruise.... if it can be p
  13. Seems kind of annoying on NCL regarding soft drinks ---- As long as the waiters in specialty restaurants will bring soda with meal and I can get it at Gold Rush by the buffet area- hopefully it will be ok. I haven't been on NCL since the cruisel ine removed self service dryers years ago- I was on the Jewel -- and I remember no issues at all regarding soft drinks at the time-- Since then, I have just been on Princess, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean. R.C. was the easiest, due to the soda machine and having the tumbler given out. If NCL ends up being a pain in regards to a simple thing
  14. Will be on the Pride of America next month. I only drink diet soda-- I bought the soda package-- Most of the time we will be having dinner at specialty restaurants. Does the waiter bring cans to the table? Is it difficult to get a refil? We will be eating at the buffet a few times as well. Will we need to stop at a bar first to bring over the soda? Just wondering what to expect. Thanks, Anita
  15. I'll tell the taxi driver to drop us off as close to right side facing the building then, if I don't see any bell caps. Thanks.
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