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  1. Thanks. I'd need a locker for my DSLR and other goodies. Anybody? Where are the lockers?
  2. Which beach - Chill or South - for the best possible snorkeling, realizing it isn't great. Also, where are the lockers so we can store our junk while we're in the water.
  3. So ... the cruise has been cancelled, kind of like the Eagles hopes of winning anything this year? LOL #GoDallasCowboys!
  4. Not to hijack the thread - maybe you'd post it in the Bahamas forum - but I'd be interested in what you do there that you enjoy. Looking at Royal's shore excursion offerings I can kinda understand why people stay on the boat... Not trying to be difficult, just saying I haven't seen a lot there that looks good and I'd love some tips. What have you done that is good?
  5. I commend you for trying to be thoughtful ... that is often very much appreciated beyond even the monetary value of cash. Cash is great but there is something to the old saying "it's the thought that counts." Thanks for trying to be thoughtful.
  6. I am curious if PescadoAmarillo will be able to see this Saturday's big matchup between That Team Up North and Sparty? How's the college fb on the Emerald? The eyes of Columbus are upon you ... #8InaRowThisYear
  7. Does the Emerald Princess have a dedicated mini golf course or just a green space usable for several different activities?
  8. I just hope if they decide we need to be tested I can find the proctored at home tests. Pretty nervous about setting up an appt at CVS or Walgreens - those seem to get canceled. And I sure don't want to get to the port depending on a test there at the port! Come on RCL! JUST TELL US!
  9. Let's try to keep this post on topic - it's not about fake vaxx cards, how many positives there are, or whether the Atlanta Braves are ever going to win a WS. THIS POST IS ABOUT ROYAL'S TESTING REQUIREMENTS, specifically for November cruising. What do they require, and when will we know for sure - that's what this post is about. Thank you for your help keeping this thread meaningful and useful AND ON THE TOPIC.
  10. Still showing that we'll be in Nassau on the Nov 15th sailing...
  11. Ah … I see that now in the app. I have the same thing. So we just don’t know yet. Wonder when they’ll decide?
  12. I'm not seeing anything on that page that says these protocols only apply through October. I'm hoping they will change too but I sure don't see any such disclaimer there. This looks like what I'm expected to do...
  13. RCL's page says you get updated protocols at least 30 days before you sail. I'm inside that window now by 5 days. Went ahead and checked what the protocols are out of Florida and tests are still required. Am I missing something here? About to order me some tests... https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise
  14. While this is important and in some ways concerning I'd like to keep this thread focused on WILL THEY MAKE US TEST FOR NOVEMBER CRUISES. This really isn't the place to discuss testing, does it work, what Doctor ______ said that completely contradicts what the ____ is telling us. I'm like you - trying to save the $99 I'd spend on an at-home test but I don't want to get stranded needing a test and I can't find one. LET'S STAY ON TOPIC: what do you know about testing requirements for November cruises?
  15. You will hear before I hear (possibly). Please post ASAP when you do hear something!
  16. We aren't hard core snorkelers. Would like something with a short boat ride (DW can get seasick), some fun snorkeling and then back home to do some other things. A five hour trip out to the perfect snorkel spot with three hours in the water there isn't in the cards for us. Recommendations for short but good trips? Anybody done Stuart's Cove shark snorkel? That looks very cool!
  17. This is super helpful. I'm going to jump over to the Bahamas group and post there about snorkel tour recommendations. Appreciate the help very much.
  18. We rec'd twenty pages of document and luggage tags yesterday via email. Not one word of tests. Lots of "check the website" and "more information" and "If you get sick you can't sue us" but nothing on tests. That seems to make it clear they haven't decided yet ... maybe when the CDC order expires at the end of the month tests end? Sure would be nice not to have to jump through that hoop!
  19. Not to hijack the thread but you sound like an experienced snorkeler... our trip goes to CCay and Nassau. We are NOT hard core snorkelers - don't really want to book that excursion where you ride 2 hours on a boat somewhere to snorkel all day and then back again. But wouldn't mind a place to mess around a little in the water, see some cool sea life (turtles?!) without it becoming a major expedition. Recommendation for Nassau?
  20. If I buy the Voom Surf and Stream internet pkg for my device can I turn on the hotspot function on my phone and my wife use that to get her email, check FB etc? Am running an iPhone 11. Or do I need to get a vpn/travel router?
  21. So what we think Team Cruise Critic? Order? Wait a week and then order?
  22. Doing a cabin upgrade last night and the Royal Carib rep said they'd release testing requirement on Nov 1. I thought they'd already said covid tests would be necessary through the end of the year? Now I can't seem to find the email saying that and I'm wondering if I just read that here on CC and maybe it was someone's opinion and not policy? I don't want to order expensive home tests if on the first RC is going to say "you don't need if vaxxed." But I'm pretty sure I read somewheres that they had already made this call. Wonder why the rep didn't know that?
  23. We have to pick a boarding time. We are to leave at 9:30 a.m. via GoPort but the bus could be stopping for other passengers at other hotels, and could potentially be dropping passengers at other cruise terminals before we get there. It's about an hour drive. So we could arrive at 10:30 or ????? What should we choose as our time to board? If we miss our slot what happens?
  24. That is a great point. And why I asked.
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