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  1. We just upgraded for 35% off. Still hoping to find 50% at some point before we sail in November.
  2. But does the OBC come back quickly enough to use at the better price?
  3. In my previous post, I asked about Ocean Cay where the title should have read Coco Cay. Is it worth bringing our snorkels & masks to Coco Cay?
  4. How is the snorkeling at CocoCay? Debating whether or not to bring our snorkels & masks. If worthwhile, where’s the best spot to go? Pat
  5. There is currently a 35% off sale for my cruise to update the 3 of us to the premium package. It’s the best price I’ve seen so far, but I love a deal and have read about a 50% off sale. I’m debating whether to jump on now. For those that have cancelled & rebought if the price went lower, how easy a process is it? And, how long does it take for the refund to appear? My obc will cover the cost for 2 of us. If I cancel, does my obc come back? Pat
  6. We chose Murano for our anniversary celebration, and had a different experience. Wait staff couldn’t be bothered with us, food was sub par, ate better at MDR. No cheese course offered no acknowledgement of our special occasion, (and yes, they knew-we told them at reservation & again when seated) which we saw celebrated at other tables. We certainly felt like second class citizens Guess most others had a better experience-food& service.
  7. 3 of us are sailing in November & like snorkelling. We have 2 masks & snorkels. Dd is contemplating buying a full face mask, but I’ve read there are islands that don’t allow/recommend them. We’ll be on the Reflection in November visiting Ocean Cay which is likely the only place we’d use it. Thoughts? Opinions?
  8. I’m tall & find the length of cord on the hair dryer to be too short (it’s attached to the inside of an drawer) and I like to stand up to style my hair. Reason enough for me to bring my own hair dryer!
  9. I wasn’t fast enough to grab the 25%off; today it’s only 5%. I’ll just keep checking regularly till I see a 50%. Can I use my obc to pay for it? The obc is from a cruise next coupon i used that gave me a $100 obc.
  10. Thanks. I thought I’d seen a deal on our last cruise, which we didn’t take advantage of, and regretted. I will purchase now & pray for a 50% off. I do check regularly so will hopefully catch a great sale. My travelling companions (daughter & daughter-in-law) love their fancy drinks.
  11. The current sale is 25% off to upgrade from classic to premium drink package. Will the deal get any better? We’re looking at martinis!
  12. I manage to come home most vacations with a chest cold/cough. It happens in Cuba, high end resorts in Cancun & on cruise ships. Ironically, my last 2 post-Covid cruises I was fine although DH did manage to come home with Covid - Celebrity 8 day on a balcony; symptoms started on the plane home & he did don an N95 mask for the flight. Fortunately, it’s usually the last day or the day after we get home. This happened long before Covid. I get a dry cough as a side effect of one of my meds; I’d love to wear a badge that says “it’s not Covid!”.
  13. Flying from Ottawa, Canada to Fort Lauderdale early November.
  14. I’ve priced Air Canada so I know what would be a good deal from X. I do have excellent travel insurance. We’ll see what X offers.
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