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  1. I manage to come home most vacations with a chest cold/cough. It happens in Cuba, high end resorts in Cancun & on cruise ships. Ironically, my last 2 post-Covid cruises I was fine although DH did manage to come home with Covid - Celebrity 8 day on a balcony; symptoms started on the plane home & he did don an N95 mask for the flight. Fortunately, it’s usually the last day or the day after we get home. This happened long before Covid. I get a dry cough as a side effect of one of my meds; I’d love to wear a badge that says “it’s not Covid!”.
  2. Flying from Ottawa, Canada to Fort Lauderdale early November.
  3. I’ve priced Air Canada so I know what would be a good deal from X. I do have excellent travel insurance. We’ll see what X offers.
  4. We are flying to Fort Lauderdale early November. And we plan on flying in a day ahead.
  5. My ta is strongly urging us to use X flights - he says it will save us $$ and guarantee flights if delays happen. I’ve read horror stories on other lines’ forums. Of course, with 10 bad experiences, there may be 100 good ones not posted on forums. Does anyone have any feedback on X flights from Canada? Specifically Ottawa? Toronto? Montreal?
  6. There is a separate website for Canada. And that offer doesn’t show. But, I’ve switched TAs so I’m hoping he can find something for me.
  7. How short is short? We’re looking at 5 days. We’re booking from Canada.
  8. Yes, I’ve seen photos. But, budget limitations are what they are & we’ll just have to bump into each other.
  9. We’re looking at 3125 on Reflection.
  10. I think I’ll give up the small amount of space to have a window, I think.
  11. For budget reasons, we’re looking at an Oceanview cabin for a November 4 cruise on Reflection. (3 ladies, so an inside isn’t big enough.) We have stayed in a similar cabin on NCL. If we docked on the starboard side, where our cabin was, we were wakened very early in the morning to sounds of metal ramps being moved & heavy doors being opened & shut. Has anyone stayed on deck 3 on Reflection that can tell me their noise experience please?
  12. I found the same thing. I was tempted to follow through with the booking and use a screenshot to justify the lower price. A veranda was cheaper than Oceanview! But, at 1/2 price I’m pretty sure it would not have been accepted. Too bad,it was an awesome deal. My ta has a promotion starting tomorrow - we shall see what she is offering.
  13. I have sailed both. MSC was certainly more affordable BUT we weren’t in yacht club &felt a real sense of “them” and us. ship was gorgeous. Food was a disappointment. Service was not friendly at all, they all did their jobs but it was as if it hurt to smile. As stated, entertainment wasn’t well shown on daily planner. im going back to Celebrity, I leave it to my ta to find me big sales & promotions.
  14. As mom, I’m footing the bill so 3 to the room it will be! Thanks, guess the daughters can alternate on the sofa bed
  15. Which is more comfortable for an adult woman? A single sofa bed? Or a pull down bed? We have options-just want to make the right choice. thanks
  16. Having just come off the Seashore, I can just say you get what you pay for. The ship is clean & beautiful but we found the layout difficult to manage. We missed being able to stand at the bow - you only get that area if you are yacht club. And, we were less than impressed with the food in the main dining room & the service. But, for the price, we’d go MSC again, especially for a quick 4 day getaway.
  17. We just returned from a 4 night on Seashore. We did not have a gala night but saw many folks glam it up on the last night. Pretty sure we had 2 tropical nights & one white night but I can’t remember the 4th.
  18. I agree with the lower cost in comparison to other cruise lines. However, a smile is free and we didn’t get many of those by staff.
  19. I don’t mind invisible when I don’t need help. But, we were more disappointed with the lack of smiles or “welcome aboard” from those we did see.
  20. Are the food & service better on an older ship? If yes, why?
  21. On the island we were waiting on a shuttle (I have minor mobility issues), 2 empty ones came by. One stopped but would not let us on - driver said “yacht club only”. I’m not sure how she knew we weren’t. Another time we were looking to walk outside on the ship & missed the sign. We were firmly told by another guest we were in the wrong place. As we were trying to navigate our way back, a staff member pointed us away from the yacht club.
  22. I have sailed Disney, RCI, Carnival, NCL & Celebrity. Our ta suggested MSC for a quick (inexpensive) getaway. I travelled with my adult daughter, booked a Bella inside with easy plus drink package, wifi, & gratuities. We sailed from Port Canaveral to Ocean Cay & Nassau. Here are our thoughts. Embarkation: line up outside, then line up inside, then line up some more. Took about 90 minutes all in all. Dropped our luggage in our stateroom & went exploring. The ship: it’s beautiful & clean but hard to navigate. There isn’t a deck where you can walk the entire ship outside. There isn’t anyplace at the front of the ship to stand unless you’re paying for the spa or yacht club. The pools & jungle area are great & the slides are fun. Speaking of yacht club-there’s a definite “us & them”. Most of the time it didn’t bother us, but a few times when we accidentally crossed the line, we were made aware of our lack-of-status. Finally, the elevators: that system might work in an apartment or office building, but it fails miserably on a cruise ship. We logged 10s of thousands of steps by taking the stairs most of the time. Food: disappointing. We didn’t starve, but if you’re going for wonderful meals, this isn’t the place to go. We did not do any specialty restaurants. The buffet is poorly laid out. You have to peruse the entire place to not miss anything. At times, the buffet was scheduled as open but the only station available was pizza. Stateroom: we were inside on deck 13, close to stairs. Spacious & clean. Beds are very firm. Attendant was ok, we didn’t request anything so we didn’t see him much. Ocean Cay: highlight of our trip. It’s beautiful, walkable (lots of walking!). Lots of beaches to choose from, none ever felt crowded. There is a buffet restaurant (double check the open time! It closed at 1:30) and food trucks and bars, all included in our package. We snorkelled & kayaked. We were looking forward to the night light show but it was cancelled due to “technical issues”. Entertainment: we enjoyed the music shows. Loved the last night when singers & dancers came out to chat with the audience. We did not go see the magician and heard from many folks that the show was high-school amateurish. There were many venues for varied music in the evenings. Our last comment is about the staff. They are (mostly) efficient but not friendly or smiling. Service is basic at best. If you like the bartender to greet you with a smile, this isn’t the cruise for you. At our assigned dining venue, after the first night we were told with an arm wave “you know where your table is”. When asked what time it was open the next morning for breakfast, the maître d didn’t know (or couldn’t be bothered) and told us there was a daily planner in our rooms & we could look it up. We did write a so-so review of the snorkelling staff (they didn’t seem engaged with the clients and bordered on rude). MSC followed up our review with a phone call from guest services (at 9:45pm!). When we said we weren’t happy with the staff, they said “oh good, not us, excursion folk”. The only staff members who deserved a shout out were the kayaking staff who greeted us with enthusiasm, like they actually enjoyed their job. Will we do MSC again? Sure, if the price & timing is right. But we’ll know better what to expect. We are happy to answer specific questions.
  23. My agent gets the same error code as me. I tried calling MSC but because I booked with an agent, they would not sell me the excursion, or even tell me if there was availability. My plan is to head to the excursions desk as soon as we embark.
  24. Thank you. Assume this is US$? And is the gratuity included?
  25. DD would like to try Teppanaki but I cannot find pricing, other than a dining package. Does anyone know if we can just book this once onboard, and what the cost is? only 13 more days till we sail!
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