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  1. One more quick question: does celebrity punch holes in the key card? On our last NCL cruise they did not, and we found it a nuisance to take it out of the Amazon holders we bought so cards could be swiped at each bar and restaurant. I don’t like carrying a purse and not all my sundresses have pockets.
  2. I’ve booked Murano for the 3rd sea night. It would work perfectly if that is indeed chic night. If not, we’re ok-we’ll do our thing and not worry about what others are doing. Pat
  3. Booked Murano for a sea night. Took all our onboard credit & then some. Hopefully it lives up to its reputation. Booked a golf cart for Bonaire. Now, need advice on the best beach on Aruba. thanks everyone for all the help so far. Pat
  4. Bigger discount onboard? That’s different than the photo you posted that clearly says “always lower than on board”.
  5. I don’t see an option to book a restaurant, only to buy a dining package. Do I have to wait till after final payment?
  6. When can we book a specialty restaurant? We don’t want the package, just one dinner. Pat
  7. I realize this may vary from cruise to cruise, but we are trying to book Murano on Equinox and prefer to do it on a chic night. Our 8 day cruise in Sept to ABC has 2 sea days, followed by 3 port days, then 2 more sea days. Any insight would be appreciated. Pat
  8. Did you manage to get a day pass? We’d be interested for our September cruise.
  9. Unfortunately, moving cabins at this point results in more $. It was an awesome deal and I’m not sure the added cost will be worth it. I don’t mind walking - it’s not as large a ship as my previous cruises. As far as motion, neither of us is affected. I’ll have my ta keep an eye out for pricing on the suggestions though! Appreciate it. Pat
  10. TA checked, angled balconies mid-ship are not part of the sweet deal we got. We’ll stay where we are. Looking forward to celebrating my Dutch heritage on this cruise! Pat
  11. Why move? From the photos, it looks like balconies closer to midship look down in the lifeboats.
  12. We are in a prime balcony forward deck 9. My ta assures me we have gratuities, drink package & wifi included but I don’t see it on my reservation-I’ve asked her to screenshot it for me. I’ve been “burned” by promises before although this is a reputable agent in a reputable agency.
  13. Thanks for all the tips, taking notes! I think we’re in a prime room? As far as drinks package, I don’t know. TA is sending conf email tomorrow-will all those details be listed?
  14. Golden Palace! Their big 1/2 price egg rolls sale is next week! Lineups start at 8am & go around the block!
  15. We’ve booked the Equinox to the ABC islands in September. We are Celebrity newbies but we have several cruises under our belts. Me more than DH because I’ve travelled a few times with my parents. We’ve sailed Disney, RCI, Carnival and NCL. What should we know about Celebrity & Equinox in particular? I usually research our vacations to the nth degree and had another line in mind, but our ta found us a sweet deal on Equinox. So, I’m ready to absorb others experiences & advice. Thanks, Pat
  16. What did you “hate”? Everyone has different things that are important. We do like good food so I’m thinking we may have to spring for some specialty dining.
  17. That won’t wok for us. DH cannot function with the drapes closed.
  18. We have previously sailed Disney, RCI and NCL. Our last NCL was a disappointment in a few ways that I suspect are cruise-wide issues. We are looking at an 8 day out of Miami on the Horizon in September going to La Romana, Aruba & Curacao. I’ve heard the balconies on Carnival overlook walkways & are noisy and not very private. Is this true? We may be looking at an inside so the budget will allow a 2nd cruise in the spring. I’d love to hear comments from folks who have sailed both NCL and Carnival, as well as thoughts on the Horizon. We are a young-at-heart recently retired couple. Thanks, Pat
  19. Likely won’t sail out of Nola again. Only did this time because we’d never been to Nola & spent 3 days exploring the city before the cruise. Cruises out of Florida work best for us.
  20. The wait was after a 90 minute shuttle shuffle/wait. An hour of hanging in the lobby. Then 30 minutes in another lobby waiting on a bus. Then the 45 minute line to get through security. Then another 30 minutes to get through check in. checked out of hotel at 11, we finally boarded at 2:45
  21. Our ta booked the NCL shuttle from Hilton riverside to the port. Never again. It would have been faster & easier to walk with our luggage through river walk & do it ourselves. Shuttle wasn’t till 12 and we had to check out by 11. Then too many folks for the busses, so more waiting. Then a 45 minute line to check in. next time we’ll walk & book a more preferable check in time.
  22. Both shows showed twice on 2 consecutive nights
  23. It’s a shame that NCL’s East & West proprietary wines are over the $15 mark. Not that it was my favourite but you’d think they’d price it within the beverage package.
  24. I have an interesting story regarding amounts owing. I called to inquire as to why my attempt to buy a dining package hadn’t gone through. No problem says the helpful lady, and she fixes it. But, then she says there’s $81.30 owing on your excursion & if you don’t pay it, it will be cancelled. Nothing is showing on my end & I have a receipt that says paid in full. She snaps “well I can see it”. I ask her to send me a screen shot & she declines. At my request, she tracks down a supervisor. Then she comes back to say the supervisor noted that my ta had declined commission, therefore the 81.30 is no longer owed! *****? My ta has certainly NOT declined her commission!
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