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  1. I was conditional in September while DH was approved. All this about 6 weeks after applying. I made an interview appt for Feb 25 but received my new “approved” status this week. If you’ve been conditional for 2 years, I would imagine that won’t change now. Is there anyway to phone and ask? Have you been able to secure an interview?
  2. In chatting with a gov’t employee (who I imagine has an idea given the dept he works in), it seems if there’s any change, the computer automatically labels you “conditional”. But a human reviews and if it’s a legitimate change, it can be approved. I changed jobs, same health-care career, different employer-same job, just different boss.
  3. I reported on this forum about 2 months ago that DH was approved & card received. I was “conditional” and needed an interview. I scheduled an interview for late February at Champlain. today, I receive an email changing my status to “approved”. I have no idea why, but I’m happy to not have to do a one hour drive, in winter, for an interview! I think I’ll log back in to see if the interview was automatically cancelled, if it wasn’t, I’ll cancel it when my card arrives!
  4. We shared a taxi van with several other cruise folks. (Because ncl’s shuttle driver did not show). It was crowded but I believe we paid about $20 per passenger.
  5. We travelled in mid-January in 2019 and had unseasonably warm NY temperatures & very calm water. Maybe we got lucky.
  6. I just turned 65 and with absolutely NO changes in my health, my premiums doubled. I did a lot of comparison pricing, read reviews & poured through lots of pages of fine print. I settled on Manulife as theirs was the only policy that specifically mentioned Covid. All prices were within about 10%. Some companies flatly said Covid was not covered & others shrugged & said words like “why wouldn’t it be” or “l would think so”. I went with the policy that specifically states they cover all costs should we cancel before due to a positive Covid test & would cover expenses should we contract Covid while on board.
  7. The website indicates you start at the Champlain Canadian office, then cross to the US office to finish. But, in checking just now, it clearly states “no interviews available”. I do have a confirmation # and email, but I’ll be sure to verify before taking the drive.
  8. At the end of our cruise, Feb 5-12 NCL breakaway from Nola, we were originally scheduled to fly to Toronto at 3:30. Nice, leisurely breakfast, no rush to get off the ship. Then, flight was changed to 4:45. A bit of a wait at the airport, but ok. Now, air Canada says the only flight they can put us on is 12:30. So, up early, a fast breakfast, keep our luggage so we can disembark early, get through customs, & grab a cab to the airport. A bit of a rushed way to end a relaxing cruise vacation. But, the alternative is a night in a hotel with a flight out the next day. Extra cost plus another day off work. Our TA says it’s doable, and because we booked the entire trip through Air Canada Vacations, AC is responsible should we miss our flight. I’m sceptical about that last point! Has anyone else made a 12:30 flight? I’d be interested in hearing about your experience. Pat
  9. I was just able to book an appt at Landsdowne, Ontario for February 24, 2023. There were lots of time slots for February. It’s about a 90 minute drive for me. I’ll keep checking to see if there are cancellations sooner. We are cruising out of Nola on February 5 but my nexus is good till June. I was conditionally approved while DH got his without any interview required. No idea why I need an interview while he doesn’t.
  10. DH got his card in the mail yesterday, less than 2 weeks after approval. I heard on the news that Canada is trying to convince US officials to help with the backlog. Mine expires in June and, as I understand, is good for an additional 2 years upon conditional approval. So, I’ll wait till warmer weather before tackling the 3 hour drive to Champlain for an interview. the only thing that changed in my application was the expiry date on my drivers licence. I wonder if that was the issue or if it’s just random, as was previously suggested.
  11. The closest spot to us is Champlain, about a 3 hour drive. I logged in today and there are lots of appointments January to March. Given that I’m not in a rush, I’ll wait till the weather is better and aim for the spring/summer long weekend and make a mini vacay out of the interview. The only appointments listed were January to March-I’m assuming they don’t release them far in advance.
  12. Mine doesn’t expire till June 2023, plus as I understand it, once you’ve applied for renewal, it’s automatically extended for 2 years. So, I’m good for my February cruise out of NOLA. I’ll keep logging in every few days & see if anything pops up for Champlain.
  13. Well. DH did not receive an email but I checked just now and he has been approved. I guess I’m the only one needing an interview, and I had no changes. Guess it is rando, as was previously suggested. Bother!
  14. We’re outside of Ottawa. Niagara Falls is not close. When we first got Nexus, we were able to get our interviews at Ottawa airport. My renewal status shows “conditional”, whereas DH has received no word yet. We cruise in February & if we are indeed good for a 2 year extension, we’ll be ok.
  15. I was aware of the “no appointments in Canada”. So I looked for anything upper New York State, but the closest I could find was an 8 hour drive to Vermont. Not doing that. I’ll take the 2 year extension & wait and see.
  16. Are you able to find an appt for an interview anywhere within a reasonable time frame? We’re close to Ottawa & I can’t find anything within 5-6 hours of here. And, I’ve looked all through 2022 & 2023.
  17. Ok, I just read the FAQ’s. It seems if none of your information has changed, an interview isn’t required. Fingers crossed, my “conditional” approval becomes “approved” soon.
  18. I received notification today by email that my application was conditionally approved. The next paragraph indicated “book an appointment”. There are none available within a 6 hour drive of our home for at least a year. Do renewals require an in-person interview? I did my husband’s renewal application at the same time & he hasn’t received an email yet.
  19. We applied for our nexus renewal last week. Other than taking our payment, there’s been no further word other than the generic “keep checking back” and notice of the automatic 2 year extension. Ours expire June 2023.
  20. My previous ta always gave an obc and a gift like strawberries. I used a different ta for our February cruise as her agency was the only one that would take my avion points as payment. But, I find her not as knowledgeable about cruises as my previous ta and there has been no mention so far of any obc or gift. Now that all my points are gone, I’ll go back to my previous ta. Not so much for the obc, but for the better service.
  21. Sthrngary, we enjoy fine dining & getting dressed up. But, equally like the shows. So far our two dinners are booked for 7:30 & 7:00 on sea days. Our preference is going to a show on a “not-specialty-dinner” night. There’s nothing worse than constantly looking at your watch while enjoying an exquisite meal. I’ll look for recent dailies from the Breakaway and see if I can ascertain a pattern.
  22. So it’s a bit of a crap shoot booking dinners in advance?
  23. We are 120 days out from our Breakaway cruise out of New Orleans. This morning, I was able to book our 2 specialty restaurants. But, of course the concern is we’ll be dining while the shows are on. The website says it’s too early to book Six or Burn the Floor. When do these normally open up? And, is there a “usual” time for the shows? We will likely buy 2 more dinners but want to wait to book the shows first. Let the countdown begin!
  24. Yes. We found all the meat to be well done. When the lamb arrived well done, we asked for some with at least some pink shoeing, and were told “that’s not how we cook it here”. We may have hit a bad night, but having mashed potatoes sitting there cooling for 10 minutes before any meat arrived was not acceptable to us. It was too bad because we’d heard rave reviews. I do say the salad bar was stellar; too bad the main course didn’t match up.
  25. I second the light scunchable down jacket. We were on a cruise in January a few years ago; our 2nd flight was postponed a day and the airline put us up in a hotel for the night. But, we had to wait outside for the hotel shuttle. Believe me, I’d have paid anyone any amount for a warm coat & gloves!
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