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  1. What is it about the covid numbers that people do not seem to understand or want to comprehend???? Either in their own location or in other parts of the world. Simply because a person happens to have been fortunate enough to get both covid vaccinations does not mean that worldwide cruising will start up next month or even in the next 90 days.
  2. Social media may be a bit of a stretch for some cruise lines like HAL. They can hardly keep their web site operating, let alone designed in a user friendly manner.
  3. It does not matter what I think. The cruise lines etc. will make the rules in the best interests of their business.
  4. It has always been about the numbers around the world. Many people were, and still are looking at cruise start up through rose colored glasses that seem to block out the reality of the numbers.
  5. Agree, it is all about optics, not substance. That is the nature of politics. You have to watch very closely to see under which shell the pea is hidden. And with many, many politicians the pea strictly an illusion...it does not exist and never did. Except in the minds of luckless voters.
  6. They can get fairly immediate info through customer surveys. Seems to me that if these would be very reliable inasmuch as they are from those who have paid money to sail on that specific cruise line/ship. If they wanted to get serious about it, they could hire a third party firm to actually call a random sample of recent cruisers and survey with a very directed set of questions. On a Celebrity cruise that we took a chef, complete with a big hat, and an assistant came out. He went to four or five tables. We were one. He asked lots of questions about our meal tha
  7. I believe that is fairly straightforward. They will simply be unable to buy any travel product, cruise, air, or other product from a vendor that makes having a the vaccine a condition of purchase/passage. But...perhaps only in the short term-next two years or so.
  8. Sometimes I wonder at those very loyal to one cruise line who try another and come back to report on how awful it was. The comparators are always back to their favorite cruise line which of course is the best in the world in all areas. It makes me wonder why they bother to waste their money on another cruise line product that will never match up to their preferred line. I believe that some are bound and determined to find fault, any fault, in order to validate their 'choice' of cruise line and boost their own ego.
  9. I believe that a lot of this conjecture is a complete waste of time. The civid issue is far from over world wide. It is more than just one country. There is still the projected third wave of covid that health officials are claiming is more contagious and more resistant to treatment than current strains to get past. Cruising will open up when it opens up, not when CC posters think it will or think should. Until then...just make alternate plans. No use moaning about it.
  10. I would think that cruise lines would get much better feedback from their TA's and from their on board staff than they ever would from a CC forum.
  11. I believe that employers and those employing staff who deal with the public in many countries are going to have to consider litigation issues with an eye to their standard 'duty of care' obligations when it comes to protecting staff and customers. It has already become a topic for employment lawyers in our jurisdiction as the vaccine rolls out. The opinion of most is that an employee can be required to be vaccinated as a condition of employment or a condition of continuing employment. Just as it is now, and has been for many years, in certain occupations and environments.
  12. It is a moot point for us. We will get the covid vaccination. Just as have the flu shot each year, Hep shots, tetanus, yellow fever, etc. We really do not care if others refuse the vaccine. It will be their choice however this choice may limit their ability to travel internationally for some period of time. It is just one of the pros and cons when making the decision. In many countries employers will have the right to require employees in certain occupations to be covid vaccinated.
  13. It would not surprise me in the least if proof of covid vaccination is required to board a cruise ship, an international flight, or indeed perhaps at some AI's and resorts. We have no say over the matter. If we want to travel we will have to conform. If not....we will have to stay home.
  14. This is how we currently book most of our cruises. Sweet spot for us pre covid was either 45 days out or 10 days or less. We do the same with land trips. A great air fare, one way or multiple, to an interesting place will get our immediate attention. We currently have three on our list for late Sept thru early December and two in our list for next winter...covid permitting. Nothing booked but we will be ready and desperate to go for the first available good offer.
  15. A few years ago we landed in FCO and were making our way to CInque Terre by rail. We purchased a Trenitalia ticket from FCO to Riomaggiore. As luck would have it our bag did not make the plane from Frankfurt. It came 90 minutes later on the next flight. There was also a problem on the FCO-Termini railbed that delayed all trains. By the time we got to the rail ticket booth at FCO Trenitalia had changed our reservations to reflect new times, etc. We were relieved because we changed trains outside Rome, in Pisa, and again somewhere else. We were thankfu
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