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  1. Unfortunately, unless there's been a recent change that I've missed, the answer to both is "no".
  2. I agree, it could be done IF Celebrity was to require the information well in advance of the cruise. I suggested that a couple of days ago. Bear in mind that the insurance companies, employers and other organizations generally aren't working under time constraints, and they generally aren't verifying vaccination information from around the globe. At the current time, Celebrity only requires that you provide your proof of vaccination at check in. Good luck to the harried terminal staff in St. Maarten this summer verifying any meaningful number of international spot checks on a Sunda
  3. I've taken a quick read through the linked material and it looks like a great initiative. The only potential negative relates to the input of the information. Most of the still relatively small number of organizations willing to contribute results seem to be test oriented rather than vaccine providers. Hopefully more organizations will get on board, as the concept is sound.
  4. There are so many sources of cruising frustration these days. I just hope that by the time of our next booked cruise next March, many of these irritants will have been resolved. I hope that you enjoy all parts of your land and sea vacation!
  5. You could cancel the middle leg, stay at a hotel or resort for a week, and then re-embark for the final leg.
  6. I'm not sure that being closer to home has any bearing on the issue if you are talking about a Caribbean cruise. If there's a medical or other issue that requires me to fly home, a flight from the Bahamas or one from St. Lucia will only differ by a couple of hours. We seldom cruise for less than 14 nights, but I might consider the 9 nighter. The 4 night cruise isn't worth considering unless it's an out and back from Montreal and we could drive to the port in a couple of hours on embarkation day.
  7. There appears to be general agreement that fraudulent vaccination documents pose the risk of having unvaccinated adult passengers aboard. Beyond that, there is little apparent agreement whether or not Celebrity is capable of verifying the authenticity of these documents. Personally, I have serious doubts. In the US alone, how many separate data bases hold information on vaccinated individuals? How many in Canada, the EU and the rest of the world? Put bluntly, I don't believe that Celebrity has or will have the capability of tapping all of these resources to verify vaccination docum
  8. What??? Your arm is gone? How Monty Pythonesque. 🤣
  9. DW and I had our first Moderna jabs yesterday afternoon. A first-rate clinic, very well organized and great staff, medical and otherwise. At the end of our 15 minute wait, we checked out with no paper work given to us, but an email with a PDF attached, providing all of the relevant information, hit my iPhone before we even reached the door. Other than very minor soreness at the jab site, neither of us has experienced any side effects. Now we wait until July 31 for the second shot, keeping our fingers crossed over recent speculation in the Canadian media that the length
  10. Actually, QR codes are extremely easy to create and link to whatever text, pdf, image, url, etc. that you want. Scan this one that I just created as a small example. It says "This is all of my vaccination information!", but could well be a doctored photograph, pdf, etc., of a real vaccination certificate. Unfortunately, whatever Celebrity plans on doing to to verify vaccinations is subject to potential abuse, and I'm not sure that there is any easy solution if an unvaccinated person really wants to board.
  11. Seems to me we've heard that several times over the past year, only to find that, oops, no it's not. I wouldn't use the lack of masks at an agricultural fair as an indicator of the state of the pandemic any more than I'd use the recent lack of masks in South Beach. JMO.
  12. Don't worry, they'll soon be offering you an excursion to Peggy's Cove. 🤣🤣🤣
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