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  1. This article should provide most of the information that you are seeking: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=4161
  2. That's my understanding too, but it really doesn't matter to us because we shop there regularly anyway. If you want OBC instead of the cash card, book a Holland America cruise. We always get OBC when booking HAL and a cash card when booking Celebrity. There must be some logical explanation, but haven't read one yet.
  3. The thought lingering in the back of my mind since the OP started this thread is that Celebrity, like most cruise lines, makes a significant profit on every item or service that it sells. A bottle of wine, spa services, shore excursions... the list goes on. In all cases, overpriced, some things more so than others, so I'm not surprised that the shuttle bus prices were inflated when compared to local transportation prices. That said, and having a reasonable understanding of the cruise industry and the broader tourist industry, I wouldn't feel ripped off with the shuttle any more than I do when the glass of wine served in the MDR costs more than the whole bottle if purchased ashore. Sure, I'd prefer all of these prices to be lower, but the reality is that, if you want to cruise and use cruise line services, you are going to pay more and there's no sense in getting upset about it.
  4. You are quite right, it was added to the list sometime between 2016, when steamers weren't included in my edocs prohibited list, and 2018. From my 2018 cruise documents section on prohibited items: Firearms & Ammunition, including realistic replicas, Sharp Objects, including knives and scissors* , Illegal Drugs & Substances , Candles & Incense, Coff ee Makers, Clothes Irons/Steamers & Hot Plates , Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bats, Bows and Arrows, Skateboards & Surfboards, Martial Arts Gear, Self-Defense Gear, including handcuff s, pepper spray and night sticks, Flammable Liquids and Explosives, including lighter fl uid and fi reworks, HAM Radios, Dangerous Chemicals, including bleach and paint; Alcoholic Beverages**; Hookah Pipes.
  5. The partial screen capture below shows some of the details. The drop down list of "Reservation Details" provides passenger details as well as such things as dining. The page continues with the Cruise Planner and its numerous links.
  6. When I sign in, I'm taken to a page with my reservations. For each reservation there is a "Manage reservation" link that takes me to a page that displays the cabin number for that reservation. In your initial post, you indicate that you tried the link and received an error message. Clear your cache, try a different browser, shut down and restart your computer, etc., etc., then try again. In the mean time, as you have a TA, Celebrity won't deal with you on your reservation. Get confirmation from the TA while waiting to resolve your computer issue.
  7. A quick call to your TA should get you your answer. Have you no correspondence from your TA confirming the booking and showing the cabin number?
  8. This is probably the post you are thinking of:
  9. We recently returned from a 14-day cruise with the largest balcony on the slant. There were still times when either all or none of the balcony was in shade, but you are right, they provide the best option for a good mix of sun and shade.
  10. Booking a cruise used to be so easy. Now you need a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the variables when trying to determine the best value.
  11. I've not had the pleasure of sailing with Captain Kate, but your observations regarding visibility, communication and setting the tone are spot on. I've had cruises where the officers have been invisible, including the captain, and the atmosphere has been palpably different.
  12. Few balconies are fully covered, and even they receive their fair share of direct sunlight, depending on the time of day and your ship's direction of travel. Most balconies will have periods of sun and shade to varying degrees, so you'll some time when you'll both be happy, other times when one will be happier than the other.
  13. What??? A free upgrade??? Just joking. My spreadsheet included 1B, 1A, C3 and C2 cabins, each with prices for no perks (refundable deposit), 2 perks or 4 perks, plus the cost of each perk if I was to purchase one or more separately. The C2 with 2 perks at a C3 price was our best choice and saved us $968 (CAD) for the 12 day cruise.
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