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  1. You can share the package, but not simultaneously. You'll need to log off before she can log on.
  2. Fouremco

    Koningsdam Questions

    I bought them from Lee Valley, item B in this page: http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?p=73796&cat=1
  3. Fouremco

    HAL Private Sale?? Not really.

    It seems to me that the wording in these brochures is pretty straight forward. For each itinerary, where there are often multiple sailings and at times multiple ships, it shows the pricing for the various categories followed by the statement that "Fares shown are for the [length][ship][date] sailing." Nowhere in the brochure does is suggest that all cruises listed in the brochure are offered at a sale price. I have a recent "Caribbean & North America Cruises" brochure in front of me which, I believe, lists all of HAL's cruises in these regions. IMO, it would be unrealistic to expect them all to be on sale.
  4. In 2017, we treated our kids and grandkids to a 12-member family cruise on the Allure of the Seas, sister ship to the Oasis. The cruise was during spring break and was carrying its maximum passenger load, but as Aquahound has pointed out, the passenger:space ratio makes it feel less crowded than many smaller ships with less passengers. In our 70's, DW and I skipped the rock climbing, zip-lining and surfing, but we had no difficulty finding venues that were suited to our age and tastes. With its excellent specialty restaurants and far superior entertainment, evenings were a delight. While DW and I would always choose HAL or Celebrity over RCI, we'd have no hesitation in booking the Oasis if faced with the OP's circumstances.
  5. DW and I both prefer the bed-by-balcony configuration. While there isn't a great deal of space between the end of the bed and the wall, we'd rather have the extra square footage near the bathroom when dressing, using the closet, etc.. That said, cabin location is more important to us, and given the choice between a well located cabin with bed-by-bathroom versus a poorly located cabin with bed-by-balcony, we would always go with the former. Fortunately, we've usually been able to book cabins giving us both a good location and bed-by-balcony.
  6. Fouremco

    changed itinerary

    Celebrity's website has a page listing cruises with changed itineraries and provides all related information. With respect to the OP's cruise and the cancelled port stop in Osaka, the reason for the cancellation are quite understandable. Moreover, while the ship won't visit Osaka, all of the existing shore excursions and opportunities to visit the city are still offered: For the many guests still interested in visiting Osaka, Japan we are happy to advise that our full portfolio of Osaka tours will be available from Kobe. The journey from Osaka to Kobe is approximately 45 minutes and is incorporated into all tours. We will also have a wide variety of tours available for Kobe itself. With our extended time in port there will be plenty of opportunity to experience both of these amazing cities.
  7. Fouremco

    Passport Card? Edge

    Exactly. That's why saying that "the passport card is fine" is only true until something goes wrong.
  8. Fouremco

    Can I take it onboard? Oranges.

    A similar thread from the HAL board, including chengkp75's input.
  9. Fouremco

    New Promo $25.00 deposits

    DW and I have been contemplating a 10-day 2020 Hawaiian cruise for the last little while, and the $25 deposit decided it. We get the classic beverage package, paid gratuities, $100 OBC plus the Big Box TA's $425 cash card. We're happy.
  10. Fouremco

    Meclizine in Gift Shop?

    Amazon.ca offers both Bonine and generic Meclizine.
  11. Fouremco

    HAL Canada/New England shore excursions

    The best viewing of the Reversing Falls is during the approach to high tide, roughly every 12.5 hours. You'll need to research tide tables for the date of your visit to determine whether or not a high tide will occur during the period of your shorex. On the other hand, the sea caves require a low tide, so it would be hard for the excursion to provide the best of both elements in the 5 hours or so available to you.
  12. @newbie53 , a bit more information for you on the issue of accessibility. First, the visitors' centre is wheelchair accessible, as is the site of the recreated longhouse and outbuildings. Unfortunately, the boardwalk running from one to the other isn't, and there is a large set of stairs just as you exit the centre to get to the boardwalk. Parks Canada has a second parking lot close to the recreation site, however, to enable wheelchair access to it along a far shorter second boardwalk. There is no boardwalk for the original Viking site, but the walking path there might be viable in a wheelchair. I think that you'll find this Parks Canada brochure more informative for your purposes than the L'Anse aux Meadows website: http://parkscanadahistory.com/brochures/meadows/brochure-e-undated1.pdf Finally, if you are familiar with Google Maps and its Street View, the entire L'Anse aux Meadow site has been mapped out so that you can take a virtual walk through the whole site. While you can't enter the buildings, you can walk all around them and get a good idea of what to expect when you visit. It really is quite fascinating.
  13. Fouremco

    Scottie Dog

    I recommend that you read this thread, in particular post #58:
  14. Thank you. DW and I will be making our first visit to San Juan next month and continue to consider various options.