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  1. I would be really surprised to see that many on Viking, maybe in the future? We participated in a large M&M on HAL several years back. The Ryndam held 1260 pax, and there were 120 at the M&M - that 10% you referred to Peregrina. It was pretty impressive to all who participated. I got the impression that it was a larger gathering than usual. Our roll call for the upcoming October trip has been pretty quiet compared to others I have been on with Viking. We will be at the M&M if the date/time works for us. If it doesn’t we will let Viking know ahead.....if we find the invitation (that we will look for) in time to do so.
  2. I Did try that when the air dropped. Viking said they would not offer anything. There was no room to dialogue further with them. The difference wasn’t huge, but a token OBC would have been nice.
  3. I think that the big difference when comparing other lines willing to work with you after paying in full, is that you aren’t required to pay so far in advance as you do with Viking. With other lines you have an opportunity to approach them about price drops on slower selling itineraries much closer to your sail date.
  4. We will be overnight on the ship, so no luggage. We are sailing Viking out of the Manhattan terminal on Wednesday 10/9 and have that day free. We will already have done some exploring as we arrive Sunday evening. I read that there is a NYC Water Taxi that leaves not far from the Manhattan pier (42nd St?) and goes to Battery Park. If that is a hassle or very expensive, then I really appreciate the subway information, so thank you!
  5. Well this sure is helpful in understanding why I am having such difficulty in booking private. We arrive 10/17 and the only catamaran that responded was Leeward, who requires 100% payment prior. I booked with Viking although I do not like to book ship excursions. It does not does not state on the description where in Nevis we will be, but it is a full day on the water!
  6. Okay. Well knowing ahead of time is helpful in the planning! We only have that evening and an early evening sail away the next day.
  7. Thank you very much! Planning cash to take on this trip so this is helpful!
  8. I have had great response rate from Levi. We are booked with him in October. The communications with him answering my many questions has been really informative. My only guess on the delay is this is the slow tourism season and maybe he was taking a break. We are excited to spend the day with him!
  9. We are sailing on Viking leaving NYC on 10/9. We dock in Hamilton early evening 10/11, and had planned on exploring after arrival, with beach time the following day. It sounds like Hamilton will really be buttoned up by then if this is occurring for all of you next month! Gotta admit, pretty disappointed to read this, but at least it won’t be a surprise. 🤦‍♀️
  10. Do they take credit cards for umbrella/ lounger rentals or do they require cash? Sure is pricier than I had thought it would be, but based on what I read, Horseshoe Bay is the best pink sands place to visit if you want loungers/food/drinks/restrooms? Is this correct?
  11. I read that there is a water taxi one can take from close to the Manhattan cruise terminal. Is this a viable and good option to arrive close to 911 Memorial? We don’t mind walking some on each end. It seems like a nice option to taking a taxi. Thank you
  12. Thank you CCWinelover! I will look forward to reading your review! I did read that there were penguin chicks available to observe in recent years in December in the Falklands, so it’s certainly possible! I also read that if you are going on an Antarctica journey, that the new rules take affect at the end of 2021 where cruise ships must meet build and size requirements to sail in this part of our world. This means that some of the current sailings on other lines will no longer be available, and basically only expedition type/size ships will be allowed. So if Viking is going to expand into that geography they will likely need to build the design/size used in Galapagos such as Deec mentioned.
  13. Thank you crystalspin. I did some research that said the baby penguins are born in December/January and it wasn’t on an excursion website. These were penguins in South America so maybe there is a window where this is just an average. It sounds like your experience was very cool.
  14. Ahh, thank you. Now I get what you are saying and it totally makes sense. Thank you Ruth. From the West Coast Europe can be grueling depending on flights, and Africa was the ultimate! From the East Coast Chile would be no fun! So yes, we will be prepared for long travel to do this and it’s just so exhausting. Well, we are booked for 2020 so if we go to Antarctica on HAL looks like the Westerdam is our only option. Need to ponder this but all the information is sure helpful.
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