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  1. We just received a cancel notice from Princess for our 9/20 RT out of SFO. There is an updated date for requesting a refund by 6/30/20 with a link to that form. Otherwise the FCC will default and be valid for trips through 5/22 with double the deposit in your account to use. We will be requesting refunds.
  2. We cancelled a big HAL trip from May. Have another in September to Canada that will cancel. Had three land trips cancelled so far this year. Not sure if a Fall land trip will take place or not, but it is possible to drive instead of fly as planned. We will see. The lack of Covid coverage with travel insurance out of country is a big deal. Feeling safe is a big deal. I am afraid both of those pieces are a ways out from being resolved. I Worry that cruise lines are in trouble and putting money out there might not be wise for future travel. We are thinking if we travel in 2021 it will be land or American river/harbors cruise. The likelihood for us is realistically not before 2022, but damn, I hope I am wrong.
  3. I agree with you Hank. The employees must be so overwhelmed. I cannot imagine. I am not in a hurry for our refund. I just don’t want a FCC. It also makes sense that with this new announcement , Princess will need to update their website cancellation list soon. The other piece is that obtaining a refund or future use of travel insurance policy, I believe it is easier if the cruise line cancels instead of the passenger? smokeyham, I was talking with a friend yesterday who is a dual citizen with a home in Cabo. It’s not a good situation there with the virus. It would give me pause. They are not traveling to their home there for that reason. thanks all for the updates. Hearing about the timelines others have been dealing with is good information to have so I appreciate that.
  4. Smokeyham we are booked on the same cruise. I will give it till mid week and hopefully Princess will have their list updated. My concern was the statement on their website that the refund form needed to be completed by 6/15. We will be taking a refund. Not sure how long it will be before we will be comfortable on a larger ship. I think our next cruise will likely be another river cruise. And not likely within the next year, but more likely late 2021 or 2022. thanks for the input and opinions.
  5. I saw the report yesterday where Canada is not allowing any cruise ships with more than 100 passengers to dock in their ports through 10/31/20. I have returned to the link Steelers36 provided the information on. Our trip is not listed as cancelled yet it docks in Victoria and Vancouver. The note also says if you do not fill out the form for a refund by 6/15 it will default to FCC, which we do not want at this time. Princess.com still shows cabins available. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
  6. Interesting feedback. Out of curiosity where was your cruise to take place? I ask because I wonder if the feedback was based on travel area or more to the act of cruising. CCWineLover - I would agree with your assessment. Viking is class act. When we feel comfortable to sail again, there are multiple lines we will not consider. Viking will remain on our list with very few others m
  7. I think, for me, finding out how the travel insurance requires my behavior for refund may impact my decision to cancel early or wait to see if Princess cancels. I am not so confident, that even if this itinerary sails, Canada will allow disembarkation. Living in the Bay Area as you do, this is an easy vacation to reschedule. That said, I sure wish we were sailing into Malta tomorrow and am missing travel this year.
  8. Thank you all for these helpful articles and input. I think it’s highly unlikely our cruise will sail. I think it’s also highly unlikely we will be taking any vacation this year to be honest. So far we have cancelled several. I need to check to see if I need to wait for the cruise line to cancel for travel insurance reimbursement. I know that varies with insurance companies. I truly appreciate the time in responding to my question.
  9. Yes jennybenny. That is the the itinerary we are booked on - sailing 9/20. Not sure if first scheduled cruise is a good thing or not - I can see an argument for both sides.
  10. Over the years Viking has facilitated on their payment in advance policy. Our first Oceans five years ago required full payment 2+ years prior. That was after a river cruise prior where that wasn’t the case. Our last Oceans was 6 months in advance. Their promotions sometimes offer 6 months prior, and sometimes 12 or more. I received in the mail today a prior customer package that did not mention later full payment, but did offer the ability to cancel during a very short window prior to sailing with a FCC. My point is that their promotions vary. Right now, DH and I are still SIP. I am itching to book a trip, but for us, paying in full, far in advance, with the current pandemic is not an option for us. We look forward to sailing again. I think everyone has to determine their personal comfort zone for future travel, and what they are willing to financially put out and when. I am thinking that there is no ‘right’ nor ‘wrong’ answer.
  11. Thank you Steelers36. I found the link. I did not see any cancellations for Star Princess at all. I guess we will just wait a bit longer. Just not sure it will sail. And also not sure if we will sail until a little further down the Covid road. I appreciate your assistance.
  12. I am sure that I read somewhere that Princess has cancelled Alaska and any Canadian Cruises (amongst other locations) into the Fall. We are booked in September RT from SFO to Vancouver/Victoria. I looked at Princess online and it appears to still be selling cabins. I also looked through several pages on this forum before posting. Does anyone know the status? I realize Canada likely May have the last word here, and have not seen further updates on accepting Cruises. Thank you
  13. Princess may not have known if it was just the flu or the virus, but given all the information available at the time it should have raised red flags. The man who died today is not the only confirmed case from the Mexico cruise. There is a patient in the hospital in Sonoma County who is confirmed with the virus from that cruise - and one has to wonder how many others. chengkp75- I trust your expertise from reading your analysis on multiple boards over the years. So if the fogging is reliable, does the question then become - did Princess perform this throughout the ship between the two sailings? If they did, then would that not have eliminated this reoccurrence of the virus on the next itinerary?
  14. I sincerely hope that all those on the Grand will be okay. As well as those on the previous Mexico itinerary. That is the most important piece. That said - help me understand why, when Princess knew there were people with flu like symptoms on the Mexico itinerary, that they just turned the ship around on time and boarded new passengers for the Hawaii itinerary? From the Mexico itinerary we know for a fact that the one passenger died today in Placer County. We know that there is another person in Sonoma county in the hospital with confirmed virus from that Mexico trip. There is also another person who self quarantined when she returned home in Sonoma County for 14 days following that trip. She had reported to Princess her symptoms. No follow up from them - so this all bears the question - did Princess not learn their lesson in Japan? And - how many more people from that Mexico trip have dispersed with no follow up? Now we have more confirmed virus currently on a ship that turned around from another itinerary with the virus that Princess knew there were ill people on. Again - my thoughts are with all of you on the Grand.
  15. Thank you for these responses. It helps me, and I hope the OP as well with all these personal experiences.
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