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  1. I am feeling grateful that we are sailing from Manhattan. What a nice extra step for a captain to make that happen from another sail away.
  2. Vineyard View

    Dominica post hurricane

    thank you JT. That is sure a nice size group. We avoid ship excursions and generally book private or very small group.
  3. Vineyard View

    Dominica post hurricane

    thank you JT. I am thinking then that the key decision is choosing between river tubing and swriiming through the gorge. Good to know that you could enjoy multiple stops in addition to the tubing. How large was the group when you went with Antours?
  4. Vineyard View

    Dominica post hurricane

    Would you recommend River tubing over seeing the falls and the gorge? I am not sure all that can be done in one day?
  5. Vineyard View

    NYC, Bermuda & West Indies vs West Indies Explorer

    We will miss you by one day in NYC Jim. We sail away at the same time and I hope it won’t be too dark - I was informed that sunset will be about 6:30. You will get a double treat!
  6. Vineyard View

    NYC, Bermuda & West Indies vs West Indies Explorer

    There was a great group of people on that WC thread. It was as you say very informative and the pictures (I am inept in that area as well) were great to attach with the stories. Yes, that would have been quite the site - Captain Sullenberger was an outstanding hero that day for sure. Thanks for sharing
  7. Vineyard View

    NYC, Bermuda & West Indies vs West Indies Explorer

    Thank you Jim. That gives me a good idea of timing. So an hour+ sounds like a must. So does taking a libation with us! 😂 Really looking forward to this! Another WC on the books for you! Wow! That is pretty incredible and must be very exciting to anticipate doing again! I enjoyed following posts from the first one.
  8. Vineyard View

    NYC, Bermuda & West Indies vs West Indies Explorer

    CCWinelover, I did see a private river tubing opportunity in Dominica that looked to be great fun as well. I was torn which direction to take. Might still be a bit u decided after reading this! I also looked at the Baths and decided it looked to be likely very crowded - which I was worried how it would take away from the experience. I tried to find a catamaran that would take us there and then scoot out to snorkel at the popular locations but it sounds like it logistically wouldn’t work. Jim the WC might be the best option on sail away from NYC! Curious as to approximately how long in time it will be to experience this sail out - if we depart at 6:00 what would be an estimated time when we would have experienced what we do not want to miss? Thanks everyone!
  9. Vineyard View

    NYC, Bermuda & West Indies vs West Indies Explorer

    Your goat head butting experience at least sounds unique! I would have been bummed as well. We read that the snorkeling in St Kitts is said to be the best in BVI so the catamaran seemed like a good way to go. The owner of the tour company in Dominica told me that in addition to the flotation device, that he will swim back out with the one in our party who is not a strong swimmer. I thought that sounded great so we will go with it. Thanks for the heads up We enjoy earlier dinners, however on the NYC sail away I think we will be out on deck at the Explorers lounge, or on Deck 8 with bubbles in hand! Thanks for the tip on Bermuda sail in. I really appreciate all these great pieces of information!
  10. Thank you for clarifying. When I googled sunset times for NYC October 2019 the site I clicked onto showed the 7:00 timeframe. So we will be sailing out at sunset and that I would think, should be nice?
  11. We are sailing in October. Ship sails at 6:00 and sunset is a little past 7:00.
  12. Vineyard View

    NYC, Bermuda & West Indies vs West Indies Explorer

    Becki, thank you! So you were able to have a good view of the Statue of Liberty on your sail away, or do you recommend making that a separate plan? I made reservations on Dominica for a private tour. We will make several nature stops (waterfalls, pool) that sound lovely. Did you experience the gorge swim during any of your trips, and if so would you consider that a challenging swim? Will be taking my waterproof Teevas on this trip! We are looking forward to our first time in Bermuda. I am still leaning towards catamaran in St Martin and St Kitts. I don’t want to overplan the ports. I will have my list of options with us and really want to just wing it some depending on the mood and weather. Also so thank you Auntiewerewolf for the tip on the Intrepid Museum! I appreciate all all of these tips!
  13. Love this To all of you, thanks again. It looks to be a beautiful sail away. Top deck, drink in hand (possibly bubbles), Camera at hand, bing with DH on vacation - all adds up to perfect!
  14. Vineyard View

    Carnival Cancels All Stops at Antigua

    Just checked our October itinerary on Viking and we remain scheduled in Antigua. Thank you for posting this possible heads up. It will be interesting to see if this stays within The Carnival family.
  15. Vineyard View

    Anyone tried Antigua Reef Riders?

    Ahhhh, I hadn’t really thought about that piece. That could be challenging for a couple in the group. Darn. I will check with Reef Riders about this. I am really glad that you mentioned it before we found out the possible hard way. Thank you