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  1. You arrive in FLL on the 24th, but when do you leave Edmonton? Do you fly out on the 24th, or are you stopping over somewhere? If you are flying directly, unless it is a very early flight, you should be able to get your test at a Shoppers Drug Mart for $40 and have your results very quickly. With many 24/7 Shoppers, you may be ok even with an early flight. Edmonton International Airport, in partnership with Numi Health, offers rapid COVID-19 screening for passengers. I didn't check their prices, but probably more expensive than Shoppers. Still, better than having to get a test to enter the US and then take a second on in Florida for boarding. https://flyeia.com/health-and-safety/covid-19-testing/ There's lots of discussion on testing strategies on the Canadian Cruisers board. You might want to pose the question there too.
  2. Lily will be so happy that you remember her!
  3. I use a wide variety of Apple devices and have had no similar problem as recently as half an hour ago. If clearing your cache doesn't resolve your problem, try using a Private Window. Otherwise, give it a day or two and the problem may disappear as quickly as it appeared.
  4. If you have an Android phone, this software will generate a photo version of the document. If you have no phone, then you just need to go to the OMH website, download the PDF and carry a printed version with you. Unlike the phone-based system offered by Grassroots, it won't have a QR code for quick scanning.
  5. Did this earlier today. A seven minute wait to download the file, but an easy insertion into the Apple Wallet. I hope that the official Ontario app works as well when it become available.
  6. For fully vaccinated passengers, the $40 antigen test will suffice. Unvaccinated passengers require a PCR test.
  7. I've seen dozens of his videos, and they have had a good deal of very useful cruise information. He should stick to what he knows, as he was clearly out of his depth with this misguided rant.
  8. There are two legislative issues to be considered, the first being the cruise travel advisory and the second the cruise ship ban, but there is actually no impediment for travel in Canada: Avoid all travel on cruise ships until further notice If an outbreak of COVID-19 were to occur on a cruise ship while you are outside of Canada: you could be subject to quarantine procedures onboard ship or in a foreign country the range of consular services available to those on cruise ships may be significantly restricted by local authorities, especially in situations of quarantine it is unlikely that there would be a government-organized repatriation flight to return to Canada The second is the ban on cruise ships sailing in Canadian waters, but again there is no impediment for Canadian cruise lines with their smaller ships: Ban on cruise vessels in Canadian waters Cruise vessels in all Canadian waters and pleasure craft in Canadian Arctic water are prohibited until November 1, 2021. This means: adventure-seeking pleasure craft are prohibited from entering Arctic waters passenger vessels carrying more than 12 people are prohibited from entering Arctic coastal waters, including Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, and the Labrador Coast cruise vessels carrying more than 100 people are prohibited from operating in Canadian waters. smaller cruise ships certified to carry 100 or fewer people are not banned If you are looking for something this year, the Fall Harvest and Colour Cruise (https://www.stlawrencecruiselines.com/cruises/fall-harvest-and-colour-cruise/) or the Canadian Connection cruises (https://www.stlawrencecruiselines.com/cruises/canadian-connection/) offered by St. Lawrence Cruiselines may still have vacancies.
  9. OK, perfectly understandable. With an October cruise date and the Canada-New England cruises not running this year, I was thinking Florida and a very long drive.
  10. Our last three Celebrity cruises were 14-night southern Caribbean cruises aboard the Eclipse. Our next cruise is a 12-nighter on the Equinox, which isn't bad, but we'll miss those extra 2 nights.
  11. While small, we do have a domestic cruise industry offering summer and fall cruises along the Seaway and beyond. Due to ship size, they aren't subject to the current GOC restrictions on cruising. Here's a Fall Harvest and Colour Cruise, one of many offered by St. Lawrence Cruise Lines: https://www.stlawrencecruiselines.com/cruises/fall-harvest-and-colour-cruise/ Would you like to sail a bit further afield? Here's one of several companies offering itineraries varying from exploring the east coast to sailing around Newfoundland to exploring the high arctic: https://www.adventurecanada.com/
  12. Because of the border? Unless you were planning on driving to your port of embarkation, the border shouldn't pose a problem. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue.
  13. The 30-day final payment due date is for sailings departing between October 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021. When this temporary change was introduced last week, anyone with a cruise starting up to mid-December would have had to have already made their 90-day final payment, so it appears that only those with cruises starting mid-December to December 31 will actually benefit. This seems more like a good PR stunt than an actual break for cruisers, other than those sailing in the final two weeks of the year.
  14. Prices vary tremendously, both by the type of test taken, the speed of results, the testing facility and the location of the facility. It's quite easy to spend $180 for a test but, depending on where you live and what research you bother doing, it's quite possible to get a $40 test.
  15. What an embarrassing and ill thought out rant. I think he got his talking points from the other Donald.
  16. It's encouraging to see these changes, and to see that Celebrity is continuing to encourage the CDC to reevaluate mixed AZ-mRNA vaccinations.
  17. Go to your devices app store and download the most recent version of the app.
  18. I don't believe that they "have to" treat both borders equally, it's a question of choosing to do so. With the change in Administration, there was some hope that the US would return to the friendlier attitude that it had once shown towards Canada, but that increasingly appears not to be the case.
  19. While ministers cease their normal day to day work and head out on the campaign trail once a writ is dropped, federal departments and agencies continue with their duties and responsibilities during the period of the election. There's no reason to believe that work on the vaccine passport and mixed doses issue didn't carry on apace. A change in government might have led to a halt, reassessment and possible scrapping of the work done to date, but yesterday's results will prevent such an eventuality.
  20. The receipts that you can download from the Ontario website are perfectly acceptable. I'd suggest that both you and your husband use them, just to avoid anyone questioning why you have different receipts. DW and I have the cash register-type receipt from the second jab, but were only given an emailed pdf receipt for the first. Again, to avoid being challenged at embarkation, we will present the watermarked version downloaded from the MOH website that others have used without any issues.
  21. When we were younger, we self-insured and didn't bother purchasing travel insurance. When we hit our mid-sixties, we decided that we were more vulnerable, on the one hand, and that our trip costs were far higher, so it would be financially prudent to start buying insurance. Consequently, since then we have purchased annual coverage. Is it worth it? Absolutely, IMO. On our last cruise pre-Covid, my DW suffered an issue that resulted in medical and related costs totalling just under $11,000 that were paid in full by the insurance company. That would have been a big hit on the pocket book compared to the few hundred dollars for the insurance premium. Like all forms of insurance, those who have never faced the need to claim are less likely to see it as necessary, but those of us who have experienced totally unexpected issues and resulting claims will tell you otherwise. If you are bullet proof, don't bother, but... As for COVID, those Canadian travel insurance companies that will provide COVID insurance will cover medical expenses but will not cover COVID-related cancellation or trip interruption expenses. I've no idea whether US companies are following this approach.
  22. I never noticed, so thank you. Normally there would be a > to signify the presence of another item to the right, or a < for another item to the left, but hey, this is Celebrity IT we're dealing with!
  23. As the US has decided to extend the current restrictions until at least October 21, I really don't think that this approach for uniform requirements actually applies to Mexico and Canada. If it did, they would have included us in a single UK, EU, Canada and Mexico announcement. The other point to consider is it would appear that the lifted ban for UK and EU residents applies to flights to the US, something we already enjoy. Where the uniform requirements come into play is that Canadians will now have to provide proof of vaccination in order to fly to the US come November. As residents of Spain will be able to enter the US if fully vaccinated and testing negative, I'm waiting to see what impact this will have on Canadians booked on the Apex TA, or other lines' TA that include a stop in a Schengen country.
  24. Yup, extended to October 21st, when the next announcement will be made.
  25. How current is your app? I updated mine recently, and I now have 5 buttons along the bottom:
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