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  1. alibabacruisers

    Still getting pop-up notifications

    I am getting the notification message from the time I first arrive into CC to the time I leave CC and no matter where I go in CC they are there. Forums, Roll Calls, Port of Call, etc.... Now made a different discovery....when I go to use IE the notification message does not come up. Only when using Edge do the notifications come up. If I log off then the notification message stops, but if I am logged in it starts up again!
  2. alibabacruisers

    Still getting pop-up notifications

    My browser notification is off. I am getting what you have called "in-line notifications" I did go, as you suggested, to turn off the notifications in the CC notification section as well.
  3. alibabacruisers

    Still getting pop-up notifications

    I get the notification from the second I arrive on the CC website and not just in the forums! I have unticked all the boxes for notifications as well under the CC notification page.
  4. alibabacruisers

    Still getting pop-up notifications

    I am having the same problem as above but am using Edge. I did all of the suggestions above as well but still get the annoying message. I read the comment that this cannot be turned off and agree with the OP this should have been a deal breaker! This is sooooo annoying!
  5. alibabacruisers

    Email notifications

    Also, this only happens when I am using Edge, not IE.
  6. alibabacruisers

    Email notifications

    EVERY time a new screen comes up a notification comes up "boards.cruisecritic.com wants to send you notifications, but first you need to go to Settings and turn on Notifications". I am not very tech saavy first of all. I do not want this notification coming up every time I go to a new page! When I click on Settings can't figure out what to do next. I thought I had notification turned off. Can anyone help please?