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  1. Pretty much the same in price. My price converted to Pounds is a bit less but we pay gratuities on top. Thanks for this.
  2. I have never in 10 Viking Cruises had an envelope left in my cabin...? Not River, not Ocean.
  3. Would be very surprised if any insurance covered this. too many variables including where is the next port. the cost to get you to the next port could be quite high.
  4. Don't get mad at me for asking this, but does Viking really encourage this or is it American tipping culture coming to the surface? Are Viking just not addressing it because they don't want to appear that they are anti-tipping? I agree and know that tipping in many cultures outside of USA and Canada is just not expected, but Viking could also appear to be insensitive if they suggested we not tip.
  5. Ok... here goes. West Indies to Iberia - Trans-atlantic from Barcelona to San Juan. October 16th, 2024 We are in a DV6-Deluxe Veranda Our pricing is in CDN: Cabin. $5,099.00 Air. $1,499.00 Total. $6,598.00 CDN per person No SSBP Gratuities NOT included If I pop this in a Google conversion I get 3813.65 GBP
  6. Off topic, but when are you going to sell insurance to Canadians?
  7. Yes, I did omit the wider seat, but many of them have - not sure what to call them - the dividers between the seats and the tray table is in this, and there is a small tray like table between the seats. My only concern with this is on two flights (Australia, and South Africa), on the longest portion I was alone with no one beside me and because of this divider, you cannot take advantage of the empty seat beside you in the same way. But you are right, they are wider, and the recline is deeper.
  8. Probably better to post this in the Silversea forum. You will likely get more traction there.
  9. Gotcha - thank you. I knew that Gratuities were included for UK guests, but never realized that it was common to have SSBP included too. It would be interesting to compare - with current exchange rates - the cost of the same cruise in Pounds vs. CDN dollar. For some of our upcoming cruises, because of the length, the SSBP is over $500 CDN per person. No way I will spend $1,000.00 more for wine and spirits. We would never drink that much.
  10. I don't know if you have EVA Air as an option, but they are a great airline to the far East and their PE product is pretty good.
  11. I think that you will find these PE cabins a bit different on each airline, but they offer: 1) More legroom 2) Generally a foot / leg rest, but NOT a lie flat seat 3) Higher service level I won't fly over 7 hours in Economy. I have flown 20 hours + to places like Australia and South Africa and several Japan and China trips. If Business is out of the question because I don't have the points or don't want to pay that much, then I go PE. For all these long haul trips I did PE and it was so so so so much better than economy. Some of these were work trips and I was on my own and I book an aisle seat on the left side which in PE is only two seats. Sometimes I have had an empty seat beside me. When we fly together in PE we book the window and aisle on the side because they are only 2 deep and that is enough for me to choose PE over economy.
  12. We all must be diligent of what we read on any online platform today. I have witnessed quite a few first time cruisers get some good information here on CC, but of course it is subjective to the person providing the guidance. Your impression may be different than mine, and sometimes someone rushes to post an answer that may not be completely true.... But, how do you know if you need a filter if you don't know anything about what you are reading?
  13. Off topic, but I cannot miss this statement? What do you mean withdrawn SSBP from the 2025 cruises?
  14. CDNPolar


    You just reminded me that I have to try the onion rings at the Pool Grill. We have never eaten at the Pool Grill.
  15. CDNPolar


    We have not been on Ocean for over a year, but have been on several River cruises and happy with the food. This is concerning to me with Ocean and out next is not until October. We have always enjoyed the food on Viking, and hope that this is not a spiral down...
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