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  1. We are in the process of booking our first experience on Hurtigruten and it is an Antarctica cruise. Does anyone recommend the optional liquor package? Does anyone have pictures of the beverage menu and prices if we opt not to take the liquor package? Thank you.
  2. We are in the process of booking a cruise to Antarctica with Hurtigruten. Any advice on booking a Port or Starboard side cabin?
  3. Our disappointment added. We booked I think 4 different shows and after forcing ourselves to sit through 2 we cancelled the other 2. Not a real "planetarium" as the movies were only shown on a portion of the screen. Seats don't recline enough - or at all. Straining on the neck. Freezing cold in that room and could not wait to leave. Shows were boring and not well produced. All in our personal opinion. We would not bother again if on the Orion again. and would rather see that space returned to the Explorer Lounge - one of our favourite places on the ship.
  4. We always use Viking Air Plus. I research the flights that I want and use Seat Guru to decide the configuration of aircraft and then choose the seats we want. Our experience is that 310 days before the cruise you can call Viking Air and book. We have had really good experience with this. I am maybe too particular what type of aircraft and what seat I am in, but with Viking Air, I am more in control. If you do not use Viking Air Plus, then you will just receive your flights 75 days before and you are subject to what they want to book you on. Now - warning - when you choose flights on Vik
  5. We have always heard people say that Viking Ocean and River are similar but you cannot compare them. I don't even think they are similar. What we like about River cruising with Viking is that the ship experience is relaxed and very intimate. You only have really the lounge to go to (indoor) if you are not in the dining room or up on an outside deck. This is kind of like retiring to your living room after dinner. You can segregate yourselves if you want, but in most cases you get to know a lot of people on the River cruise. Entertainment is very different on River - sometimes t
  6. We routinely get 6 months as a repeat guest, but you have to ask for it, they don't give it willingly which I think is miss for Viking. We also managed to get 6 months for our travel companions that are both first time Viking guests. Guess it is how you ask and who you talk to?
  7. Excellent advice here. I book travel inside my company and for international travel, it is about what is on the passport and on the passport exactly. If the name does not match the passport then you will experience challenges.
  8. I am not gluten free but we have very specific food restrictions. On our last Ocean Cruise, I did notice that at the bread station in the morning in the World Cafe that they had gluten free bread options - behind the counter that you asked for. I would assume that these would have been pre-ordered by guests. Our experience has been very good on Viking. We call 90 days before and give our food restrictions and then meet with the restaurant manager or chef on first day. We have always been impressed with how Viking have handled our food restrictions. Excursions with m
  9. We typically buy a certain amount of currency for each country and especially if the country has its own currency and is not the Euro... This is not related to the Homelands cruise specifically, but we have found ourselves in countries where we wanted to purchase something on the street and we did not have local currency and therefore could not. It is a toss up because there is planning to ordering and buying local currencies - then how much do you get - and then you must spend it or lose money converting it back.
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