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  1. With the CDC hinting that cruising from the US could return as soon as mid-summer, how soon would you consider taking a cruise?
  2. I know there are plenty of couples out there who found love at sea, and would love to hear your stories! Bonus points if Cruise Critic also helped play matchmaker in your love story ❤️
  3. I've never done it! I've just crossed *over* the bridge via car. Adding to my list, for sure! Must be incredible.
  4. I'm currently daydreaming about this view from the shores of St. Lucia 😍
  5. Looking to daydream from home... Tapping into cruise memories, what's been your favorite cruise port for incredible views? Bonus points if you have a photo to share.
  6. Very interesting! Why the hiatus? And what brought you back?
  7. 🙂 What are some of the improvements that standout to you?
  8. Wow, so cruising has definitely improved from that first sailing! What improvements stand out the most for you, in terms of amenities or offerings that mean the most on cruises today? (in-room bathroom not included 🙂 )
  9. Amazing list of performers! How do you like the experience on the charter music cruises?
  10. Is the luxury cruise experience more aligned with what you loved most about mainstream cruising years ago? Do they meet the quality of mainstream cruising in years past, or surpass it?
  11. Ah, so it already did. Other than ship size, what are some of the things you enjoy most about cruising with those premium/luxury lines?
  12. @Heidi13 What are some of the things you miss most? Would their removal from mainstream push you away from sailing with a mainstream line?
  13. @ducklite You don't seem to be the minority at all, based on other comments on the thread. What are some of the things that you miss most, from those that have been cut?
  14. Cruising has changed a ton over the years -- as technologies improve, offerings onboard continue to evolve. A question for those of us who love to cruise: What's something that you've grown to expect onboard, but you used to consider a luxury?
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