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  1. The vast majority of people are ok, but there's always a percentage who are ignorant slobs - just look at the trash alongside our roadways. I tend to speak up when it affects the health and well-being of me and others and I speak up to the idiot. Few of them are bigger than me, so I tend to get my point across. I also speak up when it affects my place in line - you know the types, the ones who pretend they didn't know there was a line. People who get defensive when caught and confronted doing something wrong are trying to transfer accountability and guilt to the other person in order to make themselves feel exonerated.
  2. Pamster, I like your advice. Thanks. I'll give it a shot and see what happens. The worst that can happen is we just show up at the pier.
  3. Thanks one and all. Ordinarily OBCs would not be an issue, but we received pre-paid gratuities with the booking and suddenly realized we were sitting on too much OBCs. Nice problem. Maybe I'll splurge on an extra scotch or several.
  4. On an upcoming cruise, I have two types of OBCs, one of which is an OBC from Princess because I booked during a sale. It came with several restrictions in how it can and cannot be used. The other is from my travel agency and I can have the unused balance refunded. In planning for excursions and a daily cocktail or two, we are unlikely to use all of the total amount of the combined OBCs. My question is, which OBC will Princess use first for on board spending? I'm hoping that if there is a balance left, it's from the refundable OBC.
  5. I'll second the comment about Viking Ocean. No kids allowed. Also, we've found transocean cruises have fewer children, as well as avoiding any cruise near a holiday or the summer break - be aware of school schedules in the southern hemisphere. We have little patience with feral children on cruises and plan accordingly.
  6. She Who Must Be Obeyed and I have booked a B2B2B cruise next year. It started with one cruise and as we found the same cabin available on the next cruise, we kept asking ourselves "why not"? With all of the medallion and ocean ready issues cited in this thread, and with three separate cruises, we are leaning toward just showing up at the pier on embarkation day with our proper paperwork and get our medallions there, and let Princess figure out how to handle the two turnaround days. We seldom get in a big toot with embarkations, so a few extra steps that day instead of sucking up time before the cruise with a wonky app will be worth it. Any downsides to this approach?
  7. I'm always amused at all of the attention directed to getting continuing and disembarking passengers cleared through customs and immigration in US ports. If anyone really wants to sneak into the US, certain areas are wide open.
  8. I'm with DaveOKC on cabins. I too spend a lot of time finding the "perfect" cabin - passengers above, below, and across the corridor, as well as away from elevator lobbies and atriums. Then I request no upgrades. The cruise line's idea of an upgrade may be to a higher category and could be under the pool deck, across the corridor, or right above the disco bar. I figure there's a reason that particular cabin is available for an upgrade offer.
  9. She Who Must Be Obeyed and I often combine extended land travel followed by a cruise back to North America. We have found that luggageforward.com is an excellent way to have our "cruise clothes" delivered to the ship and right to our cabin, thus saving having to lug things we don't need on land around for 2-5 weeks. The only drawback is that the company sets the pickup day and will not store your bag. We usually have a neighbor store the bag until the pickup date since we are long gone by then. It is a luxury, but a very small percentage of the overall trip and cruise cost.
  10. I've had wonderful success with my big box warehouse club's travel department. If I see a price drop, I call their service center and they get it done. I also get some generous OBCs from them as well. Also, their website lets me search several cruise lines at once for the same destination.
  11. If one wants to see what a true service dog is, recall the picture of George H W Bush's dog laying in front of his casket. The cruise lines don't hesitate to enforce rules that can affect their bottom line - like bringing on your own booze. Perhaps if enough people started complaining about fake service dogs being allowed on board, the cruise lines would worry that it could affect their bottom line as well. It worked for smoking on board.
  12. Yep. I would have to start drinking at sunrise and drink all day to make it work. If I did that, She Who Must Be Obeyed would have to check me in to a detox center at the end of the cruise. "moderation in all things, grasshopper"
  13. When you are on the Princess website and manage your bookings, there are a series of pop-ups that you must click on to acknowledge. I decided to copy each one to a Word document for future reference. Here is a cut-and-paste of the pop up regarding vaccinations. The bold is mine. 3. It is the guest's responsibility to check with their travel advisor, the government authorities for the countries visited, and/or medical professionals to determine/verify visa and vaccination requirements and/or recommendations at sailing. Princess assumes no liability for a guest's failure to do so. Failure to present required travel documents, visas, and/or vaccination certificates at cruise check-in will result in denial of boarding without refund of the cruise or cruisetour fare. Visas issued onboard may include a service fee and prices are subject to change. See the Cruise Personalizer and Travel Summary for additional details. Visit the Cruise Answer Place at: www.princess.com/faq/. By clicking Continue you acknowledge you have received the above notification. This information is provided as general guidance. Because governmental and medical vaccination requirements and recommendations change periodically you must check with your travel advisor, government authorities for the countries you will visit and/or medical professionals to determine or verify the actual requirements and recommendations at the time of sailing. Princess assumes no liability for the passenger's failure to do so. Failure to present required travel documents, visas or vaccination certificates at cruise check-in will result in denial of boarding without refund of the cruise or cruisetour fare. By clicking Continue you acknowledge you have received the above notification. One could infer from this that you should bring your vaccination certificate with you.
  14. I've put the pencil to the drink package versus buying them individually and just can't make it work. I enjoy a glass of wine or scotch or two in the evening and that's about it. She Who Must Be Obeyed doesn't drink at all, so if both passengers in the cabin are required the purchase the package there is no way I can make it work. However, with the profit margin on alcohol sales, I hope that lots and lots of people continue to buy the drink packages. They are helping keep the cruise prices down since the cruise line is hoping to make it up on the upsells.
  15. Viking Ocean.....No Kids, No Casino, No Formal Nights. Add to that no chair hogs, no annoying photographers, no "carnival barkers" trying to upsell everything on enbarkation day, no "naughty room" since you are welcome to bring on your own wine at each port, no over-amplified music in interior venues, and no annoying Caribbean band on the pool deck. VO does include beer and wine with lunch and dinner, a couple of specialty dinings per cruise, and one included excursion per port, and more. VO is more expensive up front, but when you put the pencil to it, it's doable.
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