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  1. Has anyone ever heard of someone who gets to the end and wishes they had spent more time at the office? A wise mentor of mine told me years ago that you never see a U-Haul truck following a hearse.
  2. lissie, a very wise mentor told me years ago that one can always make more money, but you can't make more time. She Who Must Be Obeyed and I made a pact when we retired almost 20 years ago - if there's an opportunity to do something, we go for it. Sometimes she goes for it with a girl friend, and sometimes I go for it with a buddy - like a Route 66 trip - and sometimes we go for it together. And......we are still adding to our bucket lists.
  3. annxstitch, here is a link that may help you. I use to when planning just about any cruise to see what sort of attractions there are for each port of call. They offer a return to the ship guarantee also. Shore Excursions Group - Top rated cruise excursions, cruise shore excursions in Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe and more! I also use what's in port to find out more information about just about any port of call. Your cruise guide to 1200 cruise ports of call (whatsinport.com) Also, it's helpful to remember that there is no rule that you have to get off the ship in every port. There are some places that we have either been to before, or the local flora and fauna holds no attraction to us any more - such as some Caribbean ports. Those days spent on an uncrowded ship can be very relaxing.
  4. When She Who Must Obeyed cruises with me, a balcony is mandatory. She uses it as her own private retreat and her cabin boy brings her coffee in a thermal mug every morning. When I cruise alone, an inside if fine for me as I'm not in the cabin much and the extra cost of the balcony per day for the little time I use it is an expense best used elsewhere. To each his own.
  5. Interesting report and thanks for posting. Can anyone share the current science behind the buffet restrictions? How do they prevent the spread of the virus?
  6. We received a nice glossy catalog of ACL cruises a few days ago and She Who Must Be Obeyed was interested since no international travels would be involved. Once we got over the sticker shock of the prices, I came to cruise critic and read some of the posts here and the reviews. We decided ACL is not a cruise for us. Why pay premium prices for substandard accommodations, food, and service? One recent reviewer commented likened ACL to a Motel 6 experience. I have nothing against Motel 6, but I'm not going to pay Waldorf Astoria prices to stay in one.
  7. Yes, I booked with P&O. The cruise will be on the Arcadia.
  8. My first world cruise is booked for 2023, after moving it from 2022. While not an experienced world cruiser, I have some 50 cruises under my belt, the longest being 49 nights around South America. Cruise Critic has been a huge help when researching any cruise or cruise line. Conventional wisdom is to never book a world cruise on a line with which you have not traveled. Having cruised with Princess many times, I might have booked my WC with Princess without a second thought and them had the same experience as Heidi13 above. What I did was draw up a matrix with cruise lines offering world cruises and consider items that are important to me, such as wrap around promenades and guest laundromats. I included itinerary considerations such as countries I had not been to before, balance of port days with sea days, adults only ships, and the cost per day for the cruise. I also watched video tours of the ships and video reviews by passengers. My cruise needs are pretty simple anymore: a comfortable cabin with passengers above, below and across the hall. wraparound promenade, guest laundry, several sea days in a row, some interesting guest lecturers, and a wee dram or two in the evening with some unamplified string or piano music. I do not care to attend over-amplified shows in the theater or eat dinner in a loud MDR. In the end, I made a decision that I am excited about and looking forward to sailing around the world in 2023.
  9. Just have them ring a bell as they move about and shout "unclean, unclean"
  10. How does one identify "successful" passengers? I am reminded of the dinner scene from the movie "Titanic" "Ruth: And how is it you have the means to travel? Jack: I work my way from place to place. You know, tramp steamers and such. But I won my ticket on Titanic here in a lucky hand at poker."
  11. I don't know of any comprehensive list as such, but it's usually the older and smaller ships that have wrap around promenades and fewer still have guest laundromats. I suspect it's because those two do not produce any, if at all, revenue per square foot - but that's just my guess as I am cynical of anything new and improved.
  12. Probably somebody looking for something to be offended about would be my guess.
  13. I like loyalty perks as much as anybody once I'm on board, but I'm in my 70s and after some 50 cruises on various lines, I book for the itinerary to places I haven't been before and for the price/best value. I prefer ships with guest laundromats and a full wrap around promenade, and do not need to cruise on an alcohol-fueled country fair disguised as a cruise ship. That being said, if I book a cruise on a line with which I have some loyalty status, I'll enjoy whatever I feel like taking advantage of once I'm on board, but the perks are not the deciding factor and I do not lose sleep over something over which I have no control. I also suspect that the cruise lines will eliminate costly (to them) niceties under the guise of the pandemic and many of those are gone forever. Just remember, a bad day at sea is better than a good day at the office.
  14. Please explain what is political about “Just a few liberal, cranky people on this board trying to cancel anything they do not agree with”.
  15. I travel with She Who Must Be Obeyed and sometimes introduce her as my first wife - just to keep he on her toes. 35 wonderful years so far. There's always somebody looking for something to be offended about nowadays. They need to get over themselves and get on with life.
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