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  1. phabric

    on board booking transfer

    I booked a cruise for 2019 while on the Silhouette in January. I have twice transferred that cruise to different cruises without losing the perks.
  2. phabric

    Reserved seating for shows

    They do the same on some of Royal Caribbean ships. I am on RC Symphony of the Sea in January. I found out that you have to make advance reservations for the shows. This the first time I have had to make show reservations in 30 cruises. You can only reserve each show one time, if you want to see the show again you have to wait in with the people that do not have reservations.
  3. phabric

    Who do I checkin with?

    Thanks for the help. We have added an extra day, we are now going both ways with Air Canada. Yesterday EzAir wanted an added $250 to have Air Canada on the return and $0 for Lufthasa, today EzAir wants $251 for Lufthasa on the return and today $0 with Air Canada on the return...
  4. I just booked 12 day on the Equinox for January 2021.
  5. phabric

    Changing ships after final payment?

    You have not made your final payment. I booked a 2019 Med cruise while on a Celebrity January 2018 cruise with a $100/pp deposit and 2 perks (Celebrity was only offering 1 perks on their site plus onboard they were offering a extra $200 OBC). I had already booked a Princess Med for 2019. I know I would transfer the Celebrity Med cruise with the 2 perks when the new releases for 2021 came out. When the Hawaii 2021 were released, I got my agent to transfer my Celebrity Med 2019 to a Hawaii 2021 keeping the same booking number and the 2 perks. I had to pay the present cruise rate for the Hawaii cruise. When the 2021 Caribbean were released, I got my agent to transfer my Celebrity Hawaii 2021 to a Caribbean 2021 keeping the same booking number and the 2 perks. I had to pay the current cruise pay for the Caribbean cruise. I would get your agent to transfer your 5 day to the 7 day instead of canceling. Have your purchased your air for the 5 day cruise? If you have you would have a penalty to change dates.
  6. phabric

    Who do I checkin with?

    I booked through Princess EzAir, flights YYZ - Ath and FCO - YYZ for Oct 2019. YYZ-ATH are on Air Canada and FCO-YYZ are on Lufthansa. If I take Air Canada both ways, they want a extra $250 for the flight FCO-YYZ and $0 for Lufthansa. I know that Lufthansa are co partners with Air Canada. I have a booking with Lufthansa which says operated with Air Canada. Who do I checkin with Lufthansa or Air Canada?
  7. phabric

    EZAIR experiences?

    We are going to Athens and returning from Rome. Can you do Premium Economy one way and Economy one way with EzAir?
  8. phabric

    St Vincent?

    I do not see a thread for St Vincent like the other islands. What is there to see on this island? Tour companies? Beaches?
  9. I do not see a thread for St Vincent. Anything to do on this island? Any tour company? Beach?
  10. phabric

    Equinox - C2 balcony?

    Thanks everyone
  11. phabric

    Equinox - C2 balcony?

    I am a light sleeper. Did you hear any noise from above deck with the Buffet?
  12. phabric

    Equinox - C2 balcony?

    I am looking for a suggestion for a C2 balcony on the Equinox. Are they any balconies that are covered for shade? Any balconies larger than others? Are the cabins on the side of the hump have larger balconies?
  13. phabric

    Symphony of the Seas - Live 11/24/18-12/1/18

    Interested to see disembarkment paper with the times.
  14. phabric

    Ruby soda package...cups or water?

    On the Sapphire in July, the bar attendant gave me 2 large water bottles from behind the bar. We did not use them and gave them to our cabin attendant on the last day.