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  1. If we take the HOHO, how would get from the dock to the HOHO?
  2. Many years ago, we were on a Princess Cruise. I had pre purchased HOHO tickets. I think that there was a stop for the HOHO near the dock Princess used. I plan again to be on a Princess Cruise with a stop in Copenhagen and plan on using the HOHO. Is there a HOHO stop close by?
  3. Each time you change your EzAir booking, you will receive a NEW Princess and Airline booking number. You will have to also re add seats, airline membership number with each change.
  4. Since this is new - Are there signs to show you where to go for the E passports gates? Are the different countries listed on a sign to show who is legible?
  5. I will be looking forward to your review. When you stop in Copenhagen, can you report back if the HOHO stops near the ship?
  6. I usually fly with Air Transat to FLL from Toronto (YYZ). Air Transat has their prices out for 2020. Our cruise is out of MIA. Air Transat does not fly to MIA and only has 1 flight on certain days. If, Air Canada’s is so high, I might use Air Transat fly on cruise day and stay over post cruise. I am waiting to see what the cruise line’s Air price with be.
  7. Many years ago, I took the HOHO right from Princess dock. Can you still take the HOHO from Princess dock?
  8. I like to see what roughly the air fare would be for my future cruises. The air lines I use have the fares out for some of 2020. My Cruise is August 2020 out of FLL, looked at fares for July 2020. The price is over $300 more than what I paid for our March Break Cruise air fare. You would think the price would be about the same or a little cheaper in the summer compared to our most expensive March Break period. My cruises is June 2021 out of LHR, looked at fares for June 2020. The price is over $1,000 more than 2019. The air would be more than the cruise. Are the prices crazy expensive because of the Max 737 or fuel or just getting more expensive?
  9. They have a package for $29.26 CDN/day ($225.26/week) for classic soda and Voom for 1 device. Would that package be good for her? I was on the Symphony in January. I had MTD and picked 6pm every night and it was perfect for us for the early shows. I am going again Aug 2020 and the earliest MTD is 6:30pm, or Traditional at 5:30 too early. I looked at The Key, expensive over $1,000 CDN for 3 of us for the week. We would not use all the items offered in The Kay, we get there early for the shows, can share the WIFI device, eat at pizza or Cafe on embankment day, don’t do rock climbing.
  10. 10 yr old granddaughter needs to touch base with mom daily, I don’t think she will do video, just games.
  11. We will need WiFi while on board for FaceTime, Skype, checking emails. Which WiFi should we get? What time is early dining?
  12. What is your cabin number? I am thinking of an obstructed ocean view on the Sapphire and your view is not too obstructed?
  13. I don’t understand what that means?
  14. When I traveled l to Heathrow (LHR) I saw golf carts near my Gate. I did not know how LONG the walk was going to take to get to immigration so I did not get on. Leaving, I decided I will use the golf cart. I had no problem using it to get as far as it went. Next time going to LHR, I ask if I could use the golf cart, I was told no you had to reserve it. I arrived back to Toronto (YYZ), Canada, saw the golf cart, ask if I use it, no problem, Hop on.
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