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  1. We will be disembarking Sat January 26. We will having a shuttle pick us up to take us to a FLL beach hotel on Seabreeze. We will not be in a rush as the hotel will not be,ready. We are Canadians so would be using international line. What time should we tell the shuttle to pick us up?
  2. phabric

    New Miami Terminal

    We will be disembarking off the Symphony Saturday January 26. We are taking a shuttle from the port to FLL beach hotel on Seabreeze Blvd. Since we are not in a rush as the hotel won’t be ready. What time should we tell the shuttle to pick us up?
  3. following along to see what cabins you get.
  4. Are the show seats numbered or you find any seat available? This the first time out of 25 cruises that I had to reserve show seats.
  5. Are the WOW bands just for certain cabins or for everyone?
  6. I am on the Symphony in January 19. I keep looking for the entertainment shows to be listed on my Cruise Planner. I have called RC and I was told you no longer make pre cruise reservations for the shows and have to do the booking on the ship. Do you make daily reservations for the shows? OR Do can you make reservations for the week? What time is the booking place open?
  7. Yesterday, for some reason my booking was locked. I call RC to add the Refreshment package. The agent said she would send a confirmation email which I have not received yet. I booked with a travel agent and done final payment for January. Is is there anywhere on the Cruise Planner to see if the drink package has been added?
  8. Plan on purchasing Refresh drink package in advance.. Do they put a sticker on our card or is it already on the card?
  9. phabric

    Hotel near Honolulu airport?

  10. phabric

    Hotel near Honolulu airport?

    Why I want to stay near the airport as on embarkment day we have that day plus until midnight the next so two full days to explore.. Anybody know what a taxi would be from the airport to Celebrity dock?
  11. phabric

    Hotel near Honolulu airport?

    Anybody know what the cost of a taxi to the Celebrity dock from the airport?
  12. phabric

    Hotel near Honolulu airport?

  13. phabric

    Hotel near Honolulu airport?

    Thank you
  14. I have asked on the Hawaii thread. Sometimes, others on a different threads can help with suggestions. Our flight arrives after 9am and by the time we get our luggage it will be after 10pm.. We are two 70 year old ladies who will be tired after a 10 hour. We would like a hotel near the Honolulu airport with a shuttle.