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  1. I am on a March 2021, Caribbean cruise on the Enchanted with a free upgrade to a deluxe balcony. Hope the cruise will still be on, if not tell us.
  2. What I do to compare cabin size, go to the deck plan, click on different cabins it will tell the total cabin/balcony size, also click on view stateroom amenities. The size might be different even in the same category so check different locations. I was on the Sky Oct 2019, in L301 BC category, same cabin size with the other BC’s but with a larger balcony as the balcony was angled. I enjoyed this cabin, close to the elevator/hamburger/pizza/bar/pool/hot tub/ buffet.
  3. I have a family cruise with 6 cabins for Dec 2021, hoping the Discovery will be ready in time if not let us know in advance so we can make other arrangements.
  4. My SIL’s birthday is near the end of our cruise. Under Celebrations I put his name and to celebrate his birthday, his shows up under Onboard Services the same as my with a complimentary gift. I think we both will get the birthday greeting since we are on the new Discovery which is a medallion ship which will be on the mailbox.
  5. My agent knows that my cruise is to celebrate my birthday. On my Personalizer under Onboard Services, it shows Celebrations- birthday (celebrate onboard), complimentary gift. Is the complimentary gift, the sign and balloons on the cabin door or something else?
  6. Thanks for all the information. I am sure the further baby will be on solid food by the time we cruise. Baby food here seems to be in squeeze pouches not in glass jars. In the States, do you have squeeze pouches or glass jars?
  7. I have enjoyed your review. I was on the Reflection in Feb visiting some of the same ports.
  8. Last time I stayed at Hyatt Place 17th St I booked through Value Trips, there was a free continental breakfast. I noticed now on Value Trips, you have to check off if you want a $11 breakfast. I have read here, if you are a Hyatt member you get a free breakfast. Do you not check off breakfast and when at the hotel give your membership number as there is no place on Value Trip to give your membership number? Is the breakfast continental or a hot breakfast?
  9. I noticed your Boom Trip Travel Drying was in a case. I saw the green part on Amazon, it didn’t look like a case was included. Did yours come in a case, or was the case bought separate? Your tips were very helpful. We will be on a different cruise line.
  10. Thanks for all the information. I have not recently looked at the baby food section at the store, here in Canada a lot of baby food are in pouches. I am sure the baby will mostly be on adult food, it will be good to have some baby food on hand in the cabin that we don’t have to carry on the plane.
  11. Thanks for the information. Is it delivered daily or all on the first day?
  12. We plan on bring plastic bags for dirty diapers and will ask cabin attendant what he wants us to do with them.
  13. I have asked this question on the Family Section. My daughter is expecting a baby Oct 2020. We are all cruising Dec 2021. The baby will be 13 months, might still be on baby food plus adult food. On the Personalizer under Check In, at the bottom Medical/Dietary Requests, it shows baby food. Do they send you information what is offered for baby food - type - amount ? Is it delivered to your cabin? Any information would be helpful.
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