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  1. I have not seen this product for Canada. My flight is on Thursday is 4:30pm. I will plan to get a test the earliest on Thursday morning at home and it should be good for the airline/USA and the ship on Saturday.
  2. I was reading Celebrity’s protocol for US/Florida cruises. It says 3 days before cruise for a negative Antigen test, I thought CDC said 2 days? My cruise is Saturday. I am trying to figure out when to do test before my flight to FLL. Do I do my test on Thursday or Wednesday?
  3. Princess has a 7 day Norwegian Fjords cruise.
  4. Have enjoyed your review, hoping for more
  5. I have book EzAir for the day before the cruise. Thanks for all your information.
  6. I have never changed planes before within Canada or any place eles that is why I am asking..
  7. Yes, Vancouver (YVR) Canada is my port of enter into Canada. I am flying from Anchorage, Alaska, USA (ANC) to Vancouver, Canada (YVR) then changing planes to fly to Toronto (YYZ) Canada. I will have to go through Customs-Immigrantions at Vancouver (YVR) point of enter into Canada.
  8. I have booked EzAir on one ticket with Air Canada for Sept 3, 2022. ANC - YVR YVR - YYZ Will we need to collect our luggage to go through Canadian Custom/Immigration? Or, will our luggage go straight through to YYZ Toronto?
  9. No just airfare. If you want transfer you pay for it. They do have transfers from airport to port only on embankment and from port to airport on disembarkment day. They offer an excursion on disembarkment day that drops you at the airport if you have a flight after a certain time
  10. It is 330 days from your disembarkment day. Today, I booked my EzAir - 323 days for my 7 day August 27- Sept 3, 2022 cruise. disembarkment day - Sept 3, 2022 EzAir available - August 8, 2021 I always ask my agent to find out when EzAir is available.
  11. A few ago I was in FLL Dec 24 & 25. I found restaurants names here on CC - Florida around my hotel. I emailed and called to see which restaurants were going to be open on those dates. I found very few were open and when I found one, I made a reservation.
  12. Please post if there are any changes.
  13. Keep checking your EzAir prices you never know it might change again
  14. To check your EzAir price - - Go to Persaonalizer - your upcoming cruise - Travel - Your flights will show - GREEN box - Add or Modify (do not use RED that will cancel the booking) - Change flights - Select departure and return or one or both that you want to see - select your flights as you did before - your old price and new price will show - if higher price exit travel - if cheaper price, continue - your new price booking will show - With each Modification you will receive a NEW Princess booking # - With each Modification you will receive a NEW airline booking # - With each Modification you need to re add seats and passenger number
  15. I think it all depends of the driver if he is willing to go to the docks and how many cruisers are on the coach. I had many Disney's cruisers and he said he was finished for the day.
  16. I have taken National Express 2x from Heathrow to Dover. You need to transfer coaches at National Express London Victoria Coach Station. The coach does not go to the dock ,it stops at the Ferry Terminal. 1st time -We were on a Princess cruise. The coach had passengers for another cruise line. The driver was nice to ask if anyone would be interested in be dropped off at the dock, which they did. John Bull from the Port of Call - Britain, mentioned to ask if possible if he could drop off at dock, as sometimes they do and to give him $ as it is not their normal stop.. I asked if he could drop off us at our hotel Premier Inn Ferry Terminal. He said he could drop of us off as close as possible. 2nd time - Took National Express Heathrow - London Victoria - Dover. We took to Dover Ferry Terminal and took a short taxi ride to our hoterl Premier Inn Ferry Terminal. The next day, a short taxi to the dock.
  17. In 2019, I booked through Athens Gate hotel to pick up from airport to hotel and hotel to pier. The driver was waiting at the airport with a sign and a different driver was on time at hotel pick up. Both cars were clean. 🇨🇦
  18. Do you remember any names for the companies you used?
  19. I am able to order WIFI on my MedallionClass app. I am Elite and pay in CDN $. The price for 1 device is $88.83 CDN and $177.73 CDN for multi device up to 4. My cabin mate who is not Elite or Platinum has the same $88.83 CDN. I hope the 50% Elite discount shows up onboard as OBC. Before, on the MedallionClass, I logged in under my name, all my Travel Checklist was not showing. If I logged as my cabin mate, then my picture, I was able to complete all the sections. Now I can complete all sections under my log in. Check your MedallionClass as they have update again.
  20. You log off one device then log into another device. You can not use 2 devices at the same time.
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