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  1. I'm hoping my July Alaska cruise on the Solstice survives, having already cancelled 3 cruises. The hardest thing I'm struggling with though, is dealing with patently different idealogies going forward. Even on roll calls of cancelled cruises, I've had people calling this the China virus, or the Wuhan Flu. There's a very different set of values between me and the people who say those things. And they will also be cruising and wanting to join the meet and greets. How will people be able to move forward from their differences of opinions and just enjoy cruising and meeting other people
  2. Thanks flyboy88. I've emailed them asking about rebooking options. Sitting on hold all day isn't feasible for me. If they email you the specifics, IE, which ships, which dates, which itineraries are available to rebook, please post here. Thanks. Edit to add, I used the email roxievegas provided and my email had bounced back. The correct address to email is casinoinquiry@princesscruises.com Hope that helps someone.
  3. Actually over 223,000 are dead in the US, with an additional 1000 deaths occurring daily now. And it's spreading rapidly.
  4. Us healthcare workers sure got the crummy end of the stick on this deal. I remember when C-diff and MRSA were the general worst we had to deal with, with an occasional TB thrown in for good measure. Now we have Covid cohort units. And we're considered one of the better states.. 🙄🙄
  5. I work in a hospital and never thought this would be gone in a few weeks. I do, however, recall the President of the United States making that statement multiple times.
  6. That's true.. Gov. Inslee won't open the cruise ports if Covid is still active. But Alaska is definitely rattling chains to get the cruise ships running again.
  7. Perhaps Congress will suspend the PVSA for the Alaska cruise season? That would solve the problem for Seattle R/T. And the N/S routes could use Seattle if capacity allows.
  8. If we were on a cruise, we'd have a full glass, and then another glass 😉
  9. I thought I would always be able to say that as well, until I encountered the MSC Divina. Horrible ship layout, and nothing but problems from trying to board, and continued throughout the whole cruise. Worst cruise I've ever been on.
  10. I'm doing Alaska in July and am feeling pretty hopeful about it. I work in hospital pharmacy, and we've received direction from the FDA and CDC regarding what the vaccine storage requirements will be once a vaccine is approved. No ETA for said vaccine, but the fact that they are directing hospitals and public health on the specialized freezers to purchase to store this future vaccine are encouraging to me. My hospital has just received our -80 degrees celsius freezer, and we are just awaiting the FDA approval and release of the vaccine. I for one will be first in line with my arm out.
  11. I wonder if the cruise lines will pull the trigger this month on their Healthy Sail plans. Calling in crew to quarantine, get sanitation protocols in place, and ramp up for a November 1st sail date. Seems like an awful fast timeline, but I know they need to get up and running soon. They've been hemorrhaging cash these last 6-7 months.
  12. I'm booked on the Caribbean Princess with a casino offer of Princess Plus, free grats, 500 casino play for March. Offer was for Ocean View, but upgraded to balcony. 100 pp. I'm still holding out hope this happens, but haven't pulled the trigger on airfare yet.
  13. Hahaha Tom, no sadly that was not me. I wish I had that much free time. Perhaps when I retire.
  14. My observations living in Seattle and having HAL and Princess cruises readily available. I've cruised both multiple times. I am an under 50, really got into cruising about 14 years ago, and will get on a ship any chance I have. I've also cruised NCL, Celebrity and MSC. I'm Platinum on Princess, and low status on HAL for a very simple reason. HAL does not appeal to my age demographic. I consider the food on both lines to be similar, but after that they're very different products. HAL is marketed and caters to a much older demographic. The entertainment is lacking in the evening, and the
  15. You might want to post the name so people know who you're asking about 😉😉
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