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  1. Murano for the food. If you have a second night book Tuscan for the views.
  2. We booked a Christmas 2022 cruise. About 70% of them are already booked. The ones on each end with the larger balconies are all booked. Anyways mine is booked.
  3. It also looks like one side or the other. The Sunset Verandahs are in the back I would suppose with a better view.
  4. Delta Clubs, Centurion Lounges, and Priority Pass with the Amex Plat. With the number of trips we have worthwhile IMHO.
  5. We did Priority Pass a couple of weeks ago in the Buffalo airport. It is definitely a better experience than waiting in the terminal. In a couple of weeks we have a long layover in ATL. Good to know that they have Priority Pass there.
  6. How would you rank it compared to a standard S class veranda? I am looking at booking one as I think I would enjoy it more than the IV.
  7. I was just wondering what the differences are between the Edge and Apex if any?
  8. No. The 737 Max is not giving them issues. Those have been resolved. I will fly on one in a couple of weeks. The issues are lack of pilots and crew. However I do remember the 737 Max problems they had. They were cancelling early morning flights with that fiasco. I was getting calls from Southwest at 5 AM to notify me of cancellations. Not a happy time either. The current flight situation has been going on for at least a couple of months. Perhaps you are correct and it will be resolved in September? I sure hope so. However I can't trust
  9. You can make the conclusions. Southwest 2600 cancellations per month. Delta 100 cancellations. The Delta flyers complain about 2 hour delays, the Southwest fliers complain about multiday delays. I have tickets on AA, Delta, and Southwest. Southwest has been the worst by a long shot. I do not trust Southwest to make it to a cruise port on time. Southwests and Americans problems are a result of them overscheduling with not enough pilots and crew.
  10. One would hope that they added extra flex capability into their schedules. If not they will have the 2600 cancellations per month they have had in the past.
  11. I agree. Southwest has very little flexibility in their scheduling. They are a total train wreck. Zero seats means multi day flight delays. Yet one out of 10 reasons not to fly southwest. They can pack them like sardine cans and lose the business travelers. Furthermore respectable airlines with hubs usually have extra crew and planes available for cancelled flights. Therefore no multiday delays.
  12. I agree with you on the Delta front. I am fortunate enough that my changes have only been in the unnoticable class of 15 minutes or less. However Southwest is a totally different ball game. They are incompetent at best. In the last week I have spent over two hours on the AList line rescheduling September trips. Their computer reschedules me on flights that are not even on the flight schedule. A total train wreck. I have had over 8 rescheduled trips in September from Southworst. I have had a Boston trip rescheduled so many times I have lost track. They are totally unreliable
  13. A bit tight if you ask me. Too many drawers and not enough hanging space.
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