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  1. If you look at what CCL is doing they are staging their ships by cruiser age. Carnival has the youngest cruisers, Princess next, and then HAL.
  2. Princess is starting Carribean in September. So you have Carnival in August (partial), Princess in September, HAL in mid October. It sounds like a gradual start up. I wonder what RCL will do?
  3. I noticed that HAL still has mid October Carribean cruises for sale. We will see...
  4. Here is my naming for E class. Beyond Blond It has to do with the feeling that whomever designed the ships never cruised on a ship before. It is a pretty ship but disfunctional in many ways. Edge and Apex are more like floating hotels than cruise ships. I do credit the Edge for helping me realize that I do like the smaller ships and the ships that have great views!
  5. I think that the current high prices further out are due to the ships already being half booked and the cruisers having a ton of FCC that needs to be spent. I am seeing some good pricing on 2022 cruises. I ended up with 4 perks on a cruise I rebooked.
  6. I think that my Dec. 18 Antartica cruise is still a go. Anyways while Carnival is starting up in August, it looks like Princess is starting Caribbean cruises in September. Wonder when RCL will announce?
  7. As much as I would like for E class to go to a different line (Carnival are you listening), this article appears to be for the MSC Virtuoso. The article was in French and I put it in a translater. Here is the translated English... Wrong link perhaps? I will refrain from naming the Beyond... Posted on 05/05/2020 by Vincent Groizeleau The Chantiers de l’Atlantique are not immune to the upheavals of the coronavirus crisis, which is shaking the cruise industry hard. With, to begin with, a postponement of delivery of the most advanced liner of those under construction in Saint-Nazaire. It is the MSC Virtuosa (H34), a 331 meter long by 43 meter wide vessel, 181,500 GT in capacity and 2,440 cabins. Sistership of the MSC Grandiosa (G34), delivered in October 2019, this ship, launched in November 29, is scheduled to enter the fleet next October. But, learned Mer et Marine, its owner, MSC Cruises, and the Chantiers de l'Atlantique, would have agreed to postpone its delivery until early 2021. By then, everyone hopes that the tourism industry will otherwise returned to normal activity, which no one really believes in this deadline, at least picked up a few colors and started to recover. And that will give the manufacturer time to catch up on the delay during the confinement period and the revival of its activity, which began on April 27 and which is still slowing down. © Mer et Marine https://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/chantiers-de-latlantique-la-livraison-du-msc-virtuosa-repoussee-de-plusieurs-mois
  8. I would probably do #2. Start in Venice and end in Rome. Europe takes multiple trips. I would either do #2 or #3. Both are good.
  9. Eastern Med. For 7 days I would probably go with a river cruise as you would skip a sea day.
  10. Yep. They will do something similiar. CCL has been ahead of X on planning. X has been ahead of CCL on refunds. Glad to see a plan.
  11. I would say the Carribean probably with locals only from Florida. The logistics are much simpler for a couple of ships sailing (at first) than they are for the whole fleet. No one expects the whole fleet to be sailing for a while.
  12. Now my question is So how does the Australian system determine if they caught it on the airplane, or on the cruise, or in the airport? Unless you have a global system that lists every last person in the world that has been infected and where they have been I do not think that you can tell exactly where they were infected. If they have been to both a cruise and multiple airports which one was it?
  13. Yet NYC which is the epicenter of the USA had very few cruise ships if any coming over from Europe during the time. Yet they had a bunch of airplanes. I guess it all boils down to 5th grade history. Diseases are spread by travel.
  14. Airports being a ghost town is much different than what they were when they were spreading the virus... They are a ghost town because you will get a 14 day quarantine if you have travelled in the last 14 days in our state. We have zero case from cruises in our state. The rest were from airlines travel. Again ghost towns are socially distancing. Do you seriously believe that airports will be at 5% of capacity for the long haul? I do have flights in July. Yet those flights are getting cancelled and reduced. Ghost towns... Definitely not a normal and productive economy! When I have walked through a cruise terminsl I have gone right through the lines and bypassed 70% of the dirtiness and grossness of the airports. If I have a choice I will drive to the cruise port and not fly! Now I seriously agree with you on flying out of the secondary airports. However the primary airports are mostly the hubs.
  15. Nursing homes and assisted living centers that I have been to are not a good example of social distancing. You can't put 10 pounds in a 1 pound bag. They are highly condensed living areas. Not good conditions for a pandemic. Nursing homes should have every other living area populated during this time. One in four would be better. I fail to see social distancing in these homes. Homes that only have 4 or 5 occupants? Perhaps... Homes that have 100 or more are making the news...
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