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  1. beshears

    Safes in the rooms

    Yes I I agree. In the over 25 years that I have cruised on and off, the friend that I would have with me, I will trust them completely. My money was always in the safe when I looked for it
  2. beshears

    Safes in the rooms

    Yes Elaine5715, that does make sense. If we leave our cabin door "locked" at all times, there really shouldn't be much access to it, other than the room steward, as you suggested. 🙂 Always before, if we needed something done to the TV, bathroom, etc., one of us always make sure we were in the room when this was done.
  3. beshears

    Review of Recent Experience

    I appreciate the feedback on my questions, and to know they game shows like Love and Marriage. As for the all inclusive, NO I would not be interested in the alcohol drinks anyway, but I understand that the all inclusive offers just about everything like a ship, only you just stay in one area, and not move (like the cruise ships) from one place to another. I do have a couple questions that I can think of right now. In the MDR, is is COLD in there like most cruise ships? Also someone recommended eating at the Rock Grill, but there is a fee? What is so special about this place???
  4. beshears

    Safes in the rooms

    Up till now, I have never had any problem with putting money/jewelry, etc. in the safes on the ships. Normally we have been using a credit card to open/close the safe, but I don't know if that is what is used now. My question, if you have used the safe in the room, have you ever had a problem with someone getting into the safe, other than someone you knew? The reason I ask, I read Clark Howards emails, and he was saying the safes in a lot of hotels are not safe anymore, because there are "key numbers" they can put into the safes to open them up. Just wanted your opinion on this, as I cannot afford to lose what I would be putting in the safe. Up to this point I have "trusted" everyone that cleaned up my room, but I thought I would ask anyway.
  5. beshears

    The Rock Restaurant is

    Yes, since the Rock Grill has been suggested, but is to pay there, what is good about it???? In other words, what is so good that they offer?
  6. beshears

    Few last minute questions

    Bnorris10, so are you saying if we get a Taxi to take us to Lacaya Marketplace, it should be around $10pp round trip, whether we use the Taxi to go back to port or not? Then if we want to go to the beach, we just walk back to it, on the way back to port? What is the beach name, and is there a cost to enter it?
  7. First, I'm glad to read this posting, as it is starting to help me know a little about this cruise ship line. I have been invited by my friend to do (I understand now), one of the ships. She had booked it last year with someone else, but they were unable to make the trip, so she has invited me to go along. I have never done a short cruise (cruised over 25 some years, but with 5 or more days) like this, so I appreciate everyone putting their 2 cents worth in on their opinions of the 2 ships this line has. I do have a couple questions, since it is about a 2-3 day cruise all together, it is very "informal" on the ship at all times, right? I'm used to doing formal dress on the other ships. 🙂 This doesn't happen very often, but if there was a food at the MDR that I liked, can I ask for a 2nd helping, or ask ahead of time, or do they do anything like this? Any type of game shows (not comedy acts) going on through the day or night?
  8. beshears

    Review of Recent Experience

    First, thank you for your review on this cruise ship/line. I had never heard of them before, until my friend invited me to go with her on one of these "short" cruises. This cruise line is new to me, although I have been cruising off/on for over 25 years, doing at least a 5 or more day cruises. My friend has already booked this cruise (I understand there may be more than one ship, but I'm not for sure), and was unable to use it at that time, so she invited me to go with her this time, and hopefully we will be able to do it. Since I've never been on this ship/ship line, I have a couple questions. Is this ship just "casual" dress at all times? In other words, there is no formal dress for sit down in the MDR? Type of entertainment? Do they do any Love and Marriage shows, or anything like that, or just comedy acts? I believe my friend said we have the option to do an all inclusive to go along with this. If you know, or anyone else knows, would we be better staying on the ship of more to do, or more at the all inclusive?
  9. beshears

    What would you take?

    This is a P.S. to what I had posted about making a list. Also when packing for the carry-on bag, I will put a small mirror in there too.
  10. beshears

    What would you take?

    This is a good question, but this is what I do before any cruise. I make a "list" (actually I have made several copies as I travel quite a bit) of everything I want to take on the trip. It may be a cruise, or just a small trip flying to a destination. When I get my luggage ready, each item that I am putting in my luggage, I mark that item off of my list. Normally at the last day of packing, I just have my medicine, something to read, gum, outfit change, and maybe a couple other things, that I just put in my carry-on bag, as they are EASY to get to if necessary.
  11. beshears

    Items MADE in St. Kitts

    Nice pictures. We these pictures from the suggested taking a "west coast tour", or asking for that in St. Kitts?
  12. beshears

    Bahamas Paradise Cruie Line ships

    Yes I did. I have found by posting here, sometimes people don't always go to that area, and sometimes doing it this way, I can get feedback from others that have cruised on this line.
  13. beshears

    50's/60's cruise -AAA/Malt Shop/etc.

    Hello, you may have posted, and I have overlooked it, but did you post of how your AAA 50's cruise was?
  14. If you have ever used, or known of anyone that used Tropical Tours in St. Kitts, would you give me your pros/cons of this touring agency? I have tried to reach them, but they only give a phone number. I would like to contact them by email.