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  1. Oh my, thank you ALL for your feedback. I am going to "try" to check out RCCL website and SEE if anything will be different, or what I can do, to bring up what I want to see. Yes, as it has been suggested, I could go to a TA in my area, but they are charging almost $40 pp. Also, "maybe" it shows, but when I want to find out the price of my room, I want to KNOW the faxes and fees that are added on. In other words, the FULL price of the room!
  2. First, normally I am cruising with another cruise line, although I have done more than one cruise on RCCL. I have gone to their website more than one time, and keep HITTING a BAD roadblock. When I put in the name of the cruise I am wanting, for next year, the area I am wanting to cruise to, the "date/length", it keeps deleting/dropping some of the information I have put in. For example, I put in how many "days/length" of the cruise/location, and it will keep bringing up ALL the smaller length cruises, and DROPS the location as well. Any suggestions on how to get RCCL website to work for me
  3. Actually we don't need a BIG mega ship, and the Explorer seems to be the right ship for us, unless Carnival comes up with one in the next week or so, going to St. Lucia too. They did have one, but I believe it is no longer in service. What were really (actually ME) looking for is the ship going to St. Lucia. I have been blessed to go there twice, and I want my 3 sons/3 d-i-l's to see/know why I fell in love with St. Lucia. 🙂 We have been to the other ports, and we won't mind going back there again. Trying to find a good time (actually January) for all of us is what I have been looking for.
  4. OneCruiser, I believe I overlooked your message to me earlier. I appreciate you mentioning several ship "names" going to St. Lucia. Yes, these ships may be going that direction, but ONLY Explorer showed up for the "length" of days, and "month" of the year that we plan cruise.
  5. I failed to mention with the quote Joanne with RCCL gave me, I was saving about $250 pp. Also my TA, didn't mention that since I had cruised with RCCL before I would get a discount, like Joanne had given me. I did ask Joanne if there was an "additional" fee, like my TA agent said they were doing this year, and she said no.
  6. As I said earlier, I appreciate ALL the feedback I have received on my question, and your answers. Yes, my TA that I normally use here in KC told me the "fee" was something new they were going to have to charge for. She said the additional fee covers "everyone" in the office that has something to do with what is going on. I will say, once I received the email from Joanne with RCCL with the information I had ask (she also told me since I had cruised with RCCL before, I would get a discount, which she gave me in the quote) for, I emailed her back and thanked her for her help. She then said any
  7. I appreciate ALL your input on my question of whether to get a PCP or not. I actually had not read any of your messages until now. Before I read your messages, I decided to "take the bull by the horn," and call RCCL directly, not knowing who would answer the phone. In other words, just someone answering my questions, or an actual PCP. This lady told me she was not a PCP, but was able to "answer" all my questions at that time, and even sent me an email with ALL the info I had ask for at that time. She said I could get a PCP, but generally who ever answers the phone, even if I had concerns ab
  8. I'm BACK , with another question. 🙂 Have any of you who have responded, or know of anyone, used a Royal Caribbean PCP? If so, how did you feel, or the one you know that used one, like how the PCP handled the booking of your/their cruise?
  9. Oh my, how WONDERFUL to be "bombarded" by ALL of your comments to my question of Explorer of the Sea ship, and "pictures" as well. Actually tonight after some of our family had been out eating together, I noticed (our twin sons live on each side of us, and our other son who came 11 years later after I had cancer, lives about 30 minutes from us) when my husband and I got home, the back door to our vehicle would NOT open up, even though it was unlocked! I called my son who works for Ford Motor and told him to "put it on his list of things to do, that I have a door that needs checking out." The
  10. I know we have been going through the pandemic and the Covid-19, and hopefully before long, we ALL will be able to cruise again. I have done RC ships before, but normally I do another cruise line. My question in regard to The Explorer of the Sea ship. If you have cruised this line within the past couple of years, would you give me YOUR opinion of the pros/cons of this ship? My main reason for going on this ship, I am wanting to take my sons/d-i-l's to St. Lucia, and when checking the different cruise lines, this ship is the ONLY one that is doing it now, or next year.
  11. Thank you for this "informative" tip "ahead" of time on "Bush Rum". My 3 sons "might ??" want to check it out, but I will let them know what you said.
  12. Thank you for this info too.
  13. Oh thank you, thank you for taking your "extra time" out to give me MORE info in regard to All Inclusive, and whether we should find a place "north," or not. I DO understand where your coming from. I have never used another tour guide in St. Lucia, and I am MORE than happy with what we seen and paid for with Cosol, the two times we used them. Now as for another tour guide for St. Lucia, I have checked more than one time on Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic when other (I cannot remember the names now) touring company names had been mentioned. When reading the different responses, Cosol seemed to
  14. Reedprincess, thank you for your "informative" reply. With ALL this information you have given me, it will give me a good start on what to check out. There will be (it is possible for things to change, but hopefully not) 8 of us adults. Two of my sons really like the All Inclusive, which I have never done, as I do love cruising, but with this pandemic and virus, we may do the AI next year. I just wanted to make sure that we also do Cosol Tours (I do have their information and how to get a hold of them), when we arrive in St. Lucia. I believe it is Cosol Tours that mentioned that if we did th
  15. Thank you. I will look forward in the future from hearing from them. Yes, anyone that is from St. Lucia island/port is what I want to hear from, as I want my children/d-i-l's to "discover" what I did there as well. 🙂
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