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  1. I'm different from everyone else. I don't care if it was a 3 day cruise, and they have elegant night, I WILL be dressing up to the 9's, as I don't get to do that very often here at home. 🙂
  2. I have not read all the postings, but someone said the sometimes "forget" where they picked up their shell or rock. For me, not always, but I "try??" to remember where I got it, and take a black marker and put the date/place, if possible where I got it. In my living room, which is really off bounds for most people, on my carpet I have a very large circle of shells, etc. that I have brought from all over, as they are MY reminders, as well as many pictures. 🙂
  3. OK, thank you for sending that to me. Thank you for letting me know how I can bring this information up on the Pixel package. OK, if I am reading this right, I can purchase it a day or so before we get on the ship, right?
  4. OK, thank you for those that helped me get the room distinction cleared up, that has really helped. Cruizergal70, nothing really, other than I KNEW how the dining rooms were years ago, and now I see how they are on the Horizon now.
  5. OK, but I STILL need to know if I can get this Pixel picture "before" I get on the ship, or "after" I get on the ship?
  6. I don't have time to read the postings of others, but I have never had to leave any of my shells/rocks when I got on the ship. I didn't try to hide them, but they were in the bottom of my beach bag, if they wanted to find them. It may just depend upon what ship (I have been on many), or the security people that are on duty at that time. Even when I went through customs (I did have these packed away in my luggage that would go under the plane, not my carry-on), I never had any problems.
  7. OK, so if I want to get the $99, or $100 deal for the 5 8 x 10 pictures (don't need the canvas), how do I go about doing this? In other words, do I go to Pixels area as soon as I get on the ship, or can I order this before we cruise or what? I gather, even if I get the special deal, I can still purchase other 5 x 7 or 8 x 10's for the regular price, right?
  8. OK, I believe I have it now. Since there are two MDR's, one is for "set" (6:15 and 8:15) dining, the other is for YTD, which is "any time" you choose to eat. Both MDR being on two levels. Years ago, there was no YTD, and there were two MDR's with the "set time", along with the paid restaurants.
  9. OK, yes I know the Your Time dining has been going on for at least 6 years or longer, but I have been cruising for over 25 years. Am I understanding that your saying Your Time dining people ( they choose the time they want to eat, other than 6:15 and 8:15) can eat in the MDR? When I go by the MDR restaurant at "any other time" other than 6:15 and 8:15, I don't see anyone eating there then? Sorry, I'm just trying to understand.
  10. OK, I "think???" I may understand what you all are saying. All ships I have been on have had two dining rooms with 2 levels, and as far as I know, they were ONLY for MDR eating. Up till just a few years ago, other then the paid restaurants, there wasn't any MY Time dining that I had ever heard of, and maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so. Isn't My Time dining room for people who want to come just about "any time" they want to eat, and not at the 6:15 or 8:15 time?
  11. JQTravels, thank you for your video. I have to go to bed, so I was not able to see all of it, but part of it. We will be on the Horizon, or plan to in March for the first time. I would like to take advantage of the $99 or $100 package. Now how do you go about doing this "before" you get on the ship, or maybe I misunderstood what you said? Now I would want the five 8 x 10 pictures, and NOT the canvas. Does the canvas come with the 5 or extra? Can we wait until the day or two before we get off the ship to pick our pictures, or do we have to do this each day, or the next day after we take them? Normally I am purchasing them the very next day of what I want. Did I understand you to say they don't do the 5 x 7, only the 8 x 10?
  12. Thank you for the reference of of postings for Florida hotels/motels to check out. Also, as I have seen posted here, I don't, but my son has gone to an area where (I don't now all the details) you pick out a hotel/motel of the kind you are looking for in the area of cost as well, and they will not give you the name, but will give you (I don't know how soon before) the address before you go to that area. When he did this, it was amazing the cost for what we got, and we found out we didn't need to know the name after all, but "found out" when we arrived at that address. 🙂
  13. Thank you for telling me what a "two top" table was. I have never heard that term before in all my cruising, unless it is a new term that has come out recently?
  14. I know the pictures are very expensive, and for me, it is hard to choose which pictures I want, and which ones not to keep. It does help a tad if some of them are not the 8 x 10, as they are a tad cheaper, but we cannot pick all pictures in the smaller size. Pictures are the main item I spend my money on the ship for. 🙂 JQTravels, when you said you did a review, is it a review about the ship itself, or about how the Pixel picture system works?
  15. OK, this is what I'm trying to say. All ships I have been on before had "2" MDR's, plus 1 dining room for My Time dining. So "if" I read your answer right, there are 2 MDR's, plus 1 My Time dining room? In other words, 3 dining rooms. Or are you saying there are just 2, with 1 for MDR, 1 for MyTime dining?
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