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  1. CintiPam, thank you for your reply. I am thinking around March 21st, next year. I'm glad you told me about the water, as that is good to know. 🙂 Yes, I just want my family to SEE what I seen and fell in love with in St. Lucia. 🙂
  2. When someone mentioned that they did received "some" of their refund, but wasn't sure of how much the taxes, fees, etc. were, as far as I know for each room/person, the taxes, fees, etc. were $127.?? I don't have my papers in front of me right now to tell you how much cents it was, but my PVP and I went over the 4 rooms I had booked, and what I was to receive back. She always mentioned the $127.?? as the taxes, fees, etc., along with the refund I would receive per room/person.
  3. I did not read all the comments, but when it comes to the blow dryers for hands, for ME, I will go back and get some toilet paper, just to make sure I wipe my hands, and even use the TP on the door handle if necessary, as not everyone wash their hands! 😞
  4. I have done many cruises. I am not a "nit picky" person like some, so that can be a big decision for some people. I have cruised on other cruise lines, but for price, itinerary, and staff, for ME, that is why I keep coming back to Carnival. Is it perfect, NO, but things can always be worse!
  5. I know there have been many discussions of airline ports of which one to use, or which cruise ship to take, for what itinerary. I have cruised for many years on all size of ships, but not as large as the Horizon. There were 8 of us that were going to do the Horizon, which is a new ship, and very large, until the virus came and cancelled us out. I had liked what I had seen on the Horizon, but then there were a few things that I didn't really care for. This is just ME talking, but I really like the glass elevators in the A trim. Also when I read that there were several poles blocking both levels of the viewing in the main auditorium to see the shows, and much smaller than most auditoriums, I really didn't like that. The reason for making it smaller was to ADD more state rooms to the ship. 😞 So thus, "if" we are able to cruise next year, I have a different itinerary picked out, and much smaller ship.
  6. Well I am almost in SHOCK. I last talked with my PVP about 3 weeks ago, and did not expect anything for about 90 days. When I looked at my Mastercard credit card to see "if??" anything had happened, low and behold at least, out of the 4 booked rooms, 3 have been put back on my credit card! As you can guess, I'm a happy camper! 🙂
  7. The Critical Cruiser, I believe you are right in your statement. Our cruise was cancelled a couple days before cruising the 15th of March. When I talked with my PVP for the 2nd time in April, we were going over the 4 staterooms that were booked, and what should be refunded back to my credit card, since I paid for all 4 of them. Hopefully by July I will see some or all of it come on my credit card.
  8. I have not done anything about mine as yet, but when I ask the main person about the coverage I had paid for, and NOT getting it back, he advised me that I could put it on a future cruise, so that is what I'm planning on doing. This way, hopefully I won't be losing any money.
  9. Hello everyone, yes the cruise cancelling out did help some, after this incident with my friend. As for me asking her again, I am NOT planning on it, unless she says something to me about it, which I doubt. I even paid for her passport, but that's OK. As for what I decided to do, I got pretty sick for about a month, but NOT from the virus, so it was good that I didn't go after all, as I would have probably been sick on the cruise. As for the option I chose, since I was so sick for a month, I didn't even want to THINK of cruising, or picking out a time. Now that I'm feeling myself again, I have already changed the itinerary, etc., and still need someone to go with me, along with everyone else, but I'm sure I know who I can pick! 🙂 As for which option did I choose, since there were 4 rooms paid for, and we had NOT planned on getting any OBC in the first place, I was not losing in that area, so I chose the option to have the money put back on my credit card, since I paid for all of it! Actually my son had mentioned (hopefully this does not happen, but anything is possible), that it is possible that the cruise line could go bankrupt, so that is why I chose this option, and hopefully I will see the pay back on my credit card one of these days! 🙂 If I chose the other option, and the cruise line went bankrupt, who knows when you would ever be able to use your credit.
  10. Thank you for your answer, that is very encouraging. Now, if we can just get the virus OUT of the way for next year. 🙂
  11. Yes, it really makes you wonder, doesn't it???
  12. I have a feeling I know the answer, but thought I would ask. If you have been on the Carnival Fascination within the past year, did your room have a sofa in it, or just a table and chair? I have a feeling the only sofas are in the "suite" rooms, but thought I would ask. I have been on ships before that had the sofa, and they were not suite rooms.
  13. We are a group of about 8. I was blessed to see the area of Maho where the airplanes come in. I want the rest to see it as well. We will be docked at the Phillipsburg (think that's the name), and I wonder what is the best/cheapest way to get to the Maho area from the ship?
  14. I see many responses here, and I have not received my refund back on my "credit card." I know many people filled out the form that they sent, but since I became pretty sick not too long after Carnival cancelled out, I decided to NOT file anything. My PVP called and ask me what I wanted to do. I told her I was not feeling well, and the last thing I wanted to do was "think" of another cruise right now. I told her I wanted the option to have a full refund back on my credit card. She did mention that it will be 90 days or more, so I just figured I would be PATIENT and wait! I did get a refund back on the Pixel package I had ordered before we were to get on the ship. Time will tell what will happened with each of us in regard to our refunds.
  15. I understand where your coming from. We were to leave the 15th of March, but got cancelled out because of the virus. I was feeling WONDERFUL two days before the cruise. Within a couple days later I got pretty sick (not the virus), but was down for about a month, and a cruise was the LAST thing on my mind! I started feeling better on Easter, and now I feel like I am back to myself once again. Are you ready for this................my brain started thinking, and I thought, I'm going to change the itinerary we were to do, and pick out the main port (St. Lucia) that I had fallen in love with years ago. Come to find out the other 6 people I had checked with, had never been there, and they are getting excited like me, only we have to WAIT, and see what the future brings, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right? 🙂
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