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  1. We were very loyal to Royal cruise fans, but found an unbelievable deal for 14 days on MSC Seaside 2 years ago. We were apprehensive and DH suggested we should maybe try 7 days first. When we found out the second week cost only $800 more for 3 in a balcony, we decided to stick with the original 14-day cruise. We are VERY glad we did this. MSC has become our new favorite cruise line. If you are a spa fan, you will LOVE MSC - especially the new larger ships. We found the food must be more “clean” because we never felt bloated after eating a meal on MSC. We loved the shows and
  2. Ours was cancelled the same day and the FCC’s arrived this past week. However, we have to wait about another week to apply them.
  3. We called to try to apply ours to our November booking. The agent had trouble applying them and called a supervisor, who said we need to wait 7-10 days as they are not quite ready to apply. Ours were also re-issued (third time) from last year.
  4. Booked 10 days for Christmas 2021 🙂
  5. I was looking at doing the online lift and shift for one of our cruises. Once you click to start looking at options, are you locked into trying to lift and shift, or can you change your mind and just keep your current booking?
  6. Yes, there are many “rules” that were really just suggested on Cruise Critic and social media outlets that are not official rules at all. We are ready to cruise and know there is a chance more cruises will be cancelled. However, we are willing to make the bookings, hope for the best, and take the refund if it is cancelled. 🙂
  7. Well, we are one family, so we were allowed to book it just a couple of weeks ago. Due to the sailings changing to 7 days, all cabins need to be reassigned.
  8. We were booked for a 4 + 3 days back to back from Port Canaveral, to include Thanksgiving. When I looked at our booking earlier today, I noticed that it has been switched to one 7-day cruise. Ports have switched from only Ocean Cay and Nassau, adding Belize and Costa Maya. We had two adjoining balcony cabins for both legs of the back to back, but have apparently lost those, as our booking now says our cabins have not been assigned. We have not received any communication from MSC and the cruise is not even listed on the website anymore. I will be calling on Monday to see if we can get mor
  9. That is great news! Glad to hear they are finally figuring out the March refunds!
  10. Our final deposit refund just posted - Was due 9/2/2020, so well ahead of schedule. We have therefore received a total of just over $12,500 for 3 fully paid cruises and 5 deposits. Hope the positive news about a March refund for CelebrationFamily is a sign of more March refunds to come!
  11. Just saw the first positive post about March refund in a long time... on the “Americans, how long did you wait.... “ thread: @CelebrationFamily thank you for reporting! 🙂
  12. I love that! Where did you buy it? Ours is looking pretty sad... Old and discolored.
  13. From reports here, it sounds like there is a “black hole” for refunds for March/April cruises. I don’t know it the MSC system had some kind of glitch, but I highly recommend a credit card dispute for those cruises. Glad you received the other refunds. We also received refunds for three 14-day bookings for May and June.
  14. I had to laugh about this because it is so true! Until I saw this, I did not even think about going out to buy milk! 😂
  15. Should have been here today 😢 Instead, I am here today (Doing Foga - fake yoga 😂):
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