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  1. Hi, Nancy! I love doing the live reveiws, as it gets too busy at home to juggle everything. So, I will probably do one, depending on the MSC Seaside wifi price and quality. πŸ™‚
  2. Final View from our balcony, Day 4: MSC Seaside (Our June 2019 ship 😁) sailing close to us:
  3. Breathtaking... They are so high up! I liked when they used the water fountain with the show:
  4. The Fine Line: Show in the Aqua Theater: After dinner, we had show reservations for The Fine Line, the more formal/serious diving show. It was a bit beyond my not-so-artistic brain, but the robotic dances were excellent. I could not follow a storyline... We did, however, enjoy some of the show. It is just not β€œa repeater”. It started raining, so many people left the show. Tip: Try to get seats under the overhang if you do not want to get wet. Even if it does not rain, the aerobatic performers may drip water on you. This was my favorite part of the show. These men were doing acrobatics on bungee/elastic ropes (pardon the lack of jargon):
  5. No worries! I do not expect anyone to read every detail. I use a Nikon P900 most of the time. Sometimes, I use my older Nikon 9900 or my iPhone 6 (You read that right: iPhone 6 - It is part of our cruise budget) 😁
  6. Solarium Bistro Dinner Menu: We decided to splurge (aka break the cruise budget rule) on lamb chops. For $ 9.99 it was worth the special treat! DS had the herb chicken. Tip: You may notice that the chicken and a majority of meals in the bistro come without sides. You can choose your own sides from a buffet area in the bistro. Oh, those desserts!!! DH and I: On the way out, we found a stowaway just outside the Solarium! 😁
  7. Day 4: Dinner at Solarium Bistro: We arrived a bit early for our 5:30 dinner appointment, so I got some evening pictures of the area. This would be a great spot for a family picture. We will try it later this week woth my tripod. Hoping to get our Christmas picture done here.
  8. Hi, vtroper! We can find out for you! That is one port we intend on getting off the ship a bit longer... We love Labadee!
  9. Hi, Kay! Do you have an iPhone or iPad? If so, just go to the App store and search for β€œRoyal IQ”. The App store has this icon on the iPhone or iPad: The Royal IQ app looks like this: Hope this helps πŸ™‚ If not. send me an e-mail at APDMOM@live.com and I will see if I can help you get the app.
  10. After the storm: A beautiful sunset from the balcony: My View Aft: My View Forward: Goodnight Moon:
  11. A Rainy Afternoon: This calls for a shared, fruity drink of the day on the balcony: ($9.44 with gratuity). We are very frugal so that our cruise budget can stay strong for future cruise bookings. We will always share one drink, rather than buy two. This one was an excellent new discovery! A favorite new drink - Portside Punch: Rain everywhere: We saw the pirate tour go out, all jovial and loud, out on their adventure. They returned shortly after, very subdued and all hunkering down. There was lightning close to the ship, and I can only guess that the tour had to be cancelled due to the thunderstorm: Action from the balcony: After it cleared up, we spotted this stingray from our balcony:
  12. Critters everywhere... They walk right where pedestrians walk, and caused quite a few comical reactions. πŸ™‚ Back to the ship to get some great soft serve ice cream and lunch...
  13. A Walk in Port - St Thomas: This was a very different kind of port. It is very industrial and not completely recovered from the hurricane damage. I only stayed within the fenced area to take pictures. We will be back next month on Equinox, when I will take a trip to St John. Cruising into Port: My Views from the Port: With such a big ship, it is hard to find a good angle to fit it all in. I finally found a spot by walking off the beaten path... Beautiful from any angle