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  1. Carnival only does repositioning from Vancouver for the Alaska season.
  2. Due to location, not all of the Red Frog pubs have a galley to have food.
  3. Can you swap the shore excursion credit for a different perk? There is really no need for ships excursions in Bermuda.
  4. My guess is that cruise lines are going to require their crew to be vaccinated. At this point, its unknown what will be the case with passengers, except for the couple of lines that have come out and point blank said it.
  5. You might want to post on the New England ports of call board. To get to the common from the port, take the Silver Line T to South Station, then the Red Line to Park Street. You'll actually be closer to Cheers from the Common than you will from Faneuil Market.
  6. As has been said, generally, no, you don't need to pay additional fees. Cuba is an exception as they require US Citizens to pay for an entry visa upon entering. There are other countries that require entry visas. A lot of the time, the cruise line handles it.
  7. Depends on the ship. I believe the Grand Class ships, no balcony cabin has a sofa.
  8. All you can do is report a post that's "off topic". At that point, it's up to the mods as to whether or not they move it. Some mods are more responsive than others.
  9. In all honesty, I would expand your choices beyond Celebrity. If this is a bucket list trip, you're probably going to want to go to Glacier Bay, which Celebrity doesn't offer.
  10. Technically, any cabin can be booked by a single.
  11. You will receive new gift cards.
  12. These forums have never had messaging enabled. The feature is there for mods to use to contact people if necessary.
  13. Yes, this was changed some time ago due to the current flux in things.
  14. Is your cruise a round trip from the US? You might not be allowed to intentionally do this. It changes the nature of the cruise from a round trip to a one way (from an immigration standpoint) and could cause issues with immigration. There have been reports that this hasn't been allowed. Its different if you miss the ship and have to catch up, but to intentionally do this might not be permitted.
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