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  1. 1025cruise

    Top Ship Tour in Boston for History Buff?

    Skip the cruise tour. Take the Silver Line (pick up at pier) to South Station, then take the Red Line to Park Street. Get up to the street and there is the start of the Freedom Trail. Walk it. Just follow the red brick line. By lunch time, you should be at Faneuil Hall, where there is a large food court where everyone can get something for themselves (or dine in a restaurant if you wish). Then keep going.
  2. 1025cruise

    Island Travel Large Group

    Your only option is going to be for a taxi (or 2) that can hold your group.
  3. 1025cruise

    Fish Allergy

    Unfortunately, you aren't going to be able to complete escape fish on a cruise ship. I would think the best option would be to find a least busy time. While you can control what you order, you can't control your neighbors. Just like I can't ask the whole ship to not douse themselves in perfume.
  4. You are a braver soul then I am. I would happily pay the surcharge to not share a cabin with my mother in law.
  5. 1025cruise

    WDW to Port Canaveral transfers

    You might want to ask on the Florida Departures board.
  6. As an IT guy, I wonder if this is something like backups running or something, with the fact that the size of the databases are just so large it causes an outage.
  7. 1025cruise

    MDR Table request

    And where is this posted on the Carnival site making it public information?
  8. 1025cruise

    changed itinerary

    To answer your question as to how they can do this? Read the contract you agreed to, it's right there.
  9. 1025cruise

    Bottomless Bubbles - smoothies?

    How on earth did a 16 year old get Cheers?
  10. 1025cruise

    MDR Table request

    Just note that the Maitre'Ds are not required to respond to guest requests, though it is reported that people that choose this route are accommodated. The proper way to request a table for 2 (or any size) is to post to John Heald's Facebook page 4 days prior to your cruise and make the request. And to the people that say they always email the MaitreD, I again ask for a Carnival link that posts this information. None has been provided to me to date.
  11. Last time I cruised, i didn't notice a fiber optic cable trailing the ship everywhere it went. Don't expect speeds like you get at home. Be happy with the 2M.
  12. 1025cruise

    Disney or not to Disney?

    In all honesty, I would not do a solo cruise on DCL. Too expensive. However, if you want to cruise with your friends, go for it. I would probably pick the cheapest inside.
  13. 1025cruise

    Couples Massage Question

    Never seen a whirlpool in any couples massage.
  14. 1025cruise

    port or starboard?

    Really no way to predict this. One week it can be docked Starboard, the next week Port. It all depends on the port authorities, work to be done on the ship while docked, etc.
  15. 1025cruise


    Also note that Royal no longer allows you to slap a tag on a case of water and give it to the porter.