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  1. Laszlo

    Carry On Luggage Question

    I usually carry a bunch of camera gear, laptop etc.... My backpack is not big enough, my carry on with rollers is very easy to get around the ship, its really not a big deal. My camera stuff is not leaving my side Lol
  2. Laszlo

    Carry On Luggage Question

    We have been on 9 cruises and always bring our carry on's with us. It's no big deal, it is easier when you have lunch in one of the dining rooms that are open vs the buffet.
  3. Laszlo

    Smoking policy enforcement

    During the behind the scenes tour on the Escape in September they were talking about banning smoking throughout NCL. No smoking stations, no smoking in the casino. If you were caught smoking your account would be billed $500.00 I applaud them for it, hopefully it will happen
  4. Its shame NCL will never build a ship like the Sun again. The Mini's are fantastic, the pool deck when we were on 4 years ago was real teak
  5. Laszlo

    Thermal Spa on Escape

    No, can you bring them in? I'm not sure
  6. Almost every place on the pool deck, Spice H20 will have shade at one point of the day. It all depends on the time of time and what direction the ship is moving
  7. Laszlo

    Bliss Vibe

    From the photos the Bliss Vibe looks like the Escapes Vibe.......
  8. Laszlo

    Passion Island Beach Excursion?

    Flourtown? Really?.... I'm in Wyndmoor
  9. Laszlo

    Hot Chocolate?

  10. Laszlo

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Keep in mind not everyone gets an invitation to bid? Who did you book with? If it was Costco or another TA who does not participate in the program you will not get an invite to bid
  11. Laszlo

    Passion Island Beach Excursion?

    We did it a few years ago in February. About a 30 minute boat ride. Beach was nice, food was OK, don't remember about the drinks. I do remember it was extremely windy. We had to wrap our selves in towels to keep from getting pelted by the sand Lol
  12. Laszlo

    Crepes Anyone

    My father is from Budapest. What they do their is literally make a cake out of it. My aunt still makes them. The crepes are piled on top of each other with a combination of raspberry jelly and ground hazelnut. When finished its about 20 layers and 3-4 inches tall. The topping is a mix of sour cream, cottage cheese, powered sugar and a little lemon, or chocolate and strawberries. Her crepes are just slightly thicker than the norm
  13. Start with the basics Sign into YouTube and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen. Click on the gear icon to get to your account's YouTube Settings. Click on Create a new channel. Then choose “Use a business or other name” Add your Brand name and click create.
  14. Nice review! Wow, that carpet design by the stairs would give me a headache Lol