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  1. Sometimes that happens. Look at it this way. If you booked the cruise on Tuesday for $1000 and NCL came back on Thursday and said your cruise went up to $2200 would you pay it? Your lucky they offered you the $300 OBC, take it and run.
  2. Thats terrible! Hopefully you'll have a fast recovery!!!!
  3. I was able to do one 7 years ago on the Gem......
  4. Not only is the menu the same but it all comes out of the same kitchen
  5. They had a bowl of M&M's at the Haven Bar on the Escape in June. I watched dozens of people on boarding day just reached in a grab them. No spoon to scoop them out, everyone used their fingers, pretty freaking gross.
  6. Laszlo

    Horseshoe Beach

    Yea, its not cheap hobby, its cheaper than owning a 20ft boat😂
  7. Laszlo

    Horseshoe Beach

    Yes, the first fish are from snorkeling around the Vixen. The second part was a reef farther out, I forget exactly where we went
  8. Laszlo

    Horseshoe Beach

    I fly a DJI Mavic 2 Pro with the smart controller. That package is about 2K. If your thinking of getting your first drone I would look at either the DJI Spark (Cheapest) or the Mavic Air
  9. I did this back in May for our June cruise. We had booked a Spa Balcony, final payment was made and I decided book an H5. At the time the perks were better for just rebooking. I went thru a TA and it was no problem, they cancelled our Spa Balcony and booked the H5 I wanted. This all happened in about two hours
  10. Love the Sun, great pool deck, the forward mini suites are huge compared to rest of the NCL fleet
  11. The Jewel all the way especially on an Alaskan cruise! My wife and I have done both the Away Class ships and Jewel class. We really prefer the smaller ships better. And as noted above more time in port
  12. The Escape does have a roof. Personally on a cruise that port intensive you not going to be on the ship that much. I would get a Spa Mini Suite
  13. Boarding for suites - Haven in the Jewel class ships is very similar to ships with Haven cabins like the Escape. In NYC the Haven room is very small but things move along pretty fast. We were in the first group of Haven pax and our boarding started at 10:50am. We were escorted up by a few of the butlers, taken on the elevators and right to the Haven lounge. Food and drinks were all ready. It was announced our cabins were ready by 11:30am
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