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  1. These rules are in place until when? October 31st???
  2. Never heard of Switching a cruise. You cancel one and book the other
  3. I wonder how a no fly policy is going to be enforced. If your flights are booked thru NCL I can see them contacting the airline. But with a case like my wife and I we book our own flights.
  4. So let's say you test positive at the pier and you are denied boarding. Does this happen before you drop your luggage off with the porters or after? Luggage seems to start loading pretty quickly once people start checking in. How much of a cluster is it going to be to find the luggage of people who are not making the cruise?
  5. Tex Mex....one of my favorite Mexican restaurants
  6. It shouldn't be too hard for them to set up a half dozen or so PCR machines. The cost is cheap, about $1000 for each one
  7. I can see spending $3K-$5K on a mattress and box spring. I can't see spending $1500 -$1700 for a set of sheets. Unless they are going to come to my house and make my bed Lol
  8. Like others have said yo do not need to book excursions thru NCL. Maybe a Catamaran tour, but that's it. Bermuda has plenty of great public transportation. If you want to do something on the water check out https://www.h2osportsbermuda.com
  9. This is what you need to read.... https://www.livemint.com/science/health/most-covid-deaths-in-england-now-are-in-the-vaccinated-here-s-why-that-shouldn-t-alarm-you-11626409387076.html
  10. I'm sorry if this has been addressed, what happens if you test positive? Do you loose your cruise, refunded?
  11. Ditto.... Their is no way in heck I'm spending thousands of dollars to go on a cruise and wear a mask. Just not going to happen. Our cruise is in January also, I'll cancel in heartbeat if their is any chance of mast wearing
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