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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Will have a backup but it won't be close to what is being offered by the company we are booked with. Hopefully Barbados will get their act together. Currently on 39% of their population is vaccinated.
  2. I just booked a half day catamaran excursion for Barbados for January 2023. I booked it, then got an email saying currently they are not permitted to have cruise ship guest on board. They are hopeful this will change by 2023. Has anyone heard when that might change?
  3. Your link doesn't seem to work, at least for me. When I click on it it takes me back to your original post
  4. My wife and I have sailed out of Tampa twice. Both times our flights were 10:10 - 10:15am. We made both of them with ease. We were off the ship and in a cab at 7:45, arrived at the airport 20 minutes later
  5. Take a picture and put a tracker on it. I've been doing it for years. And YES the trackers work... I've been using TILE... https://amzn.to/3oSNEgj I just recently bought some Apple's Air Tags... https://amzn.to/309dbY7
  6. It used to be get to the pier between 8:30-9am. Get a group 1 or 2 boarding pass, know where the passes are being sold and walk as fast as you can. All parties need to be in line to get a passes. Feel fortunate the ship is sailing with a little more than half the passengers
  7. You should find your tickets in your cabin when you board. I would also bring a printed copy of what you payed for, never hurts to have a backup. Instructions for your excursion time, where to meet are usually printed on the ticket
  8. We got off as early as we possibly can for two reasons. Try to beat traffic home / flight and to let the room stewards get into the cabin as soon as possible. Change over day is very long for them
  9. We were able to go up on the stage and drink before the show and after for Choir of Man. Unfortunately I don't see that happening now : (
  10. The color of the water and ice flows was amazing. From teal to dark blue -purple
  11. I'll see you in New Hampshire and Maine!
  12. Nice shots! Need to get you a better camera Lol
  13. Very well could be, got to love the 60%
  14. It could be a while, their are a lot of people in suites ahead of you
  15. Thats Great to hear everything went well
  16. Most people don't realize the water depth only 15-25 feet for miles around Bermuda. You can be 10 miles North East of Bermuda and be standing in knee deep water. http://fishing-app.gpsnauticalcharts.com/i-boating-fishing-web-app/fishing-marine-charts-navigation.html?title=Bermuda+boating+app#9.26/32.6232/-64.4456
  17. Makes sense, I completely forgot about Sam
  18. Why is the BA gone? I thought its supposed to be in Bermuda until 3:00pm?
  19. NorwegianConciergeDesk@ncl.com. 855-625-4283
  20. Could be, think of how many people sail every week. Now think about how many people are on CC. Maybe 2%
  21. I'm assuming you will be tested again on Sunday since your doing a B2B?
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