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  1. Thanks and glad you are enjoying the review. I really hope you have a better experience on the BA than we did both with the crowd and the staff. We were in cabin 5731. We loved the room for it to be an interior. I hope you end up with a nice one too. I know right. She cleans up like a little lady when she wants to. Oh my. Well that all makes sense. My ortho told me yesterday that I would have surgery again in 4 months to remove the screws going horizontal attaching the tib and fib together in place so the ligament in the middle of that would have time to heal and also the plate on the left interior side (which was where most of the damage was done and the ankle.) He didn't mention removing the plate and screws on the fibula, which he had said that it was mainly placed to align the broken area, which is way up high on the fibula toward the knee and help align and pull back the ligaments that were messed up and heal. I guess I will know more at future visits. Ugh...I hate all this. Yucky poo!
  2. It was finally time to give up the swimming for the day and get some dinner. We decided to head to O'Sheehans because I just love their food. The only place they had to seat us would be at the bar area dining and that was ok with us. We were seated and waited....and waited...and waited. I finally had to stop a waiter and ask for a menu. At the time of ordering, I told him everything we wanted and the dessert. He said "You don't order dessert yet. That comes after the meal". "So you mean I can't just tell you what I want now?" He responded "no, after meal". Ugh. We placed our order and waited and waited and finally the food came. The hubby ordered something on the menu (I can't remember now what it was) and it didn't come out. We questioned the waiter about it...and the communication was so bad and he didn't understand and finally we just said "never mind". I felt like he understood but was playing it off. After we were finished, the waiter never came back to clear our dishes or anything and we were sitting for a good 30-40 minutes. He would pass by us quickly and not look our way and go into the back to grab food and head out a different way. Then we'd see him somewhere else. It was getting ridiculous. If we could have just placed our order WITH our dessert we would have already ate that and been done and gone. Finally I had to flag him down and I made sure to let him know we had been done with our food for over a half an hour and we needed our desserts. We already knew what we wanted, don't bring us the menu so that you can take more time to come back to us while we look over the menu and then take even longer to bring out our food. We told him what we wanted and we waited and waited. This was worse than going to any MDR. Sakari wasted time playing some pool. But with only the white ball. LOL Finally our dessert came... The cheesecake for me, but I really didn't care for it with the marshmallows and some type of syrup on top. I dug around it to get to the inside. The fruit plate and banana bread for the hubby and Sakari. They enjoyed it and what the hubby didn't eat, Sakari and I gobbled up when he wasn't looking. Hubby looks down-boom you cleaned your plate and didn't even know it. It was a very long experience at O'Sheehans that night. I chalk it up to this unbelievable crowd on this ship. There was a show going on downstairs in the atrium and they were dressing up and doing small skits that pertained to music. It was interesting to watch but very hard to see due to the amount of people both upstairs and down. Finally I had had enough of the crowds and decided it was time to head back to the room where it was quiet and peaceful. Less chance of running into someone in that small interior room than there was in this entire ship. LOL We packed for our excursion for the next day and headed to bed.
  3. Once we got back on board...I bet you can't guess what we did... Sakari just can't get enough of the water. Her and her friend Daniel playing in the pool. We did run into Daniel once at the water park but never seen him again. I was shocked that they didn't meet up and go on the water slides and zip lining together. These 2 were pretty much inseparable during the entire cruise. After awhile, we all (me, Sakari and Daniel) decided to take on the water slides. I figured there wasn't too much of a chance for me to get hurt on those and if I did, it wouldn't last too long because these are baby slides compared to the ones at the water park. LOL We went on them over and over until I finally decided I had climbed enough stairs for the day and it was back to the pool. The hubby and I made sure we met our vegetable, fruit and herb requirements for the day. This became the hubby's favorite drink on the cruise and he would drink them one after another...until he just couldn't drink anymore. LOL Mai Tai
  4. The small beach area at the port And then outside the port The moon was out already
  5. Here is the dolphin area. I feel so bad that these dolphins are kept in such a small place. I can't believe with their skills and instincts that they don't just jump the wall for freedom. 🤷‍♀️
  6. Pictures at the port...(if you want more, you can always look at previous reviews of Costa Maya. I took a lot of pictures previously so didn't this time).
  7. I can't remember if I shared this or not....so if not, here is a short video of the iguana's roaming around and the entrance with some creature in a box yikes...less than 30 seconds... On our way back to the port... Sakari says "Look...it's smiling at us" (Do you see it?) I guess you can rent bikes at the port...it would be easy to ride over to the malecon I would think...
  8. We did a little more swimming and then decided to head back to the port. It had been a great day...especially for Sakari and I was really pleased with the place. Sakari said out of all the port days, this was by far her favorite. She just ask me the other day if we ever go back to that port can we go back there. I wouldn't deny her of that now. I know how much fun she had. Next time, we will need Kendra and the gang to go for even more fun. Headed out to catch a bus...we were told they run every half hour so you can go back at any time you want. However, toward the end of the day, they would pull up one after another.
  9. Here's some pictures of the kiddie water park (Sakari had no interest in it...I mean why would she after all those big water rides).
  10. Since they were busy riding all of these water slides, I asked if they had went on the one that looks like the "toilet bowl" on the NCL Epic. Sakari knew exactly what I was talking about and said "no, but I want to now". They headed off that way and I went around to try to find out how to get to the end of it to take pictures. I guess you had to enter the pyramid and out a different way to get back there. These slides were not working according to Sakari but the landing pool was going and water was coming out of them so I don't know what was going on. Now prior to them going on this ride, there was a girl sitting down at the bottom in the pool area on the steps. I thought she was waiting for someone. Then when someone can down he came out of it acting like he was seriously injured. The sat there for awhile and some employees (like park medics) came to check him out. I guess coming out of the "bowl" he wasn't laying back and it slung him and he hit his head pretty hard. I believe the same thing happened to the girl that was sitting there. I know exactly what this feels like. The same thing happened to me on the Epic. If you aren't laying down and have your head back somewhat, it will sling you out of the tube really hard and throw your head back. I want to say the same thing happened to Sakari that time and she refused to go back on it. So we waited and waited until they made sure he was ok. I was getting a little nervous about them coming down and no way to communicate with them about the events that were taking place below where I was. I just crossed my fingers and hoped that they laid back and didn't end up with the same injuries. Out came Sakari with a smile...she was going pretty slow so I guess that meant no slinging around or anything. She just kinda came out and plopped into the water below. Next up was daddy....I believe he went a little faster and when he plopped out...he went back first. He mentioned there was no touching the bottom of this pool area and I was afraid for his ears...not only going under like that when you land but having to coming out where the water was pouring out of the tube. But he said he was ok and he didn't end up with water in his ears or an infection from this day. After they had completed all of the water slides (some several times and over and over) we headed back to our chairs. Almost everyone seemed to be gone in our area and we pretty much had the pool to ourselves at that point. And some water slide videos...
  11. At the bottom of the water slide...Sakari found these... Grand pappy I can't believe how close she can get to animals...any animals. They run the minute they see me within 10 feet of them. They watch me like a hawk. If I got anywhere near them like this, there would be no picture.
  12. The hubby decided he wanted us all to go on the lazy river since we were rude and went without him. We all went and had a blast but I did not take my camera this time around (imagine that) because my battery was starting to die and I knew I was going to have to switch to another camera soon. I figured I already had pictures of it so why bother. Then when we were done Sakari jumped up and down and said "Let's go do the water slides!!!" Well, for some reason I decided I didn't want to. I know previously on water slides, they have a tendency to bang the heck out of your back and end up with marks. Plus I'd probably lose a few eyelashes and also for some reason I was being extra careful on this trip not to get hurt. (Imagine that). I motioned for the hubs and Sakari to go on and I was going to go back to our chairs and hang out, use the wifi to post some pics to those back home and also swim. Off they went.... My view... I'm just hanging out and in the pool and all of a sudden I hear "MOMMY!!!!!' I look around and see this... They were all the way up there at the top! GASP! I ran and grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. I couldn't believe I heard her yell for me from that far away! I mean they were at the tippy top! Ok, it's official....Sakari is not scared of anything anymore. She's not scared of heights, water slides, zip lining (and her recent trips to the amusement parks here....roller coasters). She was definitely getting her monies worth. After doing that water slide, they went back up and tried out the one below it...the green one. Then they tried the racing ones. These you go down on a mat. However, one thing to know is that when you get to the bottom, remember how I said that you don't have to get mats to go on the ride and they are waiting up at the top? Well....according to the hubby, you have to take them back up if you rode that water ride. So, since they had to go back up there...why not come back down on another water ride? They caught up with me a little while after that.
  13. Now located directly behind where we were sitting I found some trails. You really didn't find many people back there but the employees would come back there to gather additional supplies for food and such. Every once in awhile you would see people visiting the park walk down that way. I did ask our server where it went and I (think) he said it went over to the other side...which is where the kiddie water park is located. There looked to be a huge termite tree up there. I wonder if they are the same termites that you'll find in Belize that you can eat and they taste like mint. Of course I wasn't about to try to climb up there and figure it out...I mean you could fall out of the tree and break a leg or something. 😄 Plenty of iguana's back there as well. Odd flower with the leaves above and the actual flowers draping down below them.
  14. After Sakari and I finished the lazy river, we went back to check on daddy. He had been wondering where we went and we told him we yelled for him as we went by on the lazy river but he was on his phone (yes, they have wifi here). He said he wanted to do the lazy river, but we decided that we were hungry first. We flagged down our waiter and ask for a menu. He said something to the hubby, which he did not understand. We waited and waited and he never returned. Hmmm, that was weird for him. I decided to go to the nearest restaurant, because I was seeing everyone gather in an area with food, and see if I could get a menu. I found a menu sitting on the table and started to walk away with it...going back to our chairs. Half way back to the chairs, someone stopped me and said that "This menu is no good for today. We have buffet" So wait, the only option is the buffet today? We can't just order what we wanted? The buffet is EXPENSIVE! $25 per person. YIKES! But everyone was hungry and what can you do? We all gathered and went to the buffet. We did find that Sakari was cheaper since she was a child. Thank goodness! I do have to say they have A LOT of food...like A LOT! I didn't even take pictures of everything either. There was an entire other row behind all these with breads and goodies and so on. But a person can only eat so much too. I guess the good thing is if you buy it early on, you can eat there all day. We were pretty late to the game, so only ate once. They did have free drinks: Habiscus Flower Water and Rice water. Now this was interesting.... We thought the Rice Water was pretty good but after drinking it for awhile, it started tasting like sugar. LOL The Hibiscus...not so good in our opinion. Of course you can opt to not drink either and go right next door and get pop. Everything we ate was pretty good and at least our bellies were satisfied and we had the strength to go on....to other activities.
  15. You are welcome and thanks for the comments. Roatan diving was amazing! We really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for all the comments regarding the entire review so far. I appreciate it. Thanks so much for the healing thoughts. I could really use them right now. All the airports we use always has us do the body scanner anyhow (except for the person that walks with Sakari since she's still a child). But we've been doing the body scan for quite some time and I don't believe it's an option not to so I guess that will work. The hubby will have to be the one walking with Sakari in the future I guess. lol I don't use any filters. That's just the motion underwater setting and when I click to save it, I have a saved preset that sharpens image for web. I never mess with the color levels...sometimes I only have to lighten a few of them because once you get down so deep, the sun goes away behind the clouds, or you are at a far distance from the object you are photographing, the image gets darker. Also if I have my fish eye on it makes the pictures darker but usually I remember to lighten it in camera so they turn out like that. I think the fish eye makes the colors very vibrant and I love using it. But those were shot with the fish eye on and off (I just prayed really hard that I didn't end up dropping the lens while I was swimming and using the camera with my other hand). LOL
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