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  1. mitsugirly

    Buck Island Excursion vendors?

    If you are interested in the full review...you can find it HERE. It starts on post 243 (beware it's long but is detailed on everything).
  2. Thanks for the comments and I'll try to see if there's something I could do (maybe a "mini" review). Oh gosh, glad your daughter is ok after the earthquakes. Haha, yea we always manage to get ourselves into something outlandishly funny. We survived and it made for a great story, we just won't return there. LOL But hey, I'm in it for the experience...that's why I like to try different places every time if possible. New experiences are my "thing". :D
  3. mitsugirly

    There's no way we've done it all! Need suggestions...

    Staying in the Palm Beach area, you will be around a lot of things like the mall and plenty of restaurants. It's an awesome area. There's water light show at the mall that is amazing. Also a great BBQ place where you eat outside called Smokey Joes. It's awesome bbq. As for the breeze...gosh yes! That's all Aruba is. Download the weather onto your phone and look at the forecast and you will see every day says 82 and wind. LOL I got a kick out of it looking daily and saying "yep, 82 and breezy today" LOL We just stayed in a house with NO a/c (except for the bedrooms) and needed absolutely NO a/c at all! That's how breezy it was! Amazing! Have an amazing time! We love it there and can't wait to return. Maybe I will do a daily trip report on the Aruba section. But...I have SO MANY pictures I don't know how I could possibly pick just the allowed amount per post and accomplish anything I want to say/show. :'):') The house....:o I want to live there....forever. $1.5 million and we plan on renting it again! That may be true for us adults, but for my animal loving daughter...she would flip out over being on a beach with flamingos. You don't even understand...it would probably be the highlight of her trip! :D
  4. mitsugirly

    Gibbs Cay & Stingray Encounter With Beach Getaway

    Mine was private, located right at the beach the cruise ship pulls up to.
  5. mitsugirly

    Favorite Thing?

    Sorry, I forgot I was out of "space" in my signature line and it's not in there. It's located in my Royal Caribbean review and the Grenada part starts on THIS page (click word).
  6. mitsugirly

    There's no way we've done it all! Need suggestions...

    Aruba is AMAZING! So easy to navigate and so many beaches and things to see and do! I would love to stay at the Renaisaance, but only to be able to go to the private island with the flamingos...and we can't do that because they don't allow child at that beach. :mad: I did a small review link of our last stay in Aruba last summer, which listed all the places we went with pictures (over on the Aruba section). Do you plan on renting a car to get around?
  7. mitsugirly

    There's no way we've done it all! Need suggestions...

    You posted this during our stay in Aruba, so just now getting this. Since we were staying on the island for almost 2 weeks, we rented a car. We did go to the Lourdes Grotto. Not too far out of town from San Nicolas. Easy to get to. I was in Aruba when you posted. We did end up doing a sea scooter trip with Aruba Bob (the number 1 excursion on the island and highly recommended). It was amazing. He does his at the reef at Mangel Halto, which is the number one reef around the island.
  8. Sorry, I honestly can't remember back that far how many were in port with us. :confused:
  9. mitsugirly

    Buck Island Excursion vendors?

    It did not work out well. I would highly suggest NOT to do a full day sail when in port. We didn't have a choice because the half day sails were all booked up.
  10. I'm pretty sure your are 100% right!
  11. We haven't decided on our next cruise yet. We "usually" cruise in November, but haven't had a chance to even look for anything yet. Thanks and glad you enjoyed it. I made a copyright stamp in PS and I put it on each photo in there when I'm saving my pictures for web posting. I had to start doing that because I was finding my pictures around the web with others using them and acting as if they were their pictures. :eek:
  12. We had an amazing time (as always) with some bloopers along the way (hey, it wouldn't be us if something didn't go as planned ;p). Since it wasn't a cruise, there's really no place for me to do a review (other than a quick review with a link to pictures of places we went to while in Aruba) unless I do a quick review on the Aruba forum (which isn't quite the same as here). :( Glad you enjoyed it.
  13. I hope you end up with some awesome underwater pics! Nope, we leave for Aruba next week. :D
  14. I hope you are enjoying it. Better late than never indeed. :D Puerto Rico is an amazing place and it's probably my favorite place to cruise out of! Da House definitely wasn't what we expected, but now we know and it adds to the experience of our trip. Just another story to tell and it was only for one night. I have my camera with me at all times. I snap pictures as I walk and when the moment is right (not many people). I DO NOT get up at the crack of dawn EVER to take pictures. haha A lot of them will be take when we first board the ship (most people are swimming or eating...I'm exploring) or the last evening (because most are at shows, gambling and so on). But I still take them throughout the week if I'm passing by a place with no one there. ;) You can contact me mitsubishigirl19 .... hotmail