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  1. @Blue water I just had to come back and post again about Isla Mujeres. I looked online around this beautiful little island and found this little place that I had previously seen online several years ago that I thought would be interesting to stay in (shaped like a seashell with mermaids and everything 😄 ). I never knew where it was located....well, it's HERE! I would go stay there just to surprise Sakari (my daughter) with the place. I'm really going to check into possibly staying here a few days. Do you fly into Cancun and take a boat over? Is there a ferry?
  2. I have always loved Cozumel as well. I have not been to Allegro resort so I'll have to try it out if we go. Safe travels to you as well. 🙂 The last time we visited Cozumel on a cruise, we took the jeep tour to the "wild side" and I fell in love even more than ever. I knew right then and there I wanted to go there for a land vacation. I'll have to look up Isla Mujeres. I've never heard of it. Getting around on golf carts would be fun (reminds me of the time we did that in Grand Turk). Oh yes, been to Belize many times and have been to Shark Ray Alley/Caye Caulker, Goff's Caye and Rendezvous and they are amazing places to snorkel! (As well as cave tubing several times). I love Belize for a snorkeling destination. Not sure I'd want to vacation there or not. I appreciate you letting me know about Mujeres. 🙂 At the moment, no real requirements (as far as getting in to Cozumel). There's no testing at this moment. Of course things could change.
  3. I'm sitting here right now looking at places in Cozumel. 🤣
  4. Just an update on the passport issue...silly me! My husband is a "Jr" and I guess you need to put that in on the "passport checking site" when it ask for your last name. I wasn't doing that. He called this morning and he's in there! Whew! Just an FYI for anyone that may need a passport...they say around 10 weeks delivery time BUT they are doing expedited services again if you need it quickly.
  5. LOL, don't have an anxiety attack...it's all good. Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed the review! 🙂
  6. Yea I hate that they have made it so hard for people to exit the port now. They want you to go "the long way" winding around all the shops. If you want the quickest way out, when you get into the port area, keep as left as you can around the pool to take a short cut down the row of vendors and out the exit. The first time we were there after remodeling, they did have the truck in the way of the exit and the next time we went, they had it completely blocked off with a wall. They want to make sure no one gets out easily. They did have the trams running last time we were there in December last year though (for the pier).
  7. I have to say I'm getting really agitated with this passport issue. It's been 13 days since my passport was entered into the system and it's still saying my husbands is not there. Is it even possible for them to have it and not have it entered yet? I don't know what to do at this point. I have managed to lose my USPS receipt with both of our tracking numbers on there. Ugh...makes my stomach turn at this point. Like I don't suppose I can call anyone at the passport agency....can I? --```````
  8. Lol at your swimming habits. You sound a lot like my son in law Billy (who comes on these cruises with us). Very rarely will you catch him in the ocean...there's too many scary things in there that's out to get him. Now I have to admit I really don't care for lakes or man-made beaches because the water isn't clear and it kinda creeps me out what might be under there.
  9. Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it. I absolutely love cruising out of San Juan and taking some time before/after the cruise to experience more of PR is absolutely a must do if you can. Doing the Southern itinerary is one of my favorites ever!
  10. I appreciate your insight and thoughts of another cruiser that snorkels a lot. I didn't say that Trunk Bay was the most amazing snorkeling I've ever done...not by far. But it was pretty darn good compared to most places I've been in STT (with the exception of Coki/Sapphire). I have most definitely been to some out of this world snorkeling places and Trunk doesn't begin to compare. BUT, what we are talking about here is STJ/STT. People coming to these area's (usually by cruise ship) want to know where to go to snorkel and see coral and fish (which is why they ask what's the best place to go for snorkeling there, not what's the best snorkeling island to go to). I have just always read (on here) that Trunk was the best over at STJ and when Blue mentioned there were better places, I just wanted to know where I (should) have went or where I'd try to go next time we come for another land vacation there. I consider myself a snorkel queen myself (as well as most people on these boards do as well) and it's all we ever do when we vacation (along with diving). I have dove in Barbados with some of the wrecks, snorkeled Goffs Caye and Rendezvous Caye and tons and tons of other places many many times. I would add St Lucia to one of the amazing places to snorkel as well (since you didn't mention it in your list). We cruise and vacation at least 3 times a year and my sole purpose at each port we go to is to either snorkel or dive. I have been many places and experienced different types of reefs, so I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about snorkeling. But I most definitely wasn't comparing Trunk to places OTHER than STT/STJ (because if I had to do that, I would have said the snorkeling was mediocre at best). I was comparing it to places within STT/STJ because well...that's what this particular forum is. So when the question was presented about better places to snorkel on STJ, I just wanted to know which (of the beaches) were better so that I will head that way next time. 😉 My issue is (if others come on here to search for a snorkeling place in STJ and read your comment "not much snorkeling at Trunk clear water and some ray's a few sharks but that's it. There's nothing on the bottom, great for swimming but no snorkeling." Then this is HIGHLY misleading! Maybe if you are out in the middle of the beach there's nothing on the bottom, but that's definitely not true for the entire beach and especially along the reef are by the rocks. I just took those pictures 2 months ago. That really doesn't look like no snorkeling here or that there's nothing on the bottom. Just saying. I'm not trying to be argumentative, just don't want people coming on the boards and being told there's no snorkeling here when there absolutely is and not at all like your (words) described. 😉
  11. It's looking like I might have to vacation without the hubby next time at this rate. 😆 It's still not in the system for him.
  12. Are we talking about the same Trunk Bay in St John? I'm confused. There's definitely more than a few rays and sharks (which we didn't see any of while we were there). Before ever going here, everyone always talked about "you just have to go to Trunk Bay for snorkeling". We were there on our land vacation and the snorkeling was pretty darn good to the right side along all the rocks that stick up out of the water and there's a reef. They have some of the amazing purple turnicates. I think I have only seen these a few places before and we snorkel a lot. I know that Coki has some as well. They are so beautiful. There were a lot of fish (and huge one's), squid and plenty of huge coral and sea life. I found it to be pretty awesome. I have plenty of pictures of our snorkeling. We also snorkeled at Maho and it was ok and did have some coral as well but did have turtles, starfish, squid and even found an eel. I guess I'm a little confused about your last statement saying you don't snorkel but just before that stating that there's really not much snorkeling at Trunk? There's a reef on both sides of Trunk. 🤿 We I found Yea we did Maho Bay (didn't find it as impressive as Trunk was) but did see turtles there. I'll have to make sure when I return to go to Waterlemon Cay next time. Our entire trip to St Thomas was full of turtles (but mostly over in STT).
  13. Aww shucks...thanks so much. haha I do the same with ships that I'm about to go on. Can't get enough of it.
  14. Which beach is better for snorkeling than trunk?
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