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  1. GOARMY, Can you tell me where exactly on your on line Regent Account do you see the name of the hotel that will be used? Thank you
  2. Again, so appreciate all the feedback. I jumped on the champagne and lobster cruise when I spotted it. Since the excursions had been available for a while, I thought our chances of getting on would be slim but surprisingly we were able to reserve it. We loved to snorkle when we were younger ( hence my handle 🏊‍♀️). However, since we are still in pretty good shape considering being 70 +, we are going to try snorkeling again. I love the 70s are the new 60s Gcto.
  3. So I love all the input and have come to the conclusion that a little hair of the dog never hurt anybody .😋
  4. Thank you for all the input/ advice. Dolebludger, the itinerary is actually the E. Caribbean ( Dominica, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Barts etc). So even though the excursions are not very exciting as has been mentioned, it will be relaxing and warm. At this point we will be happy and appreciative for that.
  5. Looking for some advice. Since we have had two Med cruises canceled ( I know not a lot compared to some folks), we are thinking about playing it safe and going for a Caribbean cruise in February of 2022. We have been to many of the islands on the itinerary when we were young and did the beachy things but now as a young at heart 70+ couple will we find things for us to enjoy?? We are not into hanging around a beach for many hours, ziplining etc Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you for clarification on that DarthCruiser. Now all we need is for our May final payment to change. Here’s hoping.
  7. The people who administered our shots told us not to laminate the cards. I believe the reason was if you ever needed another shot and it needed to be recorded on that card! Crazy right.
  8. Sometimes things can work in your favor. I hope they will work out for you Portland. I am also hoping Regent will change our final payment date for our end of September London to Barcelona cruise as well. Right now it is the end of May and that is coming up fast. We don’t want to give Regent $$$$ if it doesn’t sail and then have to deal with a FCC with so many things in flux.
  9. Thank you for helping me to understand this, Pcardad.
  10. Hello, Asking seasoned Regent travelers to explain to me the difference between the three terms Guaranteed, Available and Wait listed on the Regent web site in the various room categories. Thank you
  11. I love the way you think. We are both vaccinated and have been wearing our masks but until the time comes when we can cruise mask free, we will wait.
  12. Sorry but I am not an attorney so no idea what this means. Could somebody explain it simply? Thank you
  13. We are booked the end of September ( London to Barcelona) on the Splendor. When I looked on Regents web site today, quite a few categories are now listed as available that had been listed as wait listed for quite some time. I am trying to read into this and wonder if people are backing out figuring it won’t be sailing. I am hoping that is not the case .....any thoughts?
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