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  1. wingit

    Fitness center equipment

    Thanks, all. Good to know
  2. Does anyone know if there is a rowing machine in the fitness center/gym? thank you for any info you might have.
  3. wingit


    Looks like it will be very easy to eat exactly as I wish! Thanks for posting.
  4. wingit


    Thank you everyone for the quick replies. Breakfast options sound great. Smoked salmon and cream cheese will suit me just fine!
  5. wingit


    I have a question about breakfast options on HAL - Eurodam. Eggs do not agree with me and I don’t eat pork and beef. Is smoked salmon available? Chicken or turkey sausage? In the Lido or the restaurant would be fine. Thank you very much for any help. We’ve sailed on Holland before, but it’s been quite a few years -
  6. I've been on loads of Seabourn cruises. Life on board a Seabourn ship has no relationship to 99% of the conversations that take place here on Cruise Critic. Sure, one can glean some information about cruising from these boards, but it's really more for entertainment purposes. IMO.
  7. wingit

    Afternoon Tea Service

    We were delighted to see the tea time nibbles and pre dinner canapés served buffet style again.
  8. This is so true. It's odd that some cannot fathom that there are many ways to enjoy cruising.
  9. My last two times on the Sojourn the movie selection was very limited and did not suit me.
  10. wingit

    Special Requests in The Restaurant

    Wondering if anyone has requested a special order meal at lunch time (Colonade or Restaurant)? Big dinners aren't for us - but we do enjoy an indulgent lunch occasionally. I'm thinking of things not ordinarily served at lunch time i.e. Dover sole , steak and lobster, etc. I know Seabourn is very accommodating but don't want to throw the galley too much of a curve ball. Thanks for any info.
  11. wingit

    Bridge on Seabourn??

    No more bridge? Gee, I hope that rumor isn't true! Bridge is a must-have activity for me.
  12. When at a port of call where we may want to do some snorkeling independently, will Seabourn loan us some snorkel equipment to use for the day? I'm not certain that they carry such on board, but thought they might because of the marina. Thanking you in advance for any info.
  13. Can anyone tell me if binoculars are provided in each suite? We're thinking that in Alaska they would be really nice to have.Thank you for any replies.
  14. wingit

    Luggage forward service in Japan

    Thank you everyone for your replies. good to hear from people who have used the service. Yamoto sounds like a wonderful and well respected company.
  15. wingit

    Luggage forward service in Japan

    We're flying into Osaka and then going on by train to Kobe. We will stay there 2 days before we board our cruise. From what we've read in our online research, there seems to be a baggage-forward service that will deliver your luggage directly from the airport to your hotel. At a very reasonable rate. I think Yamoto might be the name of the service. The trains do not have space for luggage. This seems like a great solution. We're wondering if anyone has any experience with this service. We don't like to be seperated from our luggage...but it sounds to be very reliable. We'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this. Thank you.