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  1. full refund received today, for 28 day cruise (originally fr SIN to SDY) . Cruise was to start 22 mar
  2. Cooper, is it just me , or is the Rotterdam sittng aft low, and if so, why. thanks
  3. In their travel agent booking portal it all shows wait-listed. Yesterday there were 70+ cabins available on the 3/22 sailing. If you try to book via their normal website it also gives an error... I gave them a call and they verified that all three sailings until 4/13 showed wait-listed. My gut check is 95% sure that we're going to get a cancellation notice. I'm just hoping it's sooner than later as we're still booked to fly out on Tuesday thanks so much for the quick reply. I think you are correct, it looks like they are getting ready for 30 shutdown. (like all other cruise lines), we are b
  4. The Sojourn's sailings on 3/22, 4/3, and 4/6 are all now blocked from booking. We booked the Sojourn 3/22 sailing after having our 3/14 sailing on the Ovation cancelled. I'm guessing with all three of these sailings, that a cancellation notice is likely for our 3/22 sailing on the Sojourn. I did check their other ships which were still open to booking, so I think this is a Sojourn only issue at this point. where did you see this?
  5. I understand where this itinerary might be unappealing to someone from Australia. Coming from the the US, having never been to Australia or New Zealand, we are very enthusiastic. We will miss seeing some things in the Asian ports of course, but this new schedule is actually more to our liking. I sympathize with all who are impacted one way or another by current conditions.
  6. Just2guys, things in the travel industry have not changed. Those receiving travel discounts are required to be discreet. It’s unfortunate that the originator of this thread is unaware of that.
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