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  1. Planning cruise from New York to Quebec City. Looking for Hotel recommendations and which Airport works best in New York. Thanks!
  2. Where is the Club Class Dining area on the Majestic Princess?
  3. Understand that an area has been "modified" to offer a Crooners ( our favorite place) Has anyone been and what is it like? Sure not like the one we are all familiar with. Any pictures? Thanks
  4. Have to say all good information. Have met several Aussies and KiWi's on cruises and have to say they are exactly the type of people I like to sit and have a beer with. They would fit in perfectly in Texas!
  5. Thanks for the input. We will be on Princess so the ship will be in AUD. I will probably get some AUD and NZ dollars here from my local bank before we travel to have some cash in each currency available for small things. Really looking forward to the trip!
  6. Will be cruising Australia/New Zealand in Feb from the US. What cash (USD, AUD, NZ) is accepted in both Australia and New Zealand? Also, are credit cards commonly accepted most places? Thanks!
  7. Have read much and trying to filter it out. Being from the US we are used to tipping at restuarants, cabs, porters, etc. Have heard that tipping (unless it is for something really above and beyond) is not done much in Australia/New Zealand. We have seen this when we did Europe also. Just trying to clarify the custom as not to offend anyone during our cruise.
  8. Will be taking cruise to Australia/New Zealand from Feb-early March. Looking for a really good tour company in Auckland for a day tour March 3rd. Wife would like to tour wineries on Waiheke Island. Turning to the experts for recommendations of a good reliable tour company to contact. Any recommendations are appreciated. We get in to Auckland on March 2nd and fly back home on March 4th. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! That is what I was thinking also. Not a big deal to take our bags down to a cab and that way we can head over when we're ready.
  10. We will be in Sydney at the Sydney Hyatt Regency
  11. We have made our own Hotel reservations at one of the Hotels that Princess books. We will get to the Hotel from the Airport on our own. Is it then possible to book a Princess transfer from the Hotel to the Ship even though we did not book the Hotel through Princess?
  12. So, just to be sure, if we are booked in a Club Class Mini Suite and in our Personalizer it says Traditional Dining ( which has always been our norm) we should select Club Class Dining option to take advantage of this?
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