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  1. I think so. I don’t remember signing anything.
  2. We decided some time ago that booking with a TA in the US was the way to go for us. It won’t suit everyone though as it is a gamble with currency fluctuations. Mostly we have found even with the strength of the dollar against the pound, with the perks given by the TA and the option to cancel without losing the deposit, we have been able to get the best deal for us. Our last cruise we were able to get a $300 price drop before final payment. Paid the balance and “boom” down went the rates. Now our next b2b has gone up by $3900 since we booked. There is every chance that once again prices will drop after final payment. If they do I know our TA will go to bat for me and try to get me some OBC. We might not get anything and if that’s the case we’ll know we got the cabin we wanted, at the rate we were happy to pay. One thing I will say is that I refuse to discuss with other guests the cost of the cruise. There is nothing worse than someone smugly telling you that they paid 30% less than you. So Kalasi, go on your cruise and enjoy yourself.
  3. It’s good fun but you might want to have a snack in the buffet before you go. Very small portions and no opportunity to ask for anything extra like the other specialty restaurants. For instance we love the crab cakes in Tuscan Grill and always ask for a double portion. This is not the way it works in Petit Chef. However, I have to say that the food was delicious and the entertainment was worth the 2 for 1 cost. Wouldn’t have been happy to pay the full price though.
  4. Also your OBC from your TA is refundable. Anything you don’t spend will be refunded to the credit card you gave them when checking in at the port. That is not the case with OBC from X.
  5. Just the answer I was looking for. Thanks a lot.
  6. If you are past payment Celebrity in the UK will do nothing for you. We cruised in April (booked in the US) and the price dropped after final payment. Our US TA was able to get us a good upgrade. When we boarded we found we had been given $500 OBC by X. None of that would have happened if we had booked here in the UK so UK bookings have UK terms and conditions which are probably not going to be any help to you.
  7. We have booked cabin 8344 for a future cruise on the Equinox and were keen to have the middle cabin which according to the sticky on “S” class cabins has a bigger balcony. When I look at deck plans for the new ships i.e Reflection and Silhouette 8344 is not the middle of the row but second one in from the starboard side. Can anyone confirm that 8344 on the Equinox is the one with a larger balcony?
  8. I had Aperol Spritz on the Eclipse recently. However when I asked for Archers and lemonade they didn’t know what I meant. I then explained that it was Peach Schnapps and Sprite. The bar server had to go off and ask a colleague if they knew what I wanted.
  9. If you want to book a particular time, you can do so. There will be 2 lines, one for the likes of us who just turn up when we are ready and the other for guests who want to fix a time. Sharing usually means you will be seated without any real wait.
  10. That’s great. Not having ever used Uber before I would like to know how far in advance I need to book.
  11. Just a thought, I’m pretty sure Uber are not allowed to pick up at London airports. Im really hoping that this is not the case at MIA.
  12. I agree with Blue Herons, it will not be night but it will be late evening. Last time we arrived at MIA it took 2 hours to get out of the airport. I think we will either stay at a MIA hotel and take the Tri-rail next morning (day of the cruise) or try a Uber for the first time and get to FL and stay there overnight. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  13. Thanks. We have been to Miami several times and know that we may be a very long time getting through the formalities, immigration etc. Last time it was over 2 hours from deplaning to actually getting into a taxi. We were cruising out of Miami then so it was much easier to manage. I appreciate the advice.
  14. Hi Alex. As I’m not familiar with the area, would you be kind enough to give the names of the hotels. Thanks
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