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  1. Often our TA will get us a group booking at usually better rates. Some also offer perks such as extra OBC. Excursions and dining wouldn’t change, still booked online. I would say that choosing a travel agent you can trust and rely on is paramount. Ours was recommended by friends and I have to say has always offered us a first class service. We prefer the personal touch rather than use some large internet agency. I would suggest asking around your friends.
  2. Haha, I am so jealous. We are not even allowed to travel outside of our own area much less go to a resort. Have an absolute ball - have a few cocktails for me and a few beers for the firefighter, don’t forget the lime. Elaine
  3. I fancy any cruise. However unless GovUK lifts that cruising ban we can’t bring all those cruise clothes out of the wardrobe. I just don’t know if we could put up with not being to get off the ship independently. Masks? Yeh, well working in the NHS I feel naked without one so I could put up with that.
  4. She’s definitely still sitting at her berth - just saw her yesterday.
  5. Having read various posts/comments about Sweet 16 cabins but not sure exactly what it means or how to find one. What makes a cabin a sweet 16? We have booked cabin 6048 on the Millennium. Is that one of these cabins?
  6. You need to book with online US TAs. Absolutely. That’s why we use an agent in the good ole sunshine state. My post was more for any other UK cruisers who are unaware of the advantages of using an agent in the US.
  7. It’s the Sky Princess sailing round trip Southampton which is a big plus for us. We have an aft balcony, SV on Celebrity. It was the itinerary that attracted us but we quite like this idea of a change but still have some Celebrity cruises booked so we may now have a foot in each camp.
  8. We have sailed 20 times with Celebrity and only once with Princess. That was many years ago on Sapphire Princess and we really enjoyed the cruise. So we had no reason to not cruise again with Princess but just got comfortable with Celebrity and enjoyed the Elite plus benefits. Now we have booked another Princess cruise for 2022 which is “Land of the Midnight Sun”. Most Norwegian Fjord cruises are for 7 nights but we prefer longer cruises and this one is 14 nights. So back to Princess we go. We definitely like the choice of booking with or without perks as opposed to AI with Celebrity.
  9. Hope to be in Portsmouth at Easter (?). Would you like a tour of Gunwharf Quays. Let my DH off the hook.
  10. Right now in the UK NO bars or restaurants open at all. Some restaurants are doing take away meals buts that’s it. We agree with this. I work in the NHS and have to wear a mask constantly. If masks are required when we eventually cruise then so be it.
  11. We were booked on the Reflection transatlantic in April which (of course) has been cancelled. Unless Celebrity send her over without passengers I can’t see your cruise going ahead in July.
  12. One of our fellow cruisers has been contacted by his/her travel agent asking if they want to lift and shift an October cruise to 2022. Anyone have any confirmed information on this.? I hope this is the case but have not heard it from anyone other than this one person.
  13. Yes all 3. We are not big drinkers but a few coffees, a pre dinner drink, a couple of glasses of wine quickly adds up so we think this is worth the upcharge. We only had to pay £50 pp deposit as well.
  14. Celebrity took around 5 weeks to refund our deposit when Equinox cruises were all cancelled for Spring 2022. However, 2 other cruises booked with Royal were both refunded in around 10 days. Strange when you think they are all part of the same group.
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