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  1. What about tender ports? You can't social distance on a tender and if they tried to it could take all day to get not everyone off the ship.
  2. Same attitude as mine toward the PM! 70% of the droplets travel less than 1 metre so 30% travel further. 1% travel more than 2 metres. stand 2 metres away and the number of droplets reaching you is potentially 30 times less than at 1 metre. As the danger of the virus is an age related thing maybe we will see the country split on age. As the young are 'safe' they will resent being restricted to help save the old fogeys lives, until the 'old fogey' is someone they love.
  3. Possibly because if you are 1 metre apart you will be breathing over the back of their head?. It is difficult enough to keep people 2 metres apart, have we noticed distance creep in queues? Imagine trying to re-impose the 2 metre rule if the 1 metre one causes an unwanted rise in infections. Confusing the message again.
  4. It appears it was the Aurora Expeditions 'Greg Mortimer', currently east of Brazil heading to the Canary Islands.
  5. Another way of looking at it is if you sneeze viral particles on a crowded beach in a breeze the breeze will spread the particles cloud over more people than if there was no breeze. There are two ways of surviving this disease. first be young, the younger the better, or don't catch it in the first place. One contagious person can infect dozens
  6. Wish I had a car, I have about exhausted the possibilities of local walks and it is starting to get boring. I suppose I could buy one but I don't have a licence as I spent all my working life in London, plus I think 69 is a little old to learn although my cousin did in his 70's. Maybe an E- bike to extend the possibilities although I have not ridden for over 25 years. Its a bit hilly where I live.
  7. Well you have Carlisle, only 8 miles south of the border but only almost 80,000 people live there. a lot of Carlisle folk might be heading to Silloth or the Lake District/Pennines. Could they seal the border or close the roads to non essential traffic? I counted them (sad), there are 30 road crossings give or take a couple. The main ones are the M6/A74, the A1, the A68 and probably the A7. The rest are mostly single track country roads and there are a lot of rivers in the way. You could probably do it with a couple of hundred police working shifts.
  8. .. …. and it will all go pear shaped when the first onboard case of coronavirus is diagnosed. Those boarding safeguards won't stop a symptom free infected passenger boarding.
  9. This is on the BBC site this morning https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52644291 Selling of unprofitable activities sounds ominous, if Marella can't make a profit is it for the chop?
  10. After a long think I will contribute. Given the possible future restrictions on cruising My ideal ship would be...…. a new Saga type with an added casino. Advantages are free car travel to the port, preferably Dover as I live in Kent. All cabins are balconies so you can't be imprisoned in an inside. Social distancing of course but as I only have two cruises to go to reach the magic fifty I won't really mind if it costs a small fortune. I could manage without the casino at a pinch.
  11. I apologise, not closed. According to the Gatwick flight arrivals two flights will arrive this afternoon, one from Dublin and one from Minsk.
  12. LGW is currently closed for passenger traffic, no flights.
  13. Flying into the UK will soon be a pretty pointless exercise if you want to go on a cruise. A 14 day isolation for air, sea and rail passengers!. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52594023
  14. The problems with treating the extremely old and vulnerable don't just apply to Sweden. Apparently a lot of these people are so frail that putting them on a ventilator would kill them anyway. So palliative care is given instead. Even taking them to hospital might kill them. When I was a young teenager I caught that disease you get from rats. It was touch and go and I had doctors and consultants in my bedroom. They decided that transporting me to hospital was too dangerous so my bedroom was turned into a mini ward, and I was a fit teenager.
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