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  1. Buffets are not as bad as many think. Rule 1, don't go at busy times when it can be quite literally a bunfight. buffets on P&O are not very inspiring but I found the NCL one better and the buffet on Marella ships can have a surprising variety of food
  2. If P&O have different types of passengers on their smaller ships maybe they should consider separating them into a different brand, or maybe market them as P&O Classic and the big ones P&O Resort
  3. I was on Dream this winter. I enjoyed it but due for retirement. a marmite ship
  4. Bad luck can influence opinions. For example my longest and most expensive cruise was a P&O world segment from Sydney to Singapore. It was my worst cruise experience. Firstly we expected the 2 days in Sydney, what we got was one day and an evening. what they omitted to tell us that although the flight arrived at 7am we were not allowed to board until noon and then not allowed to get off the ship until early evening. Next was an obnoxious drunk know it all who boarded at Brisbane, now I like Blackjack and this 'person' insisted on telling everyone how to play and what they were doing wrong, except he did not know how to play. Over the next 28 days security were called twice but despite lots of complaint they refused to ban him from the table. Why, because he was losing heavily. Then we got to China but we did not as there was a storm and we sailed in circles for 2 days. they did pay for our Chinese visas which may have averted a mutiny. Then I got ill 2 days before Singapore and was confined to my cabin. I had to remind the medical staff that I was on a package and they had to get me home. Two days of shenanigans followed. I got a nice hotel but re arranging flight etc did not happen . I had to do that myself. The local TA tried to contact P&O but got no response. Eventually I got home and claimed compensation. It turned out P&O thought I was on a different ship and the hotel had no record of me checking in, hardly surprising as I was in a different hotel. Anyway I ended up with lots of compensation. that should have put me off P&O for life but it did not What has put me off is I keep getting stomach upsets with cabin confinement. Once on Thomson a number of years ago for 1 day and several times on P&O. My last experience was 2 separate 2 day confinements on the same 12 day cruise. My next 4 cruises are with Marella and probably the ones next year If you liked Discovery you will like Explorer and Explorer 2. I have cruised on Explorer and IMO is even better than Discovery
  5. Yes, a couple of bottles of wine delivered to the cabin. They must keep internal records as on my last Explorer cruise they asked anyone with previous Marella/Thomson cruising experience to contact reception and we got a invite to a little reception. Thinks, same on Discovery
  6. Indeed, the only things that should go down the pan are your 'products' and the cruise lines special easy dissolve toilet paper. no telling people though, apparently someone tried to stuff a false arm, or was it a leg, down there.
  7. That's me, with 44 cruises under my belt I have dressed formally many times, now I would only consider it if there was a special occasion like xmas dinner. I don't mind their being formal nights as long as there is plenty of choice onboard for those who don't want to take part.
  8. The cruise may well not be full as it is 19 nights on the shorter version to Southampton, therefore the low price. the 7 sea days to cross the Atlantic might put people off as well.
  9. I think Princess? conducted a survey that showed the more cruises passengers had taken the less their onboard spend. as a lot of the profit comes from the onboard spend they don't really care for those who have completed hundreds of cruises and spend nothing.
  10. I once had compensation for the weather. we sailed in circles for 2 days outside Shanghai because of a severe storm. Then when we docked it was at 1am to refuel. We were not allowed to leave the ship. They refunded the cost of our Chinese visas. This was P&O Aurora on a Sydney to Singapore cruise. I have never heard of anyone on a UK cruise line getting a refund of port taxes. They are not listed on the invoice?
  11. They could have had a 40's theme night on Arcadia as they had Vera Lynn songs and gave everyone a little flag to wave, honest!
  12. Green and red! I remember Arcadia on jacket required evenings, the dining room looked like a tramps convention with lots of very unimpressive jackets in evidence such as 30 year old blazers with genuine gravy stains, boating regatta jackets in every colour and even the occasional rain jacket.
  13. Good idea, all P&O ships already have at least two main dining rooms. One could be fixed tables and dinner suits etc and the freestyle one 'dress to impress' - oops, can of worms
  14. The same on Marella, they call it Dress to Impress night although there is no compulsion. Lots of people dress up including some with tuxedo. Having done lots of formal nights my dress to impress stuff is now a fancy shirt and black chinos
  15. OK, please list those problems and your experience of them
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