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  1. davecttr

    Bag drop Manchester airport.

    day before bag drop is restricted to flights leaving before noon
  2. davecttr

    Reliability of ships

    Thanks again chengkp75, it is good to have you here with all your knowledge. Latest news from Discovery is at the start of the problem they could only use 1 propulsion motor so no more than 13knots or so. they now can use both so have been doing 17 knots. She is in Goa today
  3. davecttr

    Reliability of ships

    Ah thanks for reminding me, a circuit breaker was mentioned in another report from the ship. What could be the causes of a circuit breaker failing? almost all passengers never noticed it as it was the middle of the night, apparently everything stopped for an hour or so and then the ship started moving again edit - what does a ship circuit breaker look like and how does it work?
  4. davecttr

    Reliability of ships

    Marella discovery is now west of Mumbai proceeding to Cochin at 17 knots. A report from onboard says that the problem was caused by an explosion at 2.30? am which destroyed a 'switch panel', leaving them only able to use the power from 2 of the 5 engines. apparently they now have the power from 4 engines and hope to complete the repair in Cochin.
  5. davecttr

    A bit ambiguous....Oceana

    I agree with your interpretation, tips will not be expected or required. P&O would do well to follow Marellas example where they post reminders to passengers that tips are not required or expected. It is even on your cruise card. Some passengers will of course tell everyone that they tip because it is expected. This will be an attempt to demonstrate their social 'superiority'. Of course you can still tip for exceptional service.
  6. davecttr

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    Marella also remind passengers that 'tips are included'. it is even written on your cruise card. I think this might be to counter any tendency among some passengers to prove their social superiority by stating 'we always tip as the crew expect it'.
  7. davecttr

    Reliability of ships

    It could be that 'Chinese whispers' has resulted in the facts being distorted as they pass from person to person. Apparently Discovery formerly Splendour of the Seas will be departing Dubai for India tomorrow but missing Mangalore and Mumbai ports because of a reduced speed so there is some power. Marella will want this fixed as the ship is spending the winter season cruising from Malaya and Thailand, hopefully!
  8. davecttr

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    I have cruised with Marella cruises here in the UK 20 times and the 'grats' are included in the fare. The crew are always happy and efficient and some offer exceptional service, why? because if you give them a cash tip they can keep it for themselves or they get satisfaction from doing their job really well.
  9. davecttr

    Reliability of ships

    Marella used to be known as Thomson and briefly TUI, serving the UK and Irish market for over 20 years. they currently have 5 ships and a 6th joining the fleet next May. The Marella rebranding helps differentiate them from TUI cruises which is for the German market. Unusual name Marella which means shining sea in Gaelic
  10. davecttr

    Reliability of ships

    Maybe the fact that Marella and TUI airways have the same parent company will help with the flights. as far as the repair is concerned someone is going to be in serious doodah for measuring the part wrongly. Or maybe it was an adaptation as I suppose these transformer things may be custom made? As far as fixing it is concerned they will be desperate to fix it as once it goes mainstream news wise their whole far east venture is in peril nice to know the 'many' breakdowns was 2 or 3
  11. Normal for a cruise ship. I was aboard P&O Oceana when the aircon failed on a lower passenger deck. No ventilation at all and it was hot!. I was aboard discovery in june and that leak was the failure of a high pressure hot water main. several cabins were flooded. they worked for hours and got it sorted . I remember a helpful passenger writing? that the hotel mangers response was to go shopping. she was actually already ashore when the main burst but hey oh, who cares about the facts. After a few days it seems Discovery breaking down 'many' times this year is either 2 or 3, not 'many' in my book.
  12. davecttr

    Worried About Kidney Stones

    Indeed, the insurance companies can be nasty in their attempts to refuse a claim. I remember the story from years ago about a man who had taken out mortgage insurance and had to claim after developing a unexpected heart condition. The insurance company rejected the claim because he had not told them about his fathers hereditary kidney condition. He had not told them because he did not know about the condition and his father had never told him and was actually dead!. the story was eventually aired on the local BBC TV news programme, after which the insurance company changed their mind and paid the claim.
  13. davecttr

    Worried About Kidney Stones

    Let me qualify that. here in the UK you should always tell your insurer about any pre existing medical conditions. They may agree to provide cover for them at an extra charge or give you cover but not for that specific medical issue. I have pre existing conditions that are covered for only a few pounds a year addition to the premium.
  14. davecttr

    Cruise without Christmas Music

    That will be why they did not want to use the ones offered by the crew. They found their CD under a stack of magazines or whatever.