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  1. Only need to tie it once then stitch the knot and convert it into a clip on. Looks hand tied because it is. A cruise director told me the trick. I have no need for it though as although I have the dinner jacket etc it is too big and I don't bother with formals anymore.
  2. The curved bits, all delux category have varying size balconies, the ones at the sides of the curve look the same size as a normal balcony but a different shape. I suppose my staycation cruise will have me given one of those because there is only little me 😟
  3. Iona has not been on any cruises yet as far as I know. If she had we would have seen hundreds of photos of the interior and hundreds of moans about the ship. Iona is Freedom dining only although P&O do say that in the staycation cruises you may have to pre book a table, obviously to avoid loads of people queueing before the restaurant opens.
  4. A lot of people don't know launderette etiquette. It is OK to remove someone's finished washing from a machine as long as you put it in a basket or on a clean surface, NOT the floor. What you don't do is put your washing on and then go on a shore excursion, or remove the baskets from the room and take them back to your cabin for your personal use. The captain on Oceana had something to say about that. Or how about this one that I witnessed myself. A machine had an out of order notice on It. A man came in, removed the notice from the machine, loaded and started it and left taking th
  5. They quoted me aged 70 with medical conditions 7 night single trip policy nearly £200 😨
  6. And possibly the normal confusion about which are formal dress venues. I remember P&O listing the Oceana Yacht & Compass as a formal bar. Go on the ship and it was not. P&O list the Glass House on Azura and Ventura as formal venues. Go on the ships (I have) and guess what, they are not formal venues. I think the difficulty with having a formal area is when it is a transit area with lots of informal scruffs tramping back and forth 😉 Oops, have I started the fashion wars again 😈
  7. I would be surprised if they did with the dining arrangements being changed, not that it matters as there are plenty of places to eat. Formal nights also restrict the venues casual dressers can use which IMO would not be appropriate on these special cruises. Someone should ask P&O?
  8. That's him, a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society 🙂
  9. Discovered yesterday that I can't receive BBC4 HD on Freeview any more. Apparently they are using the MUX, whatever one of them is, for other broadband transmission stuff. The appropriate help sites suggested I change transmitter to a 'green' one but I live in Kent and the only 'green' transmitters are in Essex which means I will get BBC East local news not South East 😠 I recently upgraded my old HD TV with one of those smart sticks and it works well and I find I can watch BBC4 HD live via broadband and I-Player. Lucky for me that my BT broadband now has unlimited download 🙂
  10. Two P&O speakers stand out for me but I can't remember their names! The first gave astronomy lectures and sky parties on the top deck with all the light up there out except the navigation lights. That was on Aurora in the far east The second one was a lady warden from Shetland? who was a whale expert and lots of us spent days staring out to sea. That was on Oceana a cruise somewhat spoiled by being confined to my cabin sick, TWICE. Still hooked on sea life etc though
  11. I am still hankering for the Fjords after 48 cruises. My first cruise was on the old Thomson Celebration out of Harwich, I was hooked.
  12. At least this does not apply to the staycation cruises so if you are going on one of them you can relax. Foreign cruises, a can of worms. If booking a foreign holiday you need to be, an optimist?, foolish?, desperate? rich? Or can you relax? If there is a COVID case aboard are we all then going to have to isolate on return to port and pay for test? Fun eh!
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