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  1. Another example of the P&O fashion police! There are plenty of venues on P&O ships where smart casual is OK on formal night. This is another reason why I am now cruising with Marella more often
  2. Silent discos are fun. I suggested they might introduce a silent karaoke but no luck so far!
  3. I remember the dambusters being played when we had either an Aida or Mein Schiff alongside, in response the germans were waving pool towels over their heads!
  4. Apparently it is computer algorithms that control the price changes. Even the day of the week can make a difference, On busier booking days the price goes up slightly. Yes, us solos have to book a long time in advance to get the cabin we want. Marella only allocate about 30 cabins for solo occupancy and they can sell out quickly. Choosing the correct cabin is important to me. I was on the Explorer 2 transatlantic repositioning this spring and did not pre book a cabin. I was allocated 4049 and at about 2am machinery was switched on below which made grinding noises. They moved me to 4173 which was better but not perfect. I got £100 compensation as well. On my recent Explorer cruise I booked 5027 and it was quiet. I would avoid deck 4 cabins. If you want an inside on Explorer 2 they are all well forward on deck 8 with good reports so far.
  5. Discovery 1 used to have a concierge lounge and they converted it to cabins, on deck 9 IIRC
  6. As less and less outside cabins were left the price would continue increasing. If the price is dropping it means they are not selling well. As I understand it they allocate the cabins remaining after pre booking a week or so out from the cruise date. IMO it is always a good idea to pay the £48 if you know the cabin is a good quiet one, Marella get a lot of repeat cruisers and they learn about the bad cabins. Paying £48 is a lot better than say paying maybe hundreds for each passenger on P&O's select fare for the same privilage All ships have 'bad' cabins, even modern ones
  7. No, some ships have a cows nest though
  8. I got used to UHT milk and now prefer the taste to pasteurized. To my palette it tastes creamier and unopened cartons can be stored without refrigeration for several months. Fresh milk is only fresh if it has come straight from the cow.
  9. Just another sauce of infection, all those people with mucky hands attempting to pound the source out of them
  10. from timeanddate dot com November 30, sun below horizon all day, civil twilight 08.45 to 14.19 The main attraction is the possibility of seeing the northern lights
  11. cruise berths to Casement Square just less than a flat mile so deemed walkable, plenty of local transport outside the port gate
  12. That is because Marella cruisers are not the same as P&O cruisers, there are some people who cruise with both but amusingly on P&O if you mention you cruise on Marella you may get some interesting reactions. Lots more snobs on P&O, and just as many drunks!
  13. Celebration and Dream are considered by Marella to be their traditional ships so formal nights aboard are a little more formal. Dress to Impress on the Discoveries and Explorers is just that, chinos and a fancy shirt for me. Marella is following the money and have decided that imposing a formal dress code will reduce bookings
  14. If cruise ships dock across the lagoon coaches are the way to get the passengers into Venice. Using ships tenders takes too much time. I visited Kirkwall in the Orkneys recently and the 4 ships tenders took almost 4 hours to move less than 2000 passengers to the town which was over a mile away. Large locally provided tenders might work?
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