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  1. I have experienced lots of occasions where couples were boasting about not having any onboard spend at all, leaving the cruise line to only profit from the fare itself. A study has proved, on Princess I believe, that the average onboard spend reduces as people take more cruises.
  2. I have cruised over 20 times with P&O as a solo cruiser and the 'single supplement' has never been higher than the low 70%. I have had supplements below 50% on several cruises. On my 'other' cruise line single supplements are commonly below 40%.
  3. I don't mind doing Iona to the Fjords once a year, as long as it is the actual fjords and not just coastal towns like Bergen and Stavanger. Long sail ins to places like Gieranger, Flam and Olden are a necessity and at least two of those per cruise. A coastal cruise to the Lofotens etc would be OK too.
  4. This is the critical question for many of us. There may be two possible reasons for P&O not telling us, either they don't actually know or the procedures needing to be invoked would put us off cruising even more than many of us are already. Look at what happened at Malta, one person tested positive and nobody got off the ship. Possible example - a cruise to the Canaries, a couple of people test positive. The port authorities say no disembarking, just sail back to Southampton, fun cruise eh!
  5. do you like promenades and beaches? If so chose the Tenerife home port option because in Gran Canaria there is an almost 2 mile long beach and promenade about 20 minutes walk from where the ships docks, plus a multi story shopping arcade right there at the port
  6. That's what I did. I had my travel insurance as part of my bank account plus a premium on top for existing medical conditions. It was due for renewal in July so I downgraded my bank account without any problem. The bank were happy to do it and it only took about 15 minutes? Apart from the travel insurance the account is the same 🙂 I have 2 cruises to go to reach my bucket list total of 50 so may settle for single trip insurance. Maybe P&O or Saga or Fred on one of their latest ships. Must be a UK departure and balcony cabin.
  7. A story about an unlikely occurrence. Several years ago a local charity raffled a new car in the local shopping centre. Pay a pound and roll 7? dice, roll 7 sixes and you win the car. On the first afternoon of the raffle someone paid their pound and promptly rolled all sixes. Aaargh, the charity had not taken out insurance. Moral, if it can happen it will, probably at the worst possible time 😕
  8. I could tolerate a cruise to nowhere if it was a cruise to Norway. Sailing up and down those beautiful fjords and along the coast to scenic areas like the Lofoten islands. no need to dock at any port. In a Balcony cabin of course 🙂
  9. If you had to have a pre cruise test where would you have it? The only test centre near me is a drive in one several miles away and good luck booking an appointment there. You can't walk in or use public transport either. This nasal swab business is not for me, I only have one fully functioning nostril the other one being obstructed by bone, so a home test kit is out, no way could I stick a long cotton bud up my nose 😱
  10. As I understand it some may get symptoms after the flu jab but you don't actually have flu. Apparently the vaccine is made up of fragments of the virus which trigger an immune response and prime you with antibodies. Obviously the fragments can't reproduce. Should have my flu jab on Friday at the local Lloyds, however they cancelled the last appointment in September 😬
  11. Ooops, i meant to write late 2021
  12. This should help https://gcaptain.com/cruise-ship-shipbreaking-booming-in-turkey/
  13. Wot you all going on about 🤔 Me 😇😇😇 actually a sad ending, she died a couple of months later
  14. Same for me, me and my little tranny under the bedclothes. i also had a huge valve receiver that had short wave and long wave, lots of retuning needed 🙂 My gran bought me a new tranny for my 16th birthday, a Dansette Medway, with 7? transistors and it still works 53 years later, the FM aerial is broken though, must try and get it fixed. funny thing is I ended up living in Medway despite being born and raised hundreds of miles away, perhaps my gran knew something 😱
  15. I have 2 cruises booked for 2021 and will wait until late 2020 to decide about 2022
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