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  1. Try here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/464-italy-ports/
  2. Please see the top post on this page.
  3. I did not say Saga were a direct competitor to P&O. For a start, the age restrictions limit their pax base. And yes, they are more expensive but with the new ship only carrying under 1000 pax at full capacity, they don't have the economy of scale of Britannia or Iona. I only said they were not quite as expensive as they first appear, taking into account the extras and balconies. You can also pick up some offers if you time it right, which is what I managed to do.
  4. I agree it is bad manners but yes, I think it does make a difference as P&O staff should know the rules, whereas contractors might not.
  5. I have long said that P&O trying to be all things to all people does not work. You only need one new cruiser to choose the wrong ship for them to possibly put them off for life. Saga is not quite so expensive if you compare like for like - the new ship is all balcony cabins - no insides, no outsides. The fare also includes insurance (you can get a refund if you have your own), transport to port (or parking), drinks, wifi and tips. All the restaurants are also included, although some require booking but no supplements and 20% of the cabins are singles. I am sailing on Monday on Spirit of Discovery to try them out. It will be an interesting comparison.
  6. I don't think you should call them P&O officials unless you know for sure. Many contractors come on board the ships in port, from piano tuners to carpet layers etc, or crew visitors etc.
  7. If they introduced charges for the launderettes I certainly hope they would be waived on a world cruise!
  8. Mine go in my suitcase. Hang them up asap near the bathroom and run a hot shower with the door open. The steam should drop out most if not all creases.
  9. They do, and it includes the Safety Officer and Deputy Captain
  10. FROM A FRIEND, ON AZURA I have just read the story about our over night stay in Monte Carlo and to say the Sun Newspaper has not let the truth get in the way of a good story is an understatement. Yes the sports arena was uncomfortable but it was not cold and some people decided to stay outside. P&O staff and crew were brilliant and looked after everyone as best they could. The elderly were given priority on beds and medical staff were on hand to care for them. One member of the crew fell in the water while trying to get people off the tenders and avoided injury and was back at work today. Yes were waiting a long time but the Captain and crew were trying to do the best for everyone. There were a lot of people who thought they could do it better but they did not have the safety of all those people to think about. At least no one was seriously injured and as for me and my wife, we are a little bit tired and that's all. It has not ruined our holiday. Please share this to get the truth out there.
  11. Why? I shared with 2 girlfriends on a Christmas cruise for 18 nights. It was fine, in fact it was fun. You just had to organised with the bathroom schedule.
  12. I only said that as far as I knew at the time, it was a rumour. If it was true, then I sincerely hope they are OK.
  13. From a passenger, I understand they were taken by coach to the railway station early this morning and taken by train to Villefranche. Everyone is now back on board and safe. The "report" of a crew member or passenger (depending on where you read it) falling in the sea is a rumour and not confirmed anywhere as yet.
  14. Bottled water is always available or stock up in port.
  15. Oh dear- I hope it's not that casual or my two booked Saga cruises may be my last.
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