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  1. Float out on schedule https://newsroom.saga.co.uk/news/sagas-spirit-of-adventure-floats-out-ahead-of-sea-trials#:~:text=The%20latest%20addition%20to%20Saga's,in%20Papenburg%2C%20Germany%20this%20morning.&text=This%20comes%20a%20year%20after,of%20Discovery%2C%20in%20May%202019.
  2. I asked today when I switched my cruise from 10 October (cancelled) to the new Inaugural cruise and as told - no masks required.
  3. How suitable are your ships for people with mild physical disabilities? Accepting shore excursions may be off the agenda, would you still be able to see enough to make the cruise worthwhile please?
  4. Saga already do this. It's a great idea and way of relaxing on your balcony while listening to the show.
  5. Well that is odd because I renewed with All Clear, got 15 months cover (inc. cruise cover and several med. conds) and for the same price as last year. I needed to have continuous cover so my cruises booked before 12th March this year, were fully covered inc. for CV19. Of course, any new cruises won't be covered for that.
  6. Cancelled our August cruise on MArina in April, got full refund back a couple of weeks ago. Booked through a UK TA.
  7. Currently in Rotterdam I believe for repairs to a damaged prop.
  8. Hope it stays that way. We had hardly been hit either - until the VE Day weekend. Now our hospital is shut to all admissions due to CV19!
  9. During the current crisis I belive you can pay in to a bank with a photo of your cheque.
  10. and https://www.carnivalukcareers.co.uk/who-we-are
  11. To clear this up, and hopefully end all discussion on the subject, any email address that is not freely visible on the company public website is not permitted to be posted here.
  12. Cancelled an Oceania Cruises cruise on 7th April, refund received 15th May - 39 days. Pity P&O can't be as prompt.
  13. Insufficient berths available.
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