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  1. Our captain did that on Oceania's Nautica.
  2. Just bear in mind that ports like Geiranger are going to be very different with 5000 pax flooding off the ship rather than 2000. That is one of my reasons for not liking huge ships.
  3. That was what I asked, although not exactly as phrased.
  4. Yes, it absolutely does, as long as I am away from home for more than one night.
  5. In response to this topic, I phoned my insurers All Clear, who haven't been mentioned so far as I can see. My normal annual European travel insurance with cruise cover, fully covers me, including my medical conditions, up to £15 million, for UK cruises with a free 3 months extension due to no use during CV19. I don't know why the others seem to be making such a meal of it.
  6. But on a world cruise it applies to each sector. It's fun finding a supermarket somewhere and trying new wines that way.
  7. Cruising will have to reduce its impact on the environment. Maybe fewer gigantic ships dumping thousands of passengers on a port or island and go back to mid-size vessels that can visit more ports and spread the load - or maybe that is wishful thinking. Personally I'm looking to cruise less, cruise better.
  8. On Aurora, we were not allowed on promenade deck after dark, crew manned high-pressure hoses 24/7 rigged on prom. deck, ship was darkened at night - minimal lighting, cabin curtains closed. We were drilled (like a muster) in what an alert signal would be and what to do. Pax in outside cabins to sit in corridors by their cabins, pax in inside cabins could remain there. Stewards checked everyone was complying. Just before we entered the area, the ship rendevouzed with an ex-trawler and took on board firearms etc.
  9. According to All Clear - it's when you book, since that is when your cover starts.
  10. Not if they were booked BEFORE 17 May. I checked with my insurers.
  11. I am a long-time P&O cruiser who has been totally converted to Saga. You can read my blog on Spirit of Discovery in 2019 here. http://sharonp-shipsinmylife.blogspot.com/2019/
  12. May well be scenic cruising. No further details have been released yet.
  13. The other factor is all drinks and an all-balcony ship. When I have costed them out it is cheaper than P&O like-for- like.
  14. Sorry to correct you but there is a large cruise terminal at Greenock. I have visited there three times. Aslo docked at Rosyth for Edinburgh. Saga's Spirit of Adventure is doing a 15 night round Britain cruise with ports in July/August ( I hope), calling at Newcastle, Dundee, Kirkwall, Ullapool, St Kilda, Greenock, Belfast, Douglas, Holyhead, Bristol and Falmouth. I don't know why P&O could not do similar, at least with Aurora.
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