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  1. Further, further update just found if you do all CAPITALS it works it seems not to like mixed . Ie will accept BINMAN ,binman , but not Binman .Might be a load of rubbish but trying to help !
  2. Further update also find if you log in with cruise ref and put any CAP LETTERS IN YOUR NAME boxes then again says incomplete with the X so try lowercase letters on log in page for Christian name and surname with the cruise ref
  3. Lindyloo22 I just had a thought I had a similar problem looked last week and found that personal details had a cross felt for sure they were correct .Any way corrected and new they were complete . Then I had an idea if I just got the P and O site page up and clicked already booked and put in the booking ref and my name d.o.b then I found my details said incomplete with the cross. So I thought what happens if I get the site up and first just log in and then say already booked put booking ref in name d.o.b Bob's your uncle its all there ,so I must log into site first and then click already booked .If that makes sense .I have a feeling I thought of this before but because we have missed booking in for so long have forgotten about this
  4. Can you get to the test centre via dock gate 10 or do you have to drive on main road to dock gate 20
  5. Thankyou for that Mocrochip as we have 4.30 hrs drive if we drive on the day that give us an idea on timings
  6. If you are given your time is that for the start at the covid centre cps or time at the terminal when completed tests etc
  7. When driving from the mayflower using the cps and your boarding at the ocean terminal which way do they ask you to drive ?
  8. Did they inform you that they had moved to 30 days when you booked it or was that at a latter date
  9. Hi Mark as a matter of interest when did you book the cruise ?
  10. Just the st Lucia ones I think ,basically if you were going for a week .The 14 nighters from Barbados still going
  11. Just seen Brttania cruises cancelled to St Lucia lack of charter flights as expected
  12. Thanks for reply we were on that first iona but panicked last year and cancelled .We re booked 31st October iona this yearv and had to pay p and o 1st August via travel agent .I forgot they brought that in but think when we cancelled we would have had to pay in May to TA until they moved goalposts but to late at the time for us or we might have still been on the 1st Med cruise
  13. High lindylooi had a look at mine was all complete a week ago noticed that my details were not ticked changed one of the boxes and saved it then logged out and then logged in again and is now correct
  14. Shouldn't you have already paid the balance !
  15. A note on cps always used them and have been spot on .Anybody know what they do with a keycard for your car .Always had a key and attach tag but with a key card no way of attaching tag do they put it in a plastic bag or something?
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