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  1. See oceana following Ventura and will pass azura coming in .Guess there will be a few horns being sounded
  2. When I was in that position my ta was very good and extended the payment date to the same as p and o and when it came to p and o cancelled 5 days before it was due so saving my deposit and converting to fcc 125 % It was only £100 and i was going to cancel so she saved me my deposit for a future cruise .
  3. Vts has her leaving 6pm 8 /7/20 local coastal
  4. Having a cruise to Southampton.
  5. We are booked on iona next September just had the tours sent to us from our T.A . That is their own tours not p and o . Wouldn't dream of booking any though .
  6. When was your cruised cancelled I have a message saying they are working on it
  7. Has anybody seen their fcc on their p and o account yet .Says it will appear soon when you have logged in and look at future cruises guess it could be some time till that shows with still all the refunds to sort out .
  8. Just watching old tv Michael McIntyre bet she didn't get a refund after using her own food or will this be the new norm
  9. Well that's not going to happen mr Palethorpe got promoted 19 th june to head of carnival uk .Read that when it happened thought it was strange nobody replied on that one
  10. Those pins would make good ball markers for your golf balls if you know where to stick it .Must read the rules
  11. See she is doing some high speed turns hope the pools are empty or it will be swishing over the sides .I remember once we were on oriana coming out of Gibraltar and she turned very sharply and the water from the rear pool overflowed and went down the steps soaking some passenger coming up the stairs . Guess it's part of the tests to see how she can be turned around in an emergency situation
  12. Interesting you should ask didn't really know but googled it 1/250 if you go to hachette part works site found apparently you can still get it .When I collected it 2000 was £3.99 went upto £7.99
  13. I think you would have to book the same cabin when you booked and I'm sure you get a discount think its 10 % check with a cruise agent
  14. Must be catching cheque rec for aurora 5th june booked via ta paid on creditcard full amount including dep cancelled 23rd april 49 days .In the bank 30mins after receipt like a ghost town first time being into town for 13 weeks. Feels like a Sunday down town .
  15. Noticed on the last 24 hrs tracking she had drawn 2 hearts on the sea dont know if that was on purpose
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