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  1. Well went for the jab with the wife 5.30pm last night so well organised really didnt feel a thing .Had a stiff arm this morning aches a bit but otherwise fine .
  2. Just had the call to arms Get the jab on Monday I'm 66 and asked if wife could come she is 65 lady checked the list she was on it and booked in 5 mins later so all is good .💉💉
  3. Found her docked in Portsmouth of all places !
  4. Todays a new month
  5. Search on utube Southampton port cam 24/7
  6. Found a new port cam on you tube I hadn't seen this one before interesting to watch . Just watched Ventura leave .Wish we were on board .Think the web cam has only been going a year according to the live feed if anyone is interested
  7. Didn't switch breakfast tv on this morning for the news listening to more joyous sounds of the theatre shows on the radio very good
  8. Iona turned around where is she going now ? Maybe on a day trip ?
  9. Yes you did see correctly points frozen and tiers maintained till March 2023
  10. Hi Arlowood is that a new report as in the actual wording it says September 2020
  11. Yes takes us about 5 hrs to decorate counted all the decs one year nearly 600 ornaments and 480 lights . Dont know which is best putting up or taking down?
  12. Just popped up on my samsung pad headline Cruise ship 5 covid cases 400 passengers stranded . Of coarse I started to read the report and turns out to be a Stena line ferry liverpool to Belfast . Who ever writes these headlines should get their facts right .
  13. Yes fully agree with you ,but I don't know how they sell them .I just couldn't afford to go at the prices they ask and will go up even more as its early days . Guess they know the market .
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