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  1. majortom10

    Sea Screen on Azura

    Movies Under The Stars is very popular and is on the majority of Princess ships and we have watched movies, with many others, starting at 9-30pm/10pm on cruises around the British Isles and to the Land of the Midnight Sun. I think it is a US tradition mainly but is a great atmosphere even in the rain undercover and a blanket with popcorn and on occasions pizza.
  2. majortom10

    Extra costs

    It does very rarely where it is a regular offer in US. We booked on QE for a cruise in Queens Grill and soon after we booked it they offered a "free drinks package" and was initially upset but then realised if I had booked the same suite the price of cruise had gone up over £600pp so wasnt really a "free drinks package". They also seem to get free gratuities offered a lot in US which we never get offered in UK.
  3. majortom10

    Extra costs

    This is only a privilege that happens in the US we very rarely if at all get "free drinks packages" in the UK.
  4. majortom10

    Norway/Iceland discovery

    We did a very similar cruise on Arcadia for The 175yr Grand Event and was one of our best cruises loved Iceland.
  5. majortom10

    Cruise booking disappointment

    We cannot do that either if we confirm a booking we have to pay the deposit straight away and if you cancel it even the next day then you lose your deposit.
  6. majortom10

    Cruise booking disappointment

    That is a benefit of booking in the US that we do not have in UK. Any availability and price is only guaranteed at the time and it is not possible to "hold" a cabin. If you contact your TA the next day to book prices can change usually upwards. Even if you phone Princess direct in Southampton they will not "hold" cabins.
  7. majortom10

    Cruise booking disappointment

    I have since checked Princes website in the UK which is showing even less cabins than what my TA offered me so I believe my TA was correct in telling me full availability and now showing less because more have booked since contacting TA.
  8. majortom10

    Why are P&O no longer docking in Amsterdam

    Just for information this is not solely a P&O decision as Cunard have done the same so obviously Carnival UK decision.
  9. majortom10

    Why are P&O no longer docking in Amsterdam

    P&O threw the "not a significant change" at me when they made a 16nt cruise we had booked to a 15nt and they changed the day of every port visited, same ports just different days. I complained and only got as far as the 1 day cancelled would be reimbursed as OBC. I wrote to P&O stating my contract with them for the cruise was paid in cash and so any reimbursement should be the same and 1 nt less and every port date changed was a "major change". I told them I had been in touch with ABTA and they had agreed with me so would see them in Small Claims Court. They eventually agreed to pay the 1nt reimbursement in cash and gave me the option of cancelling with no loss of deposit or costs. Regrettably we didnt cancel and when we went on the cruise we found out that many that had been given the same options cancelled. Found out that less than a month prior to the cruise the ship was less than half full and to fill it they invited P&O staff and their relatives the cruise at ridiculously low price and we met many at dinner or in bars. That is how P&O treat their customers and things havent changed if not got worse and this was a few years ago on Oriana just prior to her refit.
  10. majortom10

    Mocktails in the Beverage Package

    Depends on the ship we were in Crooners on one ship I think Emerald and when I asked for Chocobanana was told that they dont do it and you could only have what was on the menu which was very limited. This was the same throughout the ship in all bars when enquired the same.
  11. majortom10

    P & O cabin allocation

    If you book a Saver fare then the grade booked is the guaranteed minimum if higher grades have showers that is the risk you take by paying a lower price. If you specifically want a bath then the only guarantee is to book a Select fare and tell them "no upgrades" but of course this costs more money
  12. majortom10

    Cruise booking disappointment

    How much deposit have you paid is it one of the regular $1 deals they have in US.
  13. majortom10

    Cruise booking disappointment

    Just tried to book a cruise in the UK with my TA for the Baltics in August 2019 with Love Boat special offer of OBC. Disappointed to find very few cabins available in the grade I wanted and in poor positions of the ship. On refusing to book it TA told me keep on looking at availability because they generally find just before final payment is due a lot of US cruisers cancel bookings at no cost to themselves i.e. loss of deposit. Was told that it is common practice in the US to book a number of cruises to guarantee best cabins and then at the last minute pick cruise which is best price which they can also refare, which we cannot do in UK, then cancel other cruises at no cost i.e. loss of deposit. Of course was told you might not get the offer of OBC or the cruise price but you might get a better positioned cabin. So Princess have lost a booking because there is no way I am booking a poorly positioned cabin and then later on other better cabins become available because of this practice. Princess's loss I am afraid.
  14. majortom10

    Best Cunard offers right now

    Dont forget if comparing US prices with UK prices as the norm on a TA in the US it soes not include port taxes as they are extra and do not include flights. All UK prices booked either direct or with a TA include return flights and taxes.
  15. majortom10

    Best Cunard offers right now

    Always book through a dedicated cruise TA as they are always cheaper than booking direct with Cunard.