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  1. majortom10

    On board QE

    According to Cunard's website corkage is now $25.
  2. majortom10

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    Silver Service in the true meaning hasnt been available on a P& ship for over 25yrs and the "pretend" service of seperate vegetables was well past its sell by date because if on a table for 8 and everybody had manners and waited until everybody had been served those that were served the vegetables i.e silver service style first ended up having cold food. Dont know of any cruise line that does silver service.
  3. majortom10

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    They wont struggle to collect the cruise fare for every cabin so they should employ enough stewards to service the rooms twice a day. Having had conflicting reports whether this is happening or not if it does end up to be true it clearly shows another decline in standards on a P&O cruise and where will it end.
  4. majortom10

    QE Queens Grill attire

    On our cruise on QE last year there were many who just wore a jacket and collared shirt without a tie on smart attire evenings in QG.
  5. majortom10

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    As usual the right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing with regards to P&O. Received today from P&O on their Facebook page after sending them a PM- "I can assure you our cabin stewards still do day clean and turn-down service so this is not the case. The only time this may differ is embarkation day. Rest assured however these both remain throughout your cruise".
  6. majortom10

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    There are two comments on P&Os Facebook page where both returned from Arcadia and Ventura in the last few days and both have confirmed that on both ships their cabins were serviced twice daily. So it is either another P&O rumour or only being trialled on certain ships.
  7. majortom10

    Northern Lights from Ship

    They used to say the camera never lies but now with PC programmes it can make a very average picture into something good and give a totally false impression of what the camera really saw when taking the picture. That I am afraid is the downside of digital photography.
  8. majortom10

    Our Brexit Promise

    P&O are fast becoming the Ryanair of the cruising world thankfully I have only 1 cruise booked with them in May 2019 and that will be my last.
  9. majortom10

    Northern Lights from Ship

    The camera sees the Northern Lights more vividly and vibrant than the human eye without post production depending on the quality of the camera.
  10. majortom10

    Smuggling News Story

    It was Marco Polo and the couple were arrested when the ship docked in Lisbon. The ship left Tilbury, Essex, UK on November 5th and was returning from a cruise to West Indies and Azores.
  11. majortom10

    Wine Delivery to Cunard in Southampton

    Corkage is now $25 per bottle.
  12. majortom10

    Extra charges after voyage

    times that by the number it seems to happen too on every cruise and it comes to a tidy sum collected every year by Cunard in error which if nobody complains will not stop and make them a tidy profit. It doesnt matter how much it is it should not happen in the first place.
  13. majortom10

    Bag Weights to Measure Up

    While it might not be law the following statement is from HSE government website- "Current industry recommendations in the IATA Airport Handling Manual are that the maximum weight of any single piece of checked baggage should not exceed 23kg (50lbs), without prior arrangement." This has been widely accepted in also other means of transport i.e. coach, trains and cruise ships and has been agreed between the employers and the unions of workers involved with lifting baggage and suitcases. SO IT IS NOT AN URBAN MYTH AND NOT NONSENSE.
  14. majortom10

    Bag Weights to Measure Up

    It is down to Health and Safety rules for baggage handlers that no suitcase should weigh no more than 23kg. I have flown either to or return from Caribbean, New York numerous times and never had any problem whatsoever taking a Tuxedo suit and accompanying formal attire and normal suits without any problems or exceeding 23kg.
  15. majortom10


    After May it will be included in either your cruise fare or in increase in onboard prices so in effect you will be paying twice which P&O will love. I will not be paying any extra unless I receive exceptional service which I very much doubt I will. After a period of time we will be back to square one where P&O state gratuities included but people still want to give tips in envelopes which is a very outdated practice. I bet if you go to a land based hotel or restaurant you dont put your tips in envelopes.