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  1. Most hotels include car parking in their hotel car parks which are generally open to all customers and not very secure thats why we never use hotel/car parking inclusive stays.
  2. Legally obliged to cruise in 2021 on cruises already booked and dont intend on cancelling and losing deposits and then how I feel at the moment think it will be the end of my cruising days.
  3. Why is it interesting a lot if not all of Cunard's e-mails are carnivalukgroup.com because most of the staff that work in head office in Southampton now work for Carnival UK and have merged a lot of staff positions/operations in P&O/Cunard
  4. What nonsense you have no more idea that the details were given to be shared/used more than I have that they were given in confidence. Either way nobody should give somebody elses personal details on this forum, I am sure they wouldnt like their personal details i.e. e-mail address, home address home phone number published on here
  5. But equally how do you know that the e-mails were given to be shared/used in general public use. I bet those that spoke to Sarah direct never ever mentioned or requested whether they could share her e-mail address in the public domain. P&O and also Cunard have acted appallingly in giving refunds I am still waiting for mine off Cunard after 55 days and have had not one response by Cunard but that is not an excuse to use personal details without approval.
  6. We stay at HolidayInnExpress West just off M271 so very convenient includes buffet breakfast and a pub within walking distance and then we use Parking4cruises. We have paid as low as £48 for the room which is basic but clean and then go to pub for evening meal.
  7. Yes perhaps so but why do you think all those with e-mail addresses were removed by CruiseCritic it is because it is against their T&Cs and also due to GDPR regulations.
  8. Personal work e-mails are not the same as customer service e-mail addresses and in many organisations are not for public use and sure Sarah gave hers in confidence thinking it was not going to be given to the world.
  9. I am sure whoever Sarah spoke to first and gave them her works e-mail address she was not aware or asked if she minded putting it on Cruise Critic forum and I have no doubt that if she had have been asked she would have refused consent.
  10. That doesnt make it right especially with current GDPR laws.
  11. Certainly not with details that were given in confidence.
  12. I agree entirely but that is not an excuse for making an e-mail address given in private public knowledge for all to see.
  13. She might now be getting into trouble for making her e-mail address for public consumption. Those that were given her address should have responded privately and left it at that at not put her e-mail for public knowledge.
  14. That is why it was wrong to put Sarah's work e-mail address on this forum for everyone to see it was obvious she was going to get inundated and now people are going to be even more delayed with their refunds.
  15. Isnt that what all speakers/entertainers do. Cant win if there was no entertainment you would be complaining.
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