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  1. majortom10

    Cruising after Brexit.

    Not forward planning its a doom and gloom attitude. Everything you comment on is you looking on the black side you are obviously a half glass empty rather than half glass full.
  2. majortom10

    Cruising after Brexit.

    You are such a happy soul with many of your posts Carnival Shares, Brexit and Parking4Cruises parking hope you dont look at everything on the black side of your future cruises. Or perhaps you will cancel stay at home and never go out of the door because it wont be worth it because there will be nothing in the shops to buy.
  3. Yes you could get the same problems, as I have in the past, with car covered in all sorts even when parked with CPS. All cars are parked around the port, which is a working port, or nearby and surprisingly birds dont know the difference of cars parked with CPS or P4C so you could pay lots more for parking with CPS but end up with the same problem. You will also see that if you pay slightly more than Budget price and pay Standard price it includes "vehicle spray down on pick up day" which will both be far cheaper than CPS.
  4. majortom10

    Cruising after Brexit.

    Do not very often agree with daiB but this time I am in total agreement and have a cruise booked around the Med in May and I am not worried one bit about having any problems at ports. Having cruised all over the world have never had any major issues in visiting countries and think you are totally looking at the black side and think you are looking at problems that are not there. You must go and get advantage of your Carnival share benefit that you recently bemoaned that they were vastly overpriced and your expert opinion is that they were due a massive correction and you will wait until they are £30 per share, but now see that you have purchased them for £40+.
  5. We use P4C and find them excellent but your comment about CPS is incorrect we have parked with CPS in the past and returned to a different terminal and had our cars delivered to the new terminal. CPS also drive your car and park it within the port area and then return it to the car park for disembarkation. The only time this may happen is for short 2-3 night cruises where you park your car yourself and it stays there until you return but this is not the company practice for longer cruises.
  6. majortom10

    On board QE

    According to Cunard's website corkage is now $25.
  7. majortom10

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    Silver Service in the true meaning hasnt been available on a P& ship for over 25yrs and the "pretend" service of seperate vegetables was well past its sell by date because if on a table for 8 and everybody had manners and waited until everybody had been served those that were served the vegetables i.e silver service style first ended up having cold food. Dont know of any cruise line that does silver service.
  8. majortom10

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    They wont struggle to collect the cruise fare for every cabin so they should employ enough stewards to service the rooms twice a day. Having had conflicting reports whether this is happening or not if it does end up to be true it clearly shows another decline in standards on a P&O cruise and where will it end.
  9. majortom10

    QE Queens Grill attire

    On our cruise on QE last year there were many who just wore a jacket and collared shirt without a tie on smart attire evenings in QG.
  10. majortom10

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    As usual the right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing with regards to P&O. Received today from P&O on their Facebook page after sending them a PM- "I can assure you our cabin stewards still do day clean and turn-down service so this is not the case. The only time this may differ is embarkation day. Rest assured however these both remain throughout your cruise".
  11. majortom10

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    There are two comments on P&Os Facebook page where both returned from Arcadia and Ventura in the last few days and both have confirmed that on both ships their cabins were serviced twice daily. So it is either another P&O rumour or only being trialled on certain ships.
  12. majortom10

    Northern Lights from Ship

    They used to say the camera never lies but now with PC programmes it can make a very average picture into something good and give a totally false impression of what the camera really saw when taking the picture. That I am afraid is the downside of digital photography.
  13. majortom10

    Our Brexit Promise

    P&O are fast becoming the Ryanair of the cruising world thankfully I have only 1 cruise booked with them in May 2019 and that will be my last.
  14. majortom10

    Northern Lights from Ship

    The camera sees the Northern Lights more vividly and vibrant than the human eye without post production depending on the quality of the camera.
  15. majortom10

    Smuggling News Story

    It was Marco Polo and the couple were arrested when the ship docked in Lisbon. The ship left Tilbury, Essex, UK on November 5th and was returning from a cruise to West Indies and Azores.