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  1. Didnt think any vaccine had been passed by the regulatory authority yet perhaps they know something we dont and they are going to pass the vaccine and give authority.
  2. Very well said and unfortunately the minority ruin it for the majority.
  3. What nonsense just because her home town is Dublin doesnt say she still lives there and even if she does it doesnt mean she doesnt work in Northern Ireland like many people do.
  4. Sky and Crown will sail from Southampton in 2022 and will be on sale from 2nd December.
  5. Thousands across the world but not only Cunard many other cruise lines and travel companies.
  6. Our last Princess cruise was on Crown Princess last August around the British Isles and although we love the cruise we were not impressed with Crown Princess the changes they had made and was not impressed with the food. Not sure if the changes were just ship or across the fleet but its put us off Princess for the future and for the first time in years we didnt have one booked for 2020 and havent booked for 2021 and 2022.
  7. Usually in the past Princess prices on brochure release have always been very high and have always been reduced as it gets closer to sail date, opposite to what P&O currently do. But I wouldnt expect Summer 2022 prices to be anywhere as cheap as current August 2021 prices are.
  8. In these current times I would never use any TA that wasnt ABTA bonded or ATOL if including flights.
  9. Apparently its a recent change where they have not allowed people to pay balances by credit card.
  10. As of figures released today 696 deaths in UK in last 24 hrs and the worst since May cannot help thinking that things are not beginning to get better or under control and after Christmas 5 day break might be another higher spike in January.
  11. I would never dream of taking any alcohol taken onboard and not purchased from Cunard anywhere else on the ship be it a lounge or deck and only consume it in my stateroom. I can see the more that start doing that then Cunard will stop you taking alcohol onboard and ruin it for everybody.
  12. I cannot help but think it is bad of P&O to expect people to book Iona and not have the faintest idea of what either the ship looks like or its staterooms/suites. End of the day some of the cruises will cost a lot of money.
  13. I live in Stone and have done for 29yrs and didnt know we had a wine warehouse. Just shows how much I drink.
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