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  1. It would be useful to me because I would happily save $29 by booking in Crown Grill on the first night as we dine in there every cruise anyway and wash it down with a free bottle of water.
  2. So if you won or were offered a free 14nt cruise on Iona/Britannia you would refuse it.
  3. What I am saying is simple, in the UK if you book a holiday whether it be cruise or land based holiday you pay a deposit which varies depending on the company and if at a later date at anytime if you cancel the holiday you lose the deposit.
  4. I do not think it is worth the risk taking food of any ship in case you breach local regulations and laws.
  5. No holiday contracts in the UK whether it be cruise or land based have non refundable deposits that is part of the contract you agree when you agree booking with holiday company.
  6. But that is only because that is US law if we book onboard and from the UK we would get the same obc but our deposit paid is non refundable.
  7. Not always the one in Civitavecchia doesnt take you to the port gates it takes you to a bus area at one end of the town , you then walk into town. I also believe you can catch a bus, at cost, that takes you to railway station but never seen it.
  8. Obviously is because P&O have never said that by booking a Select booking that you would get a free shuttle bus in every port. Over and out.
  9. There has been plenty of press information in recent times that if you cancel with enough notice and the holiday company manages to sell your holiday whether it be a hotel, apartment or cruise and there is no loss to them that they should refund the deposit as well but dont know if this ever happens.
  10. I think it all depends on the law of the country in which you are making the booking. In the US you can cancel a cruise booking up until balance payment is due and deposits are refundable but that is US law. I have done many holidays whether land or cruise and always understood that under T&Cs if cancelled before final balance is due then deposit is lost and then you have to claim if applicable off travel insurance for lost deposits. I know it is common practice especially those that book with Princess that they book many cruises in advance, especially if £1 deposit offer is on, just to guarantee good position of stateroom with no intention of going on all the cruises they then wait to see which cruise drops the furthest then refare that cruise and cancel all others with deposits refunded.
  11. People are getting totally confused with shuttle buses. Some are provided by P&O from ship side/terminal and are free if Select some ports provide free shuttle buses either to port gates or to city centre for H&S safety reasons and are free Civitavecchia and some they are not provided by P&O or port authorities because they deem to not need shuttles i.e. Gibraltar. Local taxi firms have provided a service to take those into town who dont want to or cannot walk which of course they charge. It has never been that P&O provide free shuttle buses at every port they visit and that they are free when booking Select and only when shuttle bus is actually provided and organised by P&O.
  12. But they state in their brochure that they are only free for Select fares if the shuttle bus is provided by P&O and if not by a private company or taxi then there is a charge. In many ports P&O do provide shuttle buses and they are free for Select but obviously some ports do not need shuttle buses or are provided either free or at cost by other means.
  13. My response was to do with complaint of having to pay for shuttle buses i.e. Gibraltar. There have been many ports over the years that have provided by either port authorities or local authorities where they have charged irrespective of what cruise fare booked Livorno/Helsinki/Dublin & Belfast but these might have changed in recent times. Where port shuttle buses are provided free due to commercial safety i.e Civitavecchia I do not think anyone will complain and is not what this thread is referring too. There are some who think because they have booked a Select fare that shuttle buses are free wherever they are or whoever provides them and this is incorrect. P&O clearly state in their brochure that with Select fares shuttle buses will be offered free of charge in ports if provided by P&O.
  14. Select fares only give free shuttle buses at ports where there are P&O organised shuttle buses, if shuttle buses are provided by private companies these are chargeable whatever fare you have booked. Gibraltar shuttle buses are organised by private taxi firms so therefore a charge is made for those that dont want to walk.
  15. P&O have stopped auto gratuities and now extensively advertise as "no tips" which is a great publicity pitch. I have no doubt the auto gratuities will be swallowed up in other costs i.e. increase in fares but at least its fair and everybody will be paying their share and surely is the way forward.
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