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  1. majortom10

    Onboard Booking Discount for Cunard?

    Booked a crusie for 2020 and are currently on QM2 price for cruise was exactly the same as if I had booked at home direct with Cunard but my booking has been referred back to my TA who will give me further discount. The only advantage of booking onboard is low deposit and OBC of between $200 and $400pp depending on grade of cabin booked.
  2. majortom10

    Traingle Parking Southampton

    That is the same price difference we have been quoted for a 28 day cruise and because we have used P4C before when we book we will get 5% off £149-99 making it even cheaper.
  3. Everybody has been conned and fobbed off with poor OBC amounts if they would have offered me free cancellation I would have snapped their hands off and told them the reason why and walked away. They did exactly the same with the double charging fiasco offering paltry OBC offers compared to those on Princess who suffered the same problem and got better compensation.
  4. Comparing Queens Grill to P&O, even speciality restaurant, leaves it open to disappointment as IMO there is no comparison would never book a suite on P&O.
  5. majortom10

    Traingle Parking Southampton

    Cruise I am going to book with Cunard next few days CPS-£289 Parking4Cruises-£149-99 just a bit of difference.
  6. majortom10

    Carnival Stock Down

    Sorry but cannot see a stock market crash, but I am no expert, that would take the whole stock market lower that would mean all shares including Carnival shares would crash over 30%. Markets crashed after the Brexit referendum but very soon rose again within days and cannot see anything happening like that again in the near future. Also with the ever increasing number of people cruising and some ships being built to tap into the Far Eastern market I am sure Carnival and other companies would not be building cruise ships if they didnt think they could fill them.
  7. majortom10

    Traingle Parking Southampton

    Recommend Parking4cruises you will drive to Mayflower and they meet you and you drop your car off in the short stay car park and then they take it to a secure location and then return your car to the short stay car park and meet you at whichever terminal you disembark. Used many times and highly recommend.
  8. majortom10

    Pay as we go or drinks package?

    Or equally maybe rolled out across the fleet nobody as yet knows.
  9. Doesnt matter what reason or issue you phone P&O direct if you have booked with a TA they will always tell you to phone your TA they are not fobbing you off that is why they pay them commission. The same happened to me with Cunard on a different unrelated issue and they said the same and ring my TA which I did and they sorted my issue out.
  10. majortom10

    Carnival Stock Down

    Fear you will be waiting a long time and missing out on free £150 or $250 for a 14nt cruise for I cannot see Carnival hitting $30 a share for a long time if at all. They were over $50+ and think recent falls are a lot to do with cost of fuel and US problems with Iran but think it will bottom out a lot higher than $30.
  11. majortom10

    Carnival Stock Down

    Having bought my shares in 2011 and paid not much over £20 per share they have been excellent investment and even though a little volatile recently cannot ever see them ever going as low as £20 again. We usually do 3 cruises a year so with dividends and OBC of $750 has been well worth the money and would advise anyone who does more than 1 cruise a year and look at doing cruises for a few years I would buy now and not worry about short term movements.
  12. majortom10

    How to properly eat a scone?

    Americans tend to balance their knives on the edge of their plate and then use their fork for everything even cutting, chasing round the plate, everything on the plate
  13. majortom10

    Drinks Package

    Statement by P&O on their Facebook page on 2nd October- we are currently reviewing all our beverage packages to give our guests more choice and more details will be released shortly. At this point we cannot guarantee that existing products will be available on your cruise, so we have removed them from advance purchase. Packages are available to purchase on board, however as previously mentioned these are being reviewed and may be different from those currently on offer. Guests who have already purchased their Cards in advance will have these honoured onboard, no matter what the date of their cruise.
  14. majortom10

    Gratuities Scrapped ?

    As long as P&O remunerate the staff correctly after the scrapping of Service Reward Charge then do think service should not fall as it means staff should receive a regular set amount and not rely on cruisers paying or removing payments.
  15. majortom10

    Drinks Package

    Whichever way you look at it "drinks package" or buying individual drinks the profit made on alcohol/soft drinks is enormous so dont really think that is a worry to boost profits by offering such a package. I think the actual number that actually purchase it and the amount they drink, not being all alcohol, makes it good value for what they would normally buy individually and dont think it will make a significant increase in profits just more choice for cruisers.